Tips for Buying and Maintenance of Salon Chairs

Beauty has become a business for many. Whether you talk about make-up, spa, pedicure, manicure, hair styling, or any other beauty related service everything comes under one roof i.e. the salon. You can get ample services to enhance your appearance. Some people believe that their good looks can make them stand superior to others in social or economic terms. This has worked positively for the salon owners as they try to incorporate new and better services in their salon and earn more profits.

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The more customers you can attract to your salon the more will be your earning. Once the customers are satisfied with the salon’s service they tend to be loyal to them for years. When it comes to salons people do not prefer experimenting as different salons tend to use different techniques and equipment. Amongst the different types of equipment required by the salons, the most important is the salon chair. You may have the best salon skills but if the customer is not comfortable there are fewer chances that he or she will return to take service.

There are different ways by which you can buy a salon chair. Either you can visit a retail store or buy online. The online medium is more convenient and satisfactory. Online suppliers provide you with a multitude of options to choose from. You can compare the price of the chairs and choose the best one by just sitting at your home. For returning the product there is a pickup service provided by the online site. Thus, this is a highly reliable medium for purchasing the salon equipment.

Tips for Maintenance of Salon Chairs

The maintenance of the salon equipment is required for its durability and hygienic environment. If you do not take care of the equipment then eventually they will start bothering with multiple issues. It doesn’t matter what type of business you do in the workplace should provide you with the hygienic environment. It is even more important in case of salon chairs as different people use the same chair again and again. This doesn’t only apply to the clients but also to the staff members and visitors. To ensure that your business runs smoothly it is necessary that nobody’s health is put at risk. Here, you can check some of the tips that will help you maintain the salon chair efficiently.

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  • Routine Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the salon chair should be the first thing in your checklist. Different people use the same thing differently. Some may have the habit of rotating the chair in between the beauty services. Others may like to lie on the chair with its back reclined. Each time a new customer arrives there is a slight change in the setting of the chair. Due to such adjustments, the screws, nuts, and bolts may loosen up a bit. Before an unwanted event occurs, it is better you tighten them periodically. You must also get the servicing of the product done without delay. This will increase the longevity of the salon chair.
  • Base: It’s always good to maintain the look and feel of the salon. If all the chairs point towards a certain direction that is towards the mirror then everything seems to be organized. It will give a streamlined, clean, and finished look to your salon. To maintain the same you need to lock the base in between the services. There is another advantage of locking the base. The client can enjoy hassle-free beauty service as the chair won’t rotate. Some customers even have the habit of holding the chair while sitting so a sudden rotation can even lead to minor issues for the client. This way it is easy to maintain as rotating the chair throughout the day causes much-unwanted pressure on the screws of the chair.
  • Cover the chair: When you provide hair coloring service in the salon you must take extra care of the chair. It is a long process and you cannot keep looking at the chair that whether the hair color falls on it or not. If the product spreads on the chair then there are fewer chances to remove the stain completely. Its better you prevent this from occurring by covering the back of the chair with a cloth.
  • Avoid contact with water: Salon chairs have some parts that are metallic. This may include the handle, footrest, base, and others. You should always keep such parts away from water. The metal may rust due to dampness. Thus, you will have to spend an extra amount on repairing it. Even if you sprinkle water while styling you can wipe it off the metallic area to avoid its ill effects.
  • Coat the metal: The powder or paint coating on the metal surface protects it from oxidation. With regular usage, there are chances that it may fade off. If you want to improve the life of your salon chair then you must repaint or recoat. The cost of recoating is much less as compared to the cost that you will have to pay after the metal is oxidized.
  • Cleaning: Even after taking a lot of care there is always a chance that something spills on the chair. It’s important that you immediately clean the stain from the chair’s surface. For cleaning, you must follow the instructions that are included with the product. You can even opt for the cleaning sprays available in the market. If you are using the cleaning product for the first time then first test it on the bottom section of the chair. Even if it leads to some of form of discoloration it won’t be easily visible.
  • Look for traps: There are traps on the sides of the chair. While you style your customer’s hair they may get filled up in those traps. It is extremely unhygienic if you do not clean them. If a customer finds the chair in such a condition then his or her negative feedback can affect other customers too. Even such a small negligence in cleaning the traps can cost you a lot.
  • Lower the chair: As every day hundreds of customers sit on your salon chair this can be really harsh on the equipment. After providing service to the client you must lower the chair. This technique can reduce the pressure on the base.
  • Avoid direct contact from sunlight: Make adjustment of the chair in such a way that it is not in direct contact with sunlight. This may lead to the material’s discoloration on that particular section. Proper maintenance can save your money and product at the same time. Due to extreme heat or cold, the material may even harden so make sure you avoid that.
  • Personal hygiene: Although this tip is not for maintaining the chair this can greatly help you in improving your salon’s rating. Make sure that your staff members clean their hands before and after providing the service. You should not consider it a task. This is a practice every salon should enforce. You will be able to build trust with your clients and your way of doing business will look more appealing to the clients.
  • Check-ups: The salon is always going to be filled with customers. We all enjoy holidays during different festivals but the technicians in the salon do not even get that. In fact, festivals or events are the busiest days for them. So you cannot wait for an individual day when you will get time to maintain the stuff in your salon. It would be better you plan your work in such a way that at least you can weekly maintain the salon chairs. There are a lot of things in the chair that needs maintenance. These include bolts, hoses, screws, nuts, and more. It would be better if you check them as it could even lead to minor mis happenings.

