A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Vanity Mirror with Lights

If you are a makeup enthusiast then you might have noticed that the makeup you do at your home doesn’t look the same in daylight. You spend hours in applying the perfect makeup and the result is all messed up. The reason is the lighting. There is a difference in lighting at your home and outside is not the same. Another reason is the mirror that you are using has some issues that prevent you from the perfect makeup application. To solve these issues you can choose the best vanity mirror and must buy.

Vanity mirror with lights

What is a Vanity Mirror with Lights?

A vanity mirror is a type of mirror that is mainly used for the purpose of dressing up or makeup. Now, the lights on it facilitate the easy and perfect application of makeup. These lights could be in the form of bulbs that are fitted on the frame or strips that are built inside the frame. These lights perfectly illuminate light similar to daylight. Thus, when you move out there will be no difference in the color of makeup. If you want to buy the best vanity mirror with lights then you must consider the factors given below. These will make your choice of mirror easy.

Classification of Lighted Makeup Mirrors Based on their Size

Based on size these lighted makeup mirrors can be classified into 3 types:

  • Small-sized: Just as the name suggests these mirrors are small in size. Due to their small size, they are portable. They can be carried while traveling and easily fit in the pockets. This doesn’t mean that you cannot look at your face properly in the mirror. You can view one side of your face. The handbag and handheld mirrors belong to this category. To operate these mirrors, small-sized batteries are used that are easily replaceable.
  • Medium-sized: These types of the mirror are even called countertop mirrors. They are quite large in size. Thus, you will get a clear overview of your face while you apply makeup. These mirrors can be of wall mount type so you can easily fit them on the wall. You will find such mirrors in the bathroom as there is limited space over there. Some of them are even free moving so that you can move them between different rooms.
  • Large-sized: These mirrors are usually used with vanity dressers. The size of the mirror is big enough so you will get a clear overview of your entire upper body. These are helpful as you can look at dress and style yourself perfectly along with applying makeup. They have LED bulbs fitted on them that illuminate light similar to the natural lighting.

Classification of Mirrors Based on their Function

  • Table Top Mirrors: These mirrors are placed on the table. For support, there is a stand or base below them. You will find such mirrors at home or offices. People who already have a makeup desk usually prefer this type of mirrors. If you are planning to buy such a mirror then make sure it is of high-quality. Another important factor that needs to be taken care of is the base. A stronger base ensures that the mirror doesn’t tumble over. They are even available with magnifications but need to be handled with care as they are not fixed.
  • Travel Mirrors: These are compact or small mirrors that can be carried anywhere. Due to their portability, they are mostly kept by women in handbags. If you are looking for mirrors that can be used while traveling then this is definitely the best choice. Choose a mirror that has two sides. One side is for the regular view and the other is for a magnified view.
  • Wall mount mirrors: These mirrors are fitted on the wall using screws. There are both advantages and disadvantages of wall mount mirrors. The advantage is that you get a lot of space to keep your makeup and disadvantage is that the mirror cannot be shifted.

Vanity mirror

  • Vanity: It is designed solely for the purpose of applying makeup. There are LED bulbs attached to them to provide lighting to the user. Some of them even offer magnification that is required to apply makeup products like eyeliner and eyeshadow properly. These mirrors are even used by Hollywood celebrities so once you buy them you are going to love them.

Buying a Vanity Mirror with Lights: Points to Consider

It is not necessary that you buy a mirror with all the features mentioned below. Some of these features may not be needed by the user, so go through your requirements too.

