Should You Use A Salon Chair Cover? Pros and Cons

Cleanliness and safe working conditions are dominant talking points in salons all across the world right now. Salon workers and clients alike need to feel that they are in a salon that cares about keeping them healthy.

One area that could be a topic of discussion is whether or not to use a salon chair cover. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of using a salon chair cover to help you make the best decision for your salon.

What Is A Salon Chair Cover?

There are two ways to think about salon chair covers:

  • A piece of fabric/material that covers the chairs when they are not in use
  • A covering to be used when a client is in the chair; this cover is removable

This article is about the type of covers that are used with clients in the chair. Let’s start by looking at a couple of example products.

What Are The Pros Of Using A Chair Cover?

  • Protects the Salon Chair from excessive wear on the surface
  • Protects the chair from any chemicals or products used during a stylist session from damaging the chair surface
  • Extends the life of your salon chair that you have paid a lot of money for

What Are The Cons Of Using A Chair Cover?

  • If the cover isn’t clear, it covers up the most visible part of the salon chair (maybe that’s a good thing, though, if your salon chair is already damaged). This may decrease the professional look of your salon
  • Clients may not like the feel of a cover on the chair they are sitting in

Final Word

The salon world is divided on whether or not to use a salon chair cover. However, if you do a lot of treatments in your salon and you want to extend the life of your valuable and expensive salon chairs, using a chair cover is a prudent idea.