9 Tips to Organize and Maintain a Vanity Set with Mirror

Once you shift to a new place, there is ample place in your house or salon to place new and interesting furniture. This is the best time to invest in a good product that will enhance the décor of your room and is functional too. The first thing that you are going to need is a vanity set with mirror. You need to get ready every day so it is one of the basic furniture that needs to be part of your room. You cannot adjust with a simple vanity. Here, you can check the tips to buy the best vanity set with mirror and easy steps to organize it.

Buyers Guide to Vanity Set with Mirror

What is a Vanity Set with Mirror?

A vanity set with mirror consists of three different parts. This includes mirror, table, and stool. Instead of buying the products separately it is better you buy the complete set. All the three parts are matching and can be bought at a much affordable price. When you get ready to go to a certain place mirror is the first thing you look for. After that comes the need for a table to place all the products properly. Now, if you are not comfortable then you won’t be able to do makeup properly so this calls for the need of stool. All the three products included in the set are extremely important so you must buy the vanity set.

Tips for Organizing your Vanity

We all know that we should keep our things organized but we often neglect that. The time when we realize this is when we are looking for products on the vanity and we are unable to find them. When we try to find things we often disturb the people around us. For example, for finding your favorite lipstick you will empty the whole drawer. If you are in a hurry you may even damage some products.

There are tons of ways by which you can arrange the products in your vanity seamlessly. You can use useless containers or cans that lie around in your home. You can even use certain makeup adjustment techniques so that it is much easier for you to organize all the products.

  • Organize the products according to their use

You may like a red lipstick but this is not the color that you are going to use on a daily basis. On a daily basis, a woman prefers using more neutral colors. Store the products that you need daily in a separate section. You can make different sections like everyday essentials, party makeup, and office makeup. This can only work if you do not switch your makeup looks quite often.

  • Brush Holders

Use different brush holders to keep the brushes separately. As the brushes are of the different color it is hard to decide whether your brushes are clean or not. If you use brushes with white bristles then it is much easier to find dirty brushes otherwise it is not. It is better you keep the brushes in separate containers. Use two upright containers so that you can determine the difference between the brushes. By using this way you will be able to avoid mixing of powder disaster.

  • Organize the products according to their steps of use

The order of application of makeup products for each one of us varies. If you love watching makeup videos then you might have seen that there are multiple orders of applying makeup. It also depends on the individual preference. Some people like to apply eyeshadows while other likes to apply foundation. In order to reduce the mess in applying makeup it is better you place the items according to their use. Another factor that is important is the dominance of your hand. If your dominant hand is left then keep more products on the left side.

  • Small Boxes

Small boxes are of great use if you like to use mini-sized products. It is not necessary that you buy these boxes especially for organizing makeup. If you have some old jewelry boxes then you can even use them to keep your eyeliners and lipsticks. As these items take less space so you can even keep them under the desk of your vanity. This will help you in keeping them hidden yet organized.

  • Use Clear Organizers

When it comes to makeup until and unless you don’t see a product there are fewer chances that you will use it. We keep a huge collection of makeup products as for different purpose a single product won’t work. To see the product and still keep it organized, choose a transparent organizer. Containers with or without drawers with maximum visibility can be used to keep all the products. You will get these types of items for free at certain beauty stores.

  • Keep products other than makeup separately

If you love buying cosmetic products then probably the collection at your home will be huge. It is always a good idea to keep your toiletries separately. It is preferred that you keep makeup items in a dry area away from the wetness. We are talking about the vanity that is placed in the bathroom. In fact, the steam in the bathroom has moisture that can be harmful to your makeup products. Keep all the products away so that they last longer.

  • Maximize the space

If there is a small drawer in your dresser then you can maximize its space to store more items. For this, you are going to need a compartment box. Place the box inside the drawer so that you can keep items in separate sections. You can store items like makeup applicators, rubber bands, safety pins, and other small items. These small things have an easy chance of being lost so this trick is definitely going to be helpful.

  • Velvet lining

When you open and close the drawers the items keep in it are often misplaced. If you want your jewelry or makeup item to stay in place then there is a trick for it. You won’t have to spend much. Just line the drawer with a layer of velvet. This trick is helpful even in the case of those containers in which the items do not fit perfectly.

  • DIY Products

If buying products like organizer is not in your budget then you can try your hands on DIY products. At home, you can use cans, containers, and other items to create a whole new container for makeup storage. There are tons of sites on the internet from which you can learn different ways of creating DIY boxes.

