Top 10 Vanity Mirror with Lights Reviews

Makeup is the best accessory that makes any girl beautiful. This is one of the accessories that any girl can wear either going to the office or to any party. Little lip gloss, foundation, and eye eyeliner can make you look glamorous. Before wearing makeup, make sure that lighting should be proper. Dim lighting can create issue. In order to solve the lighting problem, we have reviewed best makeup vanity mirrors with lights.

You might be wondering as Why Hollywood stars use makeup mirror that comes with light? They use the makeup mirror to grasp the exact shade of the makeup. While wearing mascara and winged liner, they require a beauty buff makeup mirror so that they can highlight each facial feature. Here we have compiled few top makeup vanity mirror along with buyer’s guide to make the right selection.

Top Rated vanity mirror with lights

Led bulbs

Chende White

Aluminum frame and wooden base


Vanity Girl Hollywood Infinity

Metal and Glass base


White Vanity Girl Broadway Lighted

Glass and steel body


Aoleen Frameless

Steel body



Corners encasing with metal


Starlet Lighted Vanity Mirror

Glass and steel body


Impressions Vanity

Wooden frame and glossy finishing


Impact Vanity

Beveled-edge mirror with glossy polishing


Silver Vanity Girl Starlet

Glass and steel body


Hiker Vanity Mirror

Oval glass


What features to consider while buying the best makeup vanity mirror?

  • Type of Mirror: There are various types of mirror available in the market including table top mirrors, wall-mounted, Travel makeup, and Vanities mirrors. Each of them has its own unique quality that you need to search and consider while purchasing the best one.
  • LED Bulbs: Before purchasing any of the mirror, you need to pay attention on the number of bulbs that a vanity mirror has. There are various vanity mirrors available that comes with 14 bulbs, many of them has 13 bulbs as well as 6 bulbs. So according to your preference you need to choose the right one.
  • Plug-in socket or battery: There are mirrors available online that comes with the batteries and are easier to move. Many of the mirrors comes with plug-in that is required to charge the mirror. If you choose the battery based mirror then you need to keep changing it often.
  • Material Used: This is another aspect that you need to consider. Many of the mirrors are made up of wooden and steel body and others has glass base or steel body. So while selecting the best one you need to pay attention on the quality of the frame and base.
  • Price: This is one of the most important aspects that can change the mood of purchasing. So before purchasing any mirror, decide your budget and accordingly you need to pay attention.

1. Chende White


A vanity mirror is every girl’s dream. If you are thinking of buying a vanity mirror with the elegant design then you must buy Chende mirror. The mirror is available in 3 different colors. They are white, black, and frameless. Here, frameless means the mirror doesn’t have any sort of boundary. This is a modern style and goes with multiple decor options. You can choose any of these colors and they are sure to enhance the decor of your room.

The Chende White Makeup Vanity mirror has wooden base material. The frame of the mirror is made up of Aluminum that makes the mirror look elegant. It comes in table top design that has hook beside the mirror by which you can hang this mirror on the wall. You will also get rotary switch by which you can On or Off the switch.

Talking about the mirror size, the length of the mirror is 24.4” inches and the height is 18.5” inches whereas the width of the frame is 31.5” inches, height is 25.6” inches, and depth is 2.4” inches. In the whole package, you will get a Hollywood makeup lighted mirror along with 14 pcs dimmable LED bulbs.

The frame that surrounds the mirror is of glossy type. This will make the mirror look even more beautiful and high-grade. The LED lights will project the light evenly on your face. While doing make-up the most important thing is the color. Whether you think about the base, lipstick, highlighter, or any other product the true color will only reflect the actual look. The LED lights on the mirror will make sure that there is no shadow formation and you are able to view the true color of the products. The light appears close to the daylight. If you are going to gift this mirror to your wife or daughter they are absolutely going to love it.


  • LED Light bulbs
  • Dimmable LED Bulbs
  • Socket & turn knob dimmer

You will get or you must use randow twist switch by which you can control the brightness of the light. The knob is used for convenience, safety and to save energy.



