Curling Wand: Types, Use, Buying Factors, and Advantages

You might have noticed that we are more envious towards getting things that are with others. For example, if you have straight hair then looking at women with curly hair makes you feel like even you want curly hair. That’s when the magic of curling wand plays its role. You can get different types of curls just by using the best curling wand. By curling your hair you can completely change your look. In this article, you will get to know more about these wands and their use.

Best Curling Wand

What is a Curling Wand?

Every day there has been new and innovative tools launched in the market. Curling Wand is the best one amongst them. It is a wand that uses heat to create curls. You can wrap your hair around it in different ways to create multiple looks. Whether you want to go to a party or there is a special occasion at your home curling your hair is a perfect choice. You can create hairstyles that look complicated by using simple curls.

People often get confused between the curling iron and curling wand. Although both the tools are used for the same purpose of curling there is a difference in how you use them. On the curling iron, there is a clamp attached that helps in holding the hair at place. There is an issue with the curling iron that the pressure applied by the clip is hard to control. This often leads to the formation of softer curls that are more bouncy and can be easily broken. By using the curling wand you can create more appropriate waves that look natural.

Types of Curling Wands

  • Straight Curling Wands

These types of curling wands are perfect for people who like consistency in their curls. The straight curling wand will create uniformly shaped curls. Due to uniformity in the thickness of the wand the curls are equal in both shape and size. Another benefit of using this wand is that there is an even distribution of heat. So the curls look more sophisticated. It perfectly curls the lower ends of the hair so people with straight hair are going to love it.

  • Tapered Curling Wands

As the name suggests the wand is tapered at one end. The end that is attached to the handle is thicker while the one that is towards the open end is narrower. With the narrow end, you can create curls that have volume. For creating fuller curls you must use the thicker end. The tapered shape is appropriate to create a variety of hairstyles. In fact, people with tapered curling wand do not need other types of curling tools.

  • Interchangeable Barrels Curling Wands

These are the new types of curling wands with interchangeable barrels. Due to interchangeability, you won’t need a new curling iron every now and then. These are effortless to use. You can change the barrel according to the type of curls you want. All you have to do is to rotate and remove the barrel and lock another one in its place. These curling wands are relatively expensive.

Materials Used For the Curling Wand

There are three types of materials used in the curling wands. They are given in detail.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic is one of the most common materials used by the curling wand manufacturers. Ceramic wands give the users more control over the device. You will get numerous options to change the heat settings. Proper heat settings help in saving your hair from any sort of damage. It is suitable for all types of hair. The ceramic material emits negatively charged ions whose interaction with the positively charged ions help in protecting your hair.

  • Titanium

Titanium is a natural material and is known for its lightweight feature. It has the ability to absorb heat quickly so it heats up at high rates. For thicker hair more heat is needed to curl them successfully. Thus, this type of barrel will perfectly curl your hair. A titanium barrel may damage your thin hair so you must use a heat protective spray while curling your hair.

  • Tourmaline

Tourmaline is one of the newest additions to the material range of curling wands. It works in a similar manner as the ceramic curling wands. According to research tourmaline releases, six times more negatively charged ions as compared to ceramic. This excess production of negative ions will neutralize the charge in your hair. The result would be more glossy hair.

How to Choose a Curling Wand?

When you plan to buy a styling tool then it is necessary that you check the buyer’s guide. There are a lot of factors that will help you in making the right decision. There are different types of curling wands available online. It is actually very difficult to choose the right product. You can only select a product if you have complete information about it. Go through these factors to understand the curling wand better.

  • Hair Type: The hair type is the first factor that helps in choosing the curling wand. If you have thick hair then you will need higher temperature settings to curl them. Similarly, for the thin hair you will need lower temperature settings. Another important thing is the holding capability of the hair. If your hair does not hold curls for longer then you will need curling wand with the higher level of settings.
  • Voltage: If you are buying the curling wand for travel purpose then a dual voltage wand would be perfect. These types of wands are quite handy and will save your time. While traveling to different countries you may encounter problems related to electrical outlets and energy supplies.
  • Materials: The materials used in manufacturing the curling wand are extremely important. For flat, non-voluminous or fine hair the type of wand actually doesn’t create a problem. For the thick or coarse type of hair, it is extremely important that you check the type of material used. There are three types of materials used and they are the tourmaline, ceramic, and titanium. It’s preferable that you choose the ceramic or tourmaline one.
  • Size of the barrel: There are multiple types of curling wands available with the difference in size of the barrel. The creation of a particular type of curl depends on the barrel. So you must choose the curling wand accordingly. For tighter curls, you must opt for smaller barrels while for loose curls you must choose large barrels.

