6 Types of Mirror And Its Uses

Mirrors are an essential part of our day to day life. After looking at the updates on our mobile phone, the mirror is the second most important thing that we look at in the morning. In fact, it is also one of the last things that we need before moving out of our house. They reflect us the way we look or our clothes fit in. Earlier the mirrors were used only for looking at our reflection but now they have also become an essential part of the décor. At whatever place you visit you will always find a mirror. In fact, a salon is a place that is filled with multiple mirrors. People visit a salon for grooming so the mirror helps them decide whether the grooming was perfect or not. Salons generally have vanity mirror with light bulbs but the basic of its formation is the types of mirror mentioned here. There is more to types of mirrors around the house and other places that we will discuss here.


Mirror Types

  • Spherical Mirrors

These are the mirrors that are cut in the spherical shape. These are again of two types i.e. convex and concave. Consider the shape of the half moon. The difference in the concave and convex mirror is that one of them is reflected on the outside of the shape and the other one inside. These spherical mirrors are even used in the entertainment process. If you have ever visited a carnival then you might have noticed that there is a house of mirrors section. These mirrors display a funny distorted image of you. These are the spherical mirrors. Spherical mirrors are available in a variety of shapes. You can use them as wall mirrors, accent mirrors, or vanity mirrors.

  • Plain Mirrors

This is the most common type of mirror that you will find probably everywhere. It has a flat or planar surface. Plain mirror produces the image that is almost identical to the image of the person that is standing in front of it. You can even say that plain mirrors produce realistic reflections. Although this is a standard mirror there are multiple options available for the user to choose from. For the creation of these mirrors, a thin piece of plate glass is used. This material is going to protect the surface of the mirror and will slow down the tarnishing process. Also, there are other types of mirror that are made using liquids like gallium. These materials make the surface of the mirror more reflective.

Plain Mirror

  • Silvered Mirrors

Silvered mirrors are the ones whose surface is coated with a reflective material. Silver is the most common type of material used. Earlier these mirrors were coated with a mixture of tin and mercury. By the 18th century, the use of pure silver started. Now, the mixture of aluminum with other compounds is used. Use of silver makes the mirror non-corrosive. Thus, it lasts for a longer time. The silvering process can be used on any mirror. Thus, these mirrors are available in different types and sizes. If you are using a decorative mirror at your home then are high chances of it being a silvered mirror.

  • Acoustic Mirrors

Acoustic mirrors use a totally different concept. Thus, there are a lot of people who are not familiar with the use of these mirrors. These are designed in such a way that they reflect sound waves. There was a time when these mirrors were used by the military. Now, these are also used in sporting events. The main use of these mirrors is in the reflection of sound waves. For manufacturing these mirrors, the material used is a parabolic dish. A parabolic dish is sensitive to sounds coming from a particular direction. Thus, the correct placement of this mirror is really important. These are available in various sizes. These are also used in the science museums for demonstrating the focusing of sound.

  • Non-Reversing Mirrors

Non-reversing mirrors also termed as flip mirrors. In this mirror, two mirrors are kept at a right angle. These mirrors are designed in such a way that you can view the reflection at the point where the two mirrors meet. Another title for this mirror is a true mirror. It is used to represent the reflection of the subject the way it appears in actuality. Available in variable size, these mirrors can really large if used for commercial purpose. For creating a non-reversing mirror you need to use a basic mirror. The differently shaped mirrors won’t give you the desired results.

Non-reversing mirror

  • One Way and Two Way Mirrors

These mirrors are partially reflective and transparent in appearance. Only one side of the mirror is coated with a thin reflective material. You can use these mirrors in experimental labs, security cameras, observation decks, and other places. This mirror has special lighting quality. Due to the application of a thin layer of aluminum in the front, it reflects back only half of the light. These mirrors need to be really small for use in the security camera. In the case of interrogation rooms, the size of these mirrors could be as big as the entire wall. The basic materials used in the manufacturing of these mirrors include glass, minerals, and a final layer of paint.

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