Table-top elegant design

Little bulky as it has aluminum frame and wooden base

Dimmable LED bulbs (14)

Turn Knob dimmer

Can be a wall-mounted and ​Available in white and black color options

2. Vanity Girl Hollywood Infinity


The Vanity girl can give you an exquisite look to your room. With such stylish mirror you can change the interior of your room quickly as you are changing your lipstick. The Vanity Girl mirror is the highly recommended by the salon owners and vanity girls. With this, you can create light Hollywood style room and vanity.

Now you can come into the world of fantasy with Vanity Girl Mirror. With its 13 dimmable bulbs you can give a professional, celebrity style make-up with its perfect light distribution. Most of the Bollywood and Hollywood glamorous stars recommend this vanity mirror. The mirror has 35”x 26” of dimensions along with power outlets to handle your favorite makeup style. In a package, you will get an infinity lighted vanity mirror, wall hanging kit, 13 globe light bulbs that has 25 watt power.

This mirror was created with the motive of adding more glamour to the world of women. You can experience the backstage moment at your home with this mirror. Hollywood stars like Shay Mitchell and Kim Kardashian have made it part of their vanity. This fact about the mirror already raises the excitement level of the users. Different mirrors are constructed differently so their assembly is also different. To ease your job of assembling the Vanity Girl lighted mirror there is an instruction manual included. You can read the step by step instructions to understand the complete process and do it in the best possible way. In fact, the tools required for this minimum assembly process are also included in the package.

Due to its sleek look, it won’t take much space. This will give modern look to your salon. There are dual benefits of using this mirror as you can use it in both ways. In other words, the mirror can be hanged or kept on the table. For those who do not have a separate table for placing it can hang it on the wall. Again the wall hanging kit is included in the package so you won’t have to spend extra money.


  • High Quality
  • Assembly
  • Wall-mounted
  • Dimmable Bulbs
  • Dimmer Switch and power outlet

In this beautiful sleek mirror, a dimmer switch and power outlet is incorporated to enjoy perfect lighting.



The mirror is trusted by glamorous Hollywood and Bollywood personalities

Little expensive because of its premium quality

Premium quality metal and glass makes this infinity mirror quite sturdy

Can be placed on the base stand or vanity desk as well as wall mounted

Enjoy perfect lighting with dimmer switch and power outlet

3. White Vanity Girl Broadway Lighted

With its 13 large, professional quality, modish and classy design, dimming light bulbs will enhances the look of your makeup table. It has 13 bulbs that has 25 Watt power can provide you soft light without any glare or unwanted shadows.

This is one of the functional and versatile vanity mirrors that can fulfill all your needs. This type of mirrors is loved by most of the celebrities, salon owners, and hotels. Infact, you can control the lights with your fingers.

The dimensions of the mirror are 18” inches width, 2” inches in depth, and 25” inches of height whereas the overall dimensions are 28” inches width, 13.5” inches of depth, and 34” inches of height. In a package, you will get lighted vanity mirror, 25Watt light bulbs, a lifetime guarantee, and after sales support.

The Broadway White Vanity has a superior quality mirror installed on it. The reflective surface of the mirror is just perfect. You can view the most with this mirror while getting ready. It is manufactured in the United States to provide you with true beauty for the salon. It is one of the most versatile and functional vanity mirrors you will ever come across on the market. It is a classic mirror that has the tendency to enhance the look of any makeup table.

The 25-watt bulb will provide you with the proper lighting you need. The light is soft so it won’t harm your eyes. You won’t have to face those unwanted shadows or glares. One of the best features of this vanity mirror is that it comes with a power outlet. When you style yourself or get ready there are multiple products that you need to use. This includes electronic appliances too. Now, to use them conveniently there should be an outlet nearby. If it comes with the mirror then it is definitely a plus point. The Broadway Vanity provides you with that easy plugin for the hair dryer, flat iron, and smartphone.


