7 Best Salon Reception Desk Reviews

For clients, the first impression can sometimes be the last impression. The first thing that the client looks at after entering the salon is the reception desk. Whether they have a query or an appointment everything is discussed at the desk itself. It doesn’t matter whether the client visits your salon due to someone’s recommendation or ad the desk is the first point of contact for them. It is actually very important for you to invest in the best salon reception desk.

Whether you are planning to makeover your salon or buying a new one always invest in good salon furniture. The last impression is equally important as the first one. The client comes to the reception itself for payment so while billing nobody wants to look at a disorganized or simple desk. It is of great benefit to invest in the hair salon reception desk. It is of much more importance than just a salon furniture.

Best salon reception desk 



Mahogany, Medium Cherry

Protective PVC layer, Stain resistant


Glossy White, Black Ash

LED lighting system, Fully assembled


Cherry, Walnut, Maple, White, Walnut with Silver Frame

Two locking drawers, Durable



Modern look, Frosted front surface



Finishing with veneer, Cabinets



Versatile, Silver lamination



Melamine finishing, Adjustable shelves

Important Features to Check before buying a Salon Reception Desk

  • Size: The size of the reception desk is an important factor to consider. It depends on your choice of desk. Some people like to place a large reception desk so that they are more comfortable while billing or solving the queries. So you must check your requirement like the number of customers that visit your salon on a daily basis. It will be easy for you to serve multiple clients at the same time.
  • Design: The reception tables are available in different designs. There are some that are available in curved shape while others in straight look. The curved reception salon desk tends to look good from all the angles. Visitors will feel welcomed from all the angles. Each design has its own benefits like the straight one will take less space and looks simple and elegant. So it depends on the buyer’s choice whether he wants to purchase the curved or straight one.
  • Space: If you like a huge reception desk but there is less space for placing it then it will be of a problem. You won’t be able to place it in the salon so eventually, your money will be wasted. The placement of the desk plays an important role too. It will greatly change the look of the salon. You must be able to place it in such a way that there is enough floor area left for you. There should be enough space to keep all the other types of furniture or utilities.
  • Color: The choice of color of the desk again depends on the type of décor of your salon or room. You must select the one that matches the décor of your room. It should simply blend well with the modern or contemporary look. The desk actually gives the apt type of ambiance that is much needed for a space that serves multiple clients.
  • Storage Space: Along with the look the space for storage on the desk is equally important. The other side where the receptionist sits there should be enough space. The desk might have drawers, cabinets, or compartments for the same. You can use the space to keep extra beauty products, credit card machines, and telephones.
  • Height: Although all the dimensions are important height needs to be taken extra care of. The desk’s height should be such that you can hide what’s going on behind it. At the same time, you must ensure that the height doesn’t create a problem for the client. The client should be able to easily communicate with the receptionist.
  • Price: It is a most important factor for people who are looking for products on a budget. It is not possible for everyone to invest a high amount in the salon furniture. So always check the price of the product. Make sure you invest in a good quality product that is in your budget. For people who can invest more, they can surely buy a highly modern and functional desk.

1. ALERA *Affordable Reception Desk*


When you are on a budget and want to invest in a good product the Alera desk comes to your rescue. Sometimes it is not necessary that you invest in a modern and stylish reception desk. The simple and elegant look matters to some. It may look boring but perfectly fits the requirements of users who like minimalist style. This is a perfect desk for welcoming clients and carrying out the business. If you do not like the mahogany shade then it is also available in medium cherry color.

The work surface has a commercial-grade laminate look. If you work in a salon then you might know that in salons a lot of products are used. Some of them are in gel form while others in liquid form. So to protect the desk from damage from these products it is made water-resistant. Again the dyes and other chemicals have the tendency to leave a stain so as to prevent it the desk is stain-resistant.

At the reception area, a lot of tasks are carried out. Along with billing the receptionist need to attend calls, manage accounts, and much more. Thus, to maintain the privacy the desk has high side panels and a bow-shaped transaction counter. Also, the panel has enough space so that the clients can keep their belongings while billing is going on. The dimensions of the Alera reception desk are 75.2 x 45.5 x 35.5 in inches.


  • It is an ideal product for servicing the clients.
  • There is a protective layer of PVC on the edge banding. This layer is of 3 mm and protects the desk from any sort of damage from accidental bumps.
  • For any sort of cabling, you won’t have to drill the desk. There are two grommets, one on each side. These will make the management of wire easy.
  • In case your room or salon has uneven floors the leveling glides will help in perfectly balancing the desk.