Curling Wand

  • The number of barrels: This factor is important for those looking for curling wands for salon purpose. In salons, customers come with various demands. Some want soft curls while other may demand waves or tight curls. To fulfill different requirements you cannot keep multiple wands. They are difficult to maintain and take a lot of space. So it is better you opt for wands with interchangeable wands.
  • Temperature Adjustability: When you look for the curling wands online you must check the temperature settings. There are wands with a range of temperature options. These range from extremely low to high. This again depends on the type of hair. If you have fine hair then you won’t need a high-temperature setting. So check your requirements and then match it with the product’s description.
  • Warranty: It is a big factor that influences your choice of the curling wand. On different wands, you will find different warranty periods and conditions. In most of the cases, the warranty period ranges from one to three years. In rare cases, you may find a wand with the longer warranty period. This factor leaves the user stress-free at least for the time for which warranty exists.
  • Ease of Use: The wand that is easy to use for one user might not be easy for another one. You must research the product before placing the order. If you have already used a curling wand before then there are more chances that you will be comfortable with all of them.
  • Automatic Shut Off: This is an important feature for those who keep forgetting things like turning off the switch. If you leave the wand on then it can damage both the device and the things around. So the automatic shut off feature would turn off the device after a set time.

How to use a Curling Wand?

  • First, you will have to dry your hair. After washing your hair you must blow dry so that they are completely dry them. For curling, this is the most important step.
  • Second, you must brush out your hair. You can use a regular comb to make your hair tangle-free. You can even use a leave-in conditioner to brush out more smoothly.
  • On the curling wand, you will find various settings. You must begin with a lower setting. If you do not get the required results then gradually increase the temperature. For the first time, it would be a trial and error method. Keep changing the setting until you find the one apt for your hair.

Top Curling Wands

  • You must always use a heat protective spray. This will protect your hair from any sort of damage. You will find it in any departmental or beauty store. Apply it all over your hair from roots to tips.
  • Here, the steps above are for all types of curls. Now, we are going to teach you basic curls that every beginner is going to learn easily. You will have to first section your hair. Divide your hair into different sections based on the number of curls you want. As a beginner, you must make four sections so that it is easy for you. Try to make the sectioning as equal as possible. Clip all the sections using clips or rubber bands.
  • Unclip one section. Wrap your hair around the wand starting from the tips. For this, you will have to hold the wand in the vertical position. Hold the hair in the same position for around 4 seconds and then slowly release them. Do not touch them immediately and let the heat in the hair work.
  • Now, curl each section in the same manner until all the sections are done.
  • For the curls to last longer, you will need an aerosol hairspray. You must spray it all over your hair. This will let the curls last throughout the day.

Advantages of using a Curling Wand

  • Long-lasting: It is not only the hairspray that helps in keeping your hair curly, there are other factors too. The styling tool plays an equally important role. If you buy a curling wand then the curls are going to last longer. It may even last the whole day.
  • Time Efficiency: If you choose the right curling wand then it is going to save your time. You can save up to 30 minutes by using the curling wand. For people who are getting late but want strong curls can opt for curls using the thicker section.
  • No creases: If you use a curling iron for curls then they will leave dents in your hair. By using the curling wand the result is going to be the opposite. The result is going to be smooth and shiny curly hair.
  • Better waves: For those who want strong or loose waves the curling wand is the best option. Curling irons take much more time as compared to the curling wands. In the end, you will have to move your hands through the hair multiple times to make waves visible. Using the curling wand you will have to only wrap your hair and release them after a few seconds. This will create the perfect waves in your hair.

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