Tips for Buying Salon Chairs

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  • Quality: This is the first most things that you must check before buying the salon chair. It is not styling equipment like the dryer or curler that won’t be used continuously. The chair will be occupied almost throughout the day. If you are buying something for daily use then this factor must be considered extremely important. You can check the specifications and features of the chair to know about the materials used for its manufacturing.
  • Durability: When you think of buying a salon chair then you expect the product to be value for money. You do not buy it for a month or two but instead, want it to last long. All these factors should come to your mind before buying the chair. Check the complete details of the product to know about the same. You must always invest in best salon chairs that are highly durable.
  • Shipping: When you place the order for a salon chair the online stores show you the shipping charges. There might be products with inferior quality but free shipping and the ones with premium quality and additional charges. So check all the factors before deciding that the shipping charges are worth paying for or not.
  • The Time duration for delivery: Before buying the product you must know when you are actually going to need it. If you already own a workspace then even if it is delivered soon you can keep it in place. In case, you do not have space for keeping it then placing the order beforehand could be troublesome. Depending on the place of manufacturing of the chair it may take 2 to 6 weeks. Make sure you check the delivery time and your requirements before ordering one for you.
  • Warranty: Check the warranty details of the product. You must check its duration and policy. Whether you are going to receive the same on the repair of the product or it involves full product replacement. You can contact the customer service executive to know about the same. The representative will be able to give you the clearer picture of the company’s terms and policies.
  • Purpose: If you buy the chair to provide service at home then the choice of the chair may differ from the one at the salon. Another factor is the services offered by you. Depending on the services like manicure, pedicure, facial or massage you must make choice of the chair. For services that require more relaxation, you must opt for recline salon chair.
  • Budget: The salon chairs are available in the different price range like low, medium, and high. You need to budget to buy the product. If you plan to buy a cheap salon chair then it may not last you in long run. You may have to get it repaired time and again. On the other hand, there are high-end chairs that are highly durable. If the high-end ones are not in your budget then you may opt for medium ranged ones.
  • Target Users: Salon services totally depend on the customers. This business is totally different from selling commodities to the customer where once the product is sold it is taken home by the customer. Here, the customers pay for a certain level of experience. So your goal should be to ensure that they get the expected experience. This will greatly influence your choice of salon chair or any other furniture.
  • Assembly: Make sure you check the assembly requirements of the chair. You may receive the product pre-assembled or it may require you to assemble it from scratch. Most of the products come with an instruction manual to guide you through the process. Some of the chairs are even delivered in endless parts. This could actually be a nightmare for you. Make sure you check the assembly process before placing an order for the salon chair.

Final Verdict

A comfortable salon chair is a must-have for any salon. You must make the choice wisely. Along with buying the best product you must make sure that maintenance is given equal importance. These tips are extremely helpful and are going to help you opt for the best product.

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