  • Versatile: The vanity mirror is as versatile as we are. It has power switch that allows you to control light. You can either place it on your tabletop or hung its wall mount kit.
  • Classy design: It has 13 large bulbs and an attractive and classy mirror that will enhance your makeup table. The frame of the mirror is coated with glossy material and protects the mirror against scratch resistant.
  • Trusted: Many professionals and stars use this type of mirrors and are trusted by them. Infact, the top level salons praise the quality and design of this vanity mirror.
  • High Quality: The mirror is made up of high-quality premium glass and steel that has amazing glossy polishing which will continue for years.
  • Power: The user can easily plug the flat iron, dryer, or you can also plug the smart phone. It has in-built 110 volt power.



Elegant design

Little high price because of its premium quality body

110 volt power

Premium quality

Trusted by high profile personalities

4. Aoleen Frameless


The Aoleen frameless mirror comes with sturdy steel body that has strong base. You can either hang the mirror on your wall as well as it has table top setup also. In a package, you will get a mirror along with 14 dimmable LED bulbs along with 2 extra bulbs.

If you are looking for the makeup mirror that is available in different sizes then this is the best choice for you. This is one of the top recommended frameless vanity mirrors that are available in different sizes and prices vary according to the size.

The prices of the mirror will vary as per the size. The product is available in 6550 and 8065 size. In a package, you will get a Hollywood styled mirror, 14 bulbs, and few screws. Coming to the overall dimensions, it has 25.6” inches x 19.69”inches x 2.36” inches.

Aoleen frameless mirror is versatile due to various reasons. The first one being the size availability. These two different sizes are perfect to fulfill the requirements of both small and big salon. Its design is classy as the frameless look makes it stand out from other vanity mirrors. For facilitating the use of the mirror as both hanging and table top, there is a detachable base. This means you can remove the base if you want to hang the mirror. Similarly, you can attach the base to give strong support to the mirror while using as a table top mirror.

The manufacturer has worked well to provide the best service to the customer. The dimmer switch is located on the sides. So you can use it to set a particular light setting. This is a beneficial setting as for different purpose you require different mirror settings. For example, when you are doing makeup you need to take care of minute features. Thus, you will require high light settings. On the other hand, when you dressing up or wearing accessories with low-intensity light settings will work for you. Also, there are two power outlets on the side. You can charge your mobile and use styling accessories at the same time.


  • Dimmable LED bulbs: It has 14 free LED bulbs along with 2 extra bulbs included. These bulbs offer soft, warm light to illuminate your features and skin tone.
  • Sturdy body: You can quickly install the mirror within few minutes. It has stainless steel body which comes with detachable high-quality base.
  • Dimmer button: You can control the brightness of the light whenever required.
  • 4000k Power bulbs: This 4000k light bulb offers amazing soft, warm white light that highlights your feature.
  • Different Size: The mirror is available in two different sizes that you can choose according to your preference.



Sturdy Body

Little heavy than other vanity lights

14 dimmable bulbs with extra 2 bulbs

Rotate dimmer button

Installation is quicker

5. ReignCharm

vanity mirror with led lights

The ReignCharm has wonderful sleek design border-less vanity mirror. Its corners have encasing of metal that makes the vanity light durable. It has 12 light bulbs that are placed properly to give evenly light distribution that your makeup needs.

The best and unique thing about the ReignCharm is that it comes with dual speaker sound system. All you have to plug your Bluetooth enabled phone require switching on the dual speakers.

To stay connected with your device, the vanity mirror comes with USB charging ports. You can control the volume using your phone or via touch screen center placed at the bottom of the vanity mirror. It comes with twice standard outlets so that you can easily use its multiple accessories at the same point in time.

In a way, you can say that Reign Charm is a Rock Star mirror. You can just rock out while you are getting ready for a party either during day or night. The use of solid-resin wood frame makes this product stand out from the rest. Also, the mirror is carefully coated so that you get a mirror with an elegant finish. The LED lights fitted on the mirror are so good that they will provide you with the best lighting you have ever wanted while doing makeup. Another important thing is that the mirror comes with an outlet that is a dual standard.