Two color options   

It doesn’t have drawers but there is enough space to keep necessary products.

Laminate work surface

Water resistant

Scratch resistant

Stain resistant

Protective PVC layer

2.  DIR *LED Lighting Desk*


Are you looking for a small salon reception desk? Do you have a compact salon area and still want a highly functional reception desk? DIR is going to be the perfect addition to your salon. Along with the product, you must also know how to be a good receptionist. This will further enhance your business. The desk is going to tackle your space issues properly. It will provide you with the space that is needed at the reception. You can easily tuck it away to make extra space in the salon.

The reception desk is available in two color options. The colors are glossy white and ash black. We are sure you are going to love both the colors. You must choose the one that goes with the interior of the room. When you invest some amount in a product that you are going to use regularly then its warranty becomes really important. With the DIR reception desk, you will get the 1-year warranty. If you face any problem during this time period then you can get it repaired free of cost.

The depth, width, and height of the desk are 15.5, 25, and 42 inches respectively. The best part about this desk is that you won’t have to assemble it. The small white reception desk will be delivered assembled. You won’t have to spend money on assembling. It will also save your time spent on waiting for the proper assembly to be done.


  • There is a slide-out option for placing the keyboard. So you can fully use the space on the desk as there is a separate section for the keyboard.
  • For the receptionist to work comfortably there is a large working area.
  • There is an LED lighting system for that extra light you may need while working.
  • For displaying the beauty products of your salon there is a small product display area.
  • For manufacturing solid wooden material is used.



Two color options   

Compact size so that it can fit any type of reception area.

One year warranty

Ready to use

Large workspace

LED lighting system

3. OFM *High Quality*


If you have more space in your salon and you are ready to invest more then you must buy the OFM reception desk. This is going to leave a great first impression on the clients and guests that visit the salon. The OFM marque series desk is 142” wide, 71” deep, and 45.5” high. There is a variety of color options available for this desk. You can buy it in maple, cherry, white, walnut, and walnut with silver frame option.

The top section of the desk has plenty of space to ease the conduct of business. You can even keep the beauty products for display on this desk. This also ensures that you wide space on the other side of the desk. Use that space to keep your desktop computer or other important things. If you are going to keep computer and telephone on the desk then wires will be needed. To avoid the clustering of wires the desk has management cutouts. You can pass the wires through them and eliminate cluttering easily.

For that extra space requirement, the desk comes with a modular mobile file cabinet. For safety purpose, the cabinet has 2 drawers that you can lock. You can keep and other important items in this drawer. There is a variation in size too. You can choose the size from a single unit, double-unit, triple-unit, and 4-unit. There are some people who like the desk with pedestal while others may like it without them. You can choose the style option between the pedestal and no pedestal for this desk.


  • The desk doesn’t require tools for assembly. Without tools, you can easily assemble it.
  • To protect the floors of your office or salon there are leveling glides at the bottom.
  • The product is manufactured with thermo fused melamine and powder-coated silver frame.
  • It has an interior desk.
  • OFM salon reception desk has a high-end look and would last you longer.
  • There is variation available in color, size, and style.
  • It has a limited time warranty associated with it.



Durable construction  

The price of the reception desk is a bit high due to its advanced features.

Eliminates cluttering of wires

2 locking drawers

Modular cabinet

Impressive look

4. DFS *Modern Look*


Are you looking for a reception desk that has a modern look? There are plenty of reception desks that are said to be modern but do not have that apt look for the salon. A salon reception desk is always busy as clients keep visiting the salon with queries, service requirement, and bill payment related issues. It is one of the busiest sections of the salon. Now, for such an important part you cannot compromise with the look and quality. The DFS reception desk has a unique and interesting design so you must buy it for your salon.

There is open desk space at the top where the client can keep items like bag while billing is going on. This makes the desk comfortable for the client too. This modern white reception desk is perfect to fit different types of décor. The color white is universal and has the ability to match multiple designs or looks. The surface of the desk has commercial-grade lamination. This ensures that you get a good quality product.You must always use good salon marketing ideas for better promotion of your salon.

In the salon, there is always some sort of hassle. People keep moving in and out. Ladies even come with their kids. Now, kids love to play so there are chances that while playing they scratch the desk surface. To protect the surface, you won’t have to spend extra money. The DFS desk is scratch resistant. You can concentrate on your work without worrying about the desk. While the clients are waiting for their turn you can help them in relaxing by using the leg massager.