  • Lighting: Since these mirrors have a special lighting features so this becomes one of the most important factors that need to be taken care of. A mirror needs lighting for illumination. Our rooms do not have that perfect lighting so you cannot depend on it. The lights on the mirror need to be perfect. If the mirror produces natural lighting then you will be able to apply the right amount of makeup. You must go for mirrors with LEDs as they tend to last for a really long time.
  • Adjustability: The lighting of the mirror should be adjustable. It is not necessary that you always need high brightness. Sometimes people even use these mirrors with lighting as a decoration piece. It adds a touch of glamour to the room. If you are not doing full face makeup and just applying lipstick then also you can reduce the brightness of the LED bulbs.
  • Size of the mirror: The vanity mirror with lights is available in variable size. They are available in small, medium, and large size. Here, the place of mounting the mirror also matters. Whether you want to place the mirror on the table or mount on the wall there is limited space. So matching the dimensions of the space with the mirror is really important. You can these details in the description and place the order for mirror accordingly.
  • Material Used: The material used for the construction of the mirror should be of high-quality. There is a range of materials used for constructing it. It may be wood, steel, or any type of metal. The frame of some of these mirrors is given a glossy finish. If you like shiny products then you can order the glossy one.
  • Magnification: The type of magnification offered varies from one lighted mirror to another one. There are different magnification options available like 2X, 3X, 5X, and 10X. If you are applying eyeshadow then you need to look into the finer details so that the colors blend well and the look is perfect. For such types of makeup application, you need a closer look at your face. This can be perfectly achieved by the magnified mirror. Magnified mirror eliminates the constraints that you will have to face in a normal mirror. If you do not like large magnification then you can opt for mirrors with smaller magnification options.


  • Fog Resistant: This feature is important for people who are planning to use the vanity mirror in the bathroom. When you take shower in the bathroom the water tends to layer on the surface of the mirror in the form of fog. This occurs especially in the case of hot showers. Due to fog, you cannot get a clear reflection of yourself in the mirror. It is annoying to clean the mirror each and every time. So it is better you order the one that is resistant to fog. Mirrors with fog resistance have a hydrophobic coating that prevents the layering of fog on the surface of the mirror.
  • Distortion: The main purpose served by the mirror is to show your reflection. If the reflection is not clear other factors like lights and magnification will be of no use to you. This is a fundamental aspect that needs to be checked before purchasing a mirror. The mirror should give a clear view of you.
  • Weight: Depending on the purpose and location you must buy a mirror with a specific weight. If you planning to buy a mirror for traveling then it should be lightweight so that you can carry it easily. Similarly, if you are buying a tabletop mirror then you must know the strength of the table or desk. If a heavyweight mirror is placed on the table then there are chances of unwanted accidents. So make sure you buy a mirror that is stable.
  • Style: Lighted makeup mirror is available in different styles. Selecting a particular style depends on the interior of your room. You have to make a creative choice as sometimes contrasting colors give a better look than the matching ones. For the bathroom, the choice of the mirror should be a more decorative one.
  • Durability: This is just another important factor that is helpful for those looking for a one-time investment product. Durability means the product will serve for a long period of time without requiring any sort of repair or replacement. Choosing a mirror with LED bulbs is a wise choice. LED bulbs have a longer service life without the need for replacement.
  • Color Temperature: The color temperature of the mirror helps in determining the color of the light. It is measured in Kelvin. Higher is the color temperature cooler is the tone of the light i.e. white light. Similarly, low color temperature means yellow light. Most of the users prefer yellow light as it gives the feel of natural daylight.
  • Price: Cost of the vanity mirror is a key factor. It helps in shortlisting the products. You must look for products that fall into your budget requirements. There is no harm in going slightly out of your budget if the product has advanced features and is going to last long. Cheaper products tend to cost you for repairs that ultimately increase the amount you spend on the mirror. So always consider this factor in association with other factors and take decision accordingly.
  • Versatile: Some of the vanity mirrors with lights are highly versatile. They come with two options. You can either mount them on the wall or place on the table. There is a hook behind them that can be used to hang them easily. Some of them have the swivel feature. So you can change the angle of the mirror according to your need. This makes it even more comfortable to use.

How to maintain a Vanity Mirror?

For Maintenance, you must clean the mirror properly. Use the steps given below for best results.

  • First, wipe the mirror with a soft cloth. This will help in the removal of dust from the surface of the mirror.
  • Now, divide the newspaper into different sections and crush or crumple it. Dip these crumpled pieces into water and rub on the mirror in circular motions. You can also use a solution made using water and vinegar. If you are going to use the solution then keep the area ventilated as vinegar has a pungent smell. You should not use cleaners that contain ammonia or acid as they are too abrasive. This may harm your mirror.
  • You need to repeat the above step again with dry newspaper. This will help in removing the streaks that appear on the surface of the mirror.
  • In case your mirror is not fog resistant then there is a temporary solution to it. When you go to the bathroom for taking shower spread a layer of shaving cream on the mirror. After the shower, you can clean the surface with a paper towel. This interesting trick will make your mirror fog resistant for about 3 weeks.

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