  • Bluetooth Audio Speakers: Now you can enjoy wearing make-up by rocking with crisp dual speaker sound device. All you have to plug your Bluetooth enabled phone to power up the dual speakers placed at both the sides of the mirror.
  • Wall mounting brackets: This vanity mirror comes with mounting kit that let you mount your vanity mirror with the wall.
  • Dimmer LED Lights: It comes with 12 dimmer LED lights that makes easier to touch even after the extended time period. It has dimmer nob by which you can control the light.
  • USB Outlets: It has USB and dual power outlets by which you can plug your device with the frame.



USB and dual power outlets

Little heavier because of its premium quality base & frame

Bluetooth controlled dual audio speakers

Dimmer control with LED light bulbs

Wall-mounted and base standing

6. Starlet Lighted

Starlet Lighted Vanity Mirror

If anyone is planning to present a gift to his girlfriend then this can be the best and exciting gift that the girl can have. Talking about the quality, it is made up of American steel and has glossy finishing that impresses the salon owners, celebrities, and other glamorous girls. You can either make it stand on the tabletop or wall-mounted to make your room look beautiful.

Now you can embrace the perfectionism with this glamming mirror taken to the Hollywood dressing room. This is one of the perfect lighted vanity mirrors that make your makeup station look beautiful.

In a box, you will get an infinity lighted mirror, instruction manual, wall hanging kit, and 25W light bulbs. You do not have to worry about its assembly as it comes with fully assembled with light bulbs fighting.


  • Epic Quality: The quality of this vanity mirror is epic that is it is made up of glass and steel body that has glossy polishing. This makes the product outstanding which will last for years.
  • Trusted: The vanity mirror is used by many professionals and celebrities located all over the world. They praised for the quality and its design.
  • Decorative: The mirror has laser-etching and landscape design that gives your room a classy room.
  • Dimmable Bulbs: It has 6 salon-grade dimmable bulbs placed on the 25 x 18 mirror landscape design.



It is available in different color options including silver, black, and white.

Six LED bulbs are available in a box

High quality glass and steel body

Laser-etching and landscape design

You can either stand the mirror on tabletop or wall-mounted that makes the mirror look more beautiful.

7. Impressions Vanity

impressions vanity mirror with led bulbs

The impressions vanity mirror is available with dimmer dial that let you control the lighting in luxurious black and white finishing. It provides the perfect lighting used for wearing makeup. The beautiful high-quality wooden frame makes the Impressions Vanity look amazing. Infact the glossy finishing will give the mirror an elegant look.

Are you looking for cheap vanity mirror with lights? Go for Impressions Vanity mirror that comes with 6 bulbs and an impeccable design body. Along with the mirror, you will find a standard dimmer dialer that helps in controlling the lightening.

Minimum assembly is required. The dimensions of the mirror are 24.5” inches of length, 32.5” inches of height, and 8” inches of width. The Impressions Vanity provides evenly distributed lighting that can be used at home or for professional purpose.


  • Dimmer Switch: It has dimmer switch that let you control the lightening.
  • Bulbs: It has 10 frosted globe bulbs that come with 25W power gives a classic Hollywood look.
  • Classy look: The high glossy finishing gives the mirror a premium look.
  • High-Quality: The mirror is made up of high-quality wooden frame that has glossy finishing giving a shiny look.



10 frosted globe bulbs

Heavier that other mirror as it is made up of high quality body

High-quality wooden frame

Glossy finishing

Dimmer switch

8. Impact Vanity

best vanity mirror with led lights

The Impact vanity mirror with lights has stunning and modern look. It doesn’t have any frame. The mirror comes with 14 Dimmable LED bulbs that has 5000K power and has an upgraded dimmer that comes with On/Off switch dimmer.