  • There is one-inch lamination on the desk for protection against scratch.
  • It is an ideal product for welcoming clients or guests.
  • There is enough space for keeping a monitor that is of 15 inches.
  • The surface of the desk is water resistant so you won’t have to worry about water absorption.
  • In salons, there are a lot of products that might leave a stain. DFD reception desk is stain-resistant so it won’t the products won’t leave mark on it.
  • The tempered glass gives it a modern and refreshing look.



Modern look  

It doesn’t have drawers but there is enough workspace for you.

PVC edge banding

Laminated surface

Front top is frosted

Water, scratch, and stain resistant

5. BERKELEY *Desk With Glass Shelf*


This is one of the most unique salon reception desks on the list. The reason for the uniqueness is the choice of colors. In most of the products, the complete desk is of a single color. Some people like more colors even in their reception furniture. This Berkeley salon reception desk is apt for those who want contrasting colors in their desk. The desk has a shade of brown, cream, and white color. This is a modern style reception desk. The length, width, and height of the Berkeley desk are 20, 46.5, and 42.5 in inches.

The design of this modern salon reception desk is marvelous. It would perfectly compliment the salons with contemporary or modern décor. On all the four sides of the table, there is a dark hardwood veneer finish. In the central section, there are engraved lines. There is a large work counter at the top for the receptionist to work comfortably. At the top, the glass gives it a luxurious look. You can use it as a writing place for billing. On both the sides of the desk, there are cabinets for that extra storage space needed. You can keep beauty products inside it. While the customers are waiting in the reception area you can use them to promote your business.


  • This salon reception desk is made of hardwood veneer.
  • There is a glass shelf at the top. It gives a more extravagant look.
  • For workspace, there is a large counter.
  • To store salon products there are cabinets at the back.



Unique design  

There are no color options but the contrasting colors would match different decors.

Glass shelf

Veneer finishing

Large workspace

Cabinets for storage

6. NBF *Glass Top Reception Desk*


Are you looking for a hair salon reception desk that leaves a stunning impression on the clients? If you think that the desk is only required to fulfill the functional requirements then you are wrong. A salon is a place where women spend hours getting pampered. Along with the service provided by the salon, the clients also look for the perfect ambiance. If you have to spend a long time at a place then this has to be given importance.

This is a versatile piece of furniture as you can even use it as a guard station. The combination of rich laminate, silver accents, and floating glass gives it an eye-catching look. Along with the look the manufacturer has spent money on making the product functional too. If you are going to use the product in the busiest place then the lamination acts as an added advantage. You will get that advantage with this desk. Along with the desk, you must also make sure that the salon chairs are comfortable for the client to sit.


  • The finishing of the desktop is using a silver laminate. It accents the finishing and matches the kick plates.
  • One of the most unique features is the glass top. The tempered glass top looks like it is floating on the surface. For support to the glass top, silver metal posts are used.
  • There are two wire management holes that help in organizing the cords.
  • The product required assembly.
  • It is resistant to spills, stains, and scratches.



Stunning look

There are no cabinets so that you can keep only the necessary stuff at the top.

Functional piece 

Lamination for extra protection

Requires assembly

Two holes for wires

7. Displays2go *Black Reception Desk*


If you are looking for an affordable reception desk option then you must buy this desk. It is an elegant style register stand that perfectly fulfills your requirements. For constructing this product melamine board is used. This type of particle board is known for its attractiveness and durability. The width, height, and depth of the product are 48, 42, and 18 respectively. All the measurements of dimensions are in inches. You can use it as a nail salon reception desk.


  • There is recessed well that you can use to hide the electrical cords.
  • For writing purpose there is a 9-inch check writing shelf.
  • It has a large area for storing merchandise with 2 adjustable shelves.
  • It would require assembly. For convenience, the assembly instructions are included.
  • A pull-out drawer for storing stationary items.



Shelves are adjustable  

You will have to assemble the product using the manual you receive with the product.

Multiple options for storage

Melamine finish

Pull-out drawer

Hides the electrical cords

Final Verdict

All the products in the list are researched and reviewed before adding them to the list. There is a highly modernized desk like OFM and then there is a simple one like Alera. Go through the features and select the appropriate one for you. Make sure the customers are also satisfied with the service. The tools like curling wand like should be of good quality. Do you still have queries related to the products? You can give suggestions and also ask queries through the comment section. Leave your comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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