If you are looking for a stunning, modern frameless vanity mirror then Impact is the best choice for you. It has large surface area which is ideal for home and professional purpose both.

To give mirror a high-end and classy look, it comes with beveled-edge mirror with glossy polishing. The dimensions of the Impact Vanity are 30.5” inches, 25 inches, 2” inches of depth.


  • Mirror Base: It has mirror base that makes the vanity mirror look beautiful, giving the mirror an elegant and classy look.
  • Outlets: It has 2 side outlets where you can plug the charger and connect the mobile.
  • Type: You can either hang the mirror on the wall as well as mount the mirror on its base.
  • LED Bulbs: The mirror comes with 14 LED bulbs that has 5000k of power.



Base is made up of mirror

Little High Price because of its advanced feature

2 outlets by which you can connect your device

Wall-mounted and placed at the base

14 LED dimmable bulbs

9. Starlet Vanity Girl

best pedicure chairs 2018

The Starlet Vanity mirror will give you an instant glamour. It comes with 6 bulbs that have 25 watt power. The mirror comes with wide landscape style and a laser etching frame. This can be one of the best vanity mirrors that come in landscape style.

If you are looking for something functional and classy vanity mirror then this silver vanity girl starlet is the best option for you. It is equipped with 6 LED bulbs and has an impeccable quality mirror that helps in giving the perfect makeup.

Coming to the dimensions, the mirror has 34” inches of width, 28” inches of height, and 8” inches of depth. The mirror is available in three color options including Silver, Black, and White colors.


  • High-Quality: The vanity mirror is made up of high quality glass and steel body. The high polishing will give the mirror a glossy look that will last longer.
  • Dimmable Bulbs: It has 6 dimmable bulbs that highlight your feature.
  • Trusted: Many salon professionals, celebrities praise the quality and design of the vanity mirror.
  • Color Options: The vanity mirror is available in three color options including white, black, and silver colors.



Different color options

Assembly not required

Sturdy body that comes with glass and steel frame

It has 6 dimmable bulbs to illuminate the features

10. Hiker Vanity Mirror

The Hiker vanity mirror will give you a natural lighting that helps you wearing makeup. You can adjust 12 lights on this frame as it comes with 12 adjustable lights that will give you an illuminating light. The mirror is available in different color options including Black, Silver, Pink, and White.

If you are searching for the durable, high quality, and easy to clean frame then Hiker is the best option that comes at an affordable price. It has black color PC body comes along with detachable oval shaped base.

The Hiker mirror comes with in-built hooks that let you hang on the wall. It has front mounted outlets that you can use for charging and for beauty accessories. It does not require any assembly; the dimensions of this vanity mirror are 19.5” inches, 2.25” inches, and 26” inches of dimensions.


  • Dimmable Bulbs: It has 12 bulbs that offer you the perfect brightness used for makeup. It has 2 in-built hooks by which you can hang the mirror on the wall.
  • Design: The mirror gives you an elegant look and it has simple finishing which is easier to clean.
  • Durable: The white glossy vanity mirror enhances the durability of the mirror.
  • Detachable Oval Glass base: The mirror comes with the detachable oval glass base. This makes easier for table top setup.



Durable and high quality

It has oval-shaped base

It has oval glass base for easier table top setups

Front mounted power outlets for charging and holding beauty accessories

Available in Black, Pink, silver, and white color options

Final Verdict

Here we have listed top-rated best makeup vanity with lights along with its complete details and features. Not only your salon, you can convert your bedroom into a dressing area for which you need to purchase a table, vanity mirror, and chair.

You can buy any of the vanity mirrors which are recommended by the top glamorous personalities. While applying makeup, you need to have a good light source to groom yourself. If you have any of the lighted makeup mirrors then you can quickly wear your makeup with highlighting your features. Now look marvelous every time you go outside.

You can also check mirrored vanity table online that has mirror on the top and table to store things. If you have any questions and additional recommendation, than you can mention it in the below comment box and one of our team member will get back with the answer.

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