 How To Maintain Vanity Furniture

These steps are specifically applicable to the wooden furniture. However, you can use certain steps for other types of furniture too.

  • Dusting

If the furniture piece at your home sparkles then it is going to make your room sparkling too. If you perform the right amount of dusting then it is going to help in doing so. For dusting the right type of cleaning cloth is also important. You must use a dry and soft cloth to dust off the dust particles. It’s preferred that you clean the furniture on a weekly basis.

Vanity Set With Mirror

  • Keep it away from sunlight

Make sure the vanity set is not kept in sunlight for long period of time. This would result in a phenomenon called spotting. The furniture will have dark and bright spots in different sections. If you keep the vanity set in front of window section then everyday sunlight will fall on it. Use curtain to protect the vanity from any sort of damage.

  • Be careful of temperature

You must take care of the type of products you keep on the vanity. Do not keep products with extremely hot or cold temperature on the furniture. These types of products tend to leave an impression on the surface leaving a distorted texture. Even if you keep such products then make sure they are not kept for a long period of time.

  • Let it age

The wooden furniture ages gracefully. You are going to love the way it goes through changes over the years. Wooden furniture follows a certain pattern of aging. Some of them might turn lighter or darker with the passage of time. Do not interfere in the natural process of aging of the furniture.

  • Keep pointed or sharp objects at bay

This is the most important factor that will help you keep the vanity maintained for a long time. You must not keep a sharp or pointed object on the surface of your vanity. If not handled carefully then these objects may leave a scratch on the furniture. For example, if you are going to keep a nail filer on the vanity then while in a hurry you may pick it up harshly. This will scratch the surface of the table.

  • Oil and Wax the surface regularly

It is highly recommended that you oil the surface of wood on a regular basis. Oiling and waxing give them a shiny finish. This is necessary because it even adds a layer of protection on the surface. Here, regularly doesn’t mean on an everyday basis. If you can do the oiling even once in three months then it would be great.

How to Clean the Vanity Mirror

If the mirror at your home has streaks then it could be really annoying. Although you may feel that cleaning a mirror is a simple task but you must follow the right technique for it. You won’t need a paper towel or newspaper for this. Paper towel leave lint on the mirror that makes the surface even worst. Before beginning with cleaning you must dust off the dust particles by using a clean cloth from the mirror surface. Check the steps the given below to perfectly clean mirror at your home.

  • First, pour some amount of rubbing alcohol on the cotton pad. Check whether there is any sort of build-ups on the surface of the mirror. Look for them from top to bottom. Keep rubbing them one by one. Rubbing alcohol tends to dry faster so perform the steps quickly.
  • Second, use a misted glass cleaner to further clean the mirror. You must spray the complete surface of the mirror with this cleaner. Always check the ingredients list of the glass cleaner before purchasing it. If it contains harsh chemicals then this may even damage the mirror surface.
  • Take a microfiber cloth and fold it. Fold the cloth twice so that you get a cloth with 4 different clean surfaces.
  • Use a zig-zag pattern to clean the mirror. Begin with the top left corner then move towards the top right corner. After that swipe down and again move towards the left side of the mirror. These ways continue rubbing using the cloth until you reach the end.
  • Look at the mirror from 45-degree angle. Using this angle you can find the scuff marks on the mirror that are otherwise invisible by looking straight. Spot and clean each and every stain by spraying the cloth with the cleaner. The complete process might take you around 90 seconds only.

How To Freshen The Look Of Your Vanity

  • New Paint Color

If your vanity has been around for a while and you are looking for a fresh new look, consider re-painting the entire furniture. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to help that older vanity look new again.

You’ll want to start by pulling out any drawers and removing any piece of the vanity that can be easily removed (like the mirror if it’s easy to dis-attach it).  Wipe all the areas that you plan on painting down with plain water and let it dry.

Next you’ll want to lightly sand all the surfaces to be painted mildly with a low-grit sandpaper. The more damage your vanity has seen, the tougher the sanding. However, for most cases, you’ll be able to use a sandpaper of grit less than 120.  Once you’ve finished sanding, you can blow the sand off with condensed air or just wipe it down with a damp cloth (or both). Let it dry thoroughly.

Use painter’s tape to tape off the edges that need to be protected. If your vanity isn’t that old, you may not need to use primer as a first coat, especially if the original coat is white. However, if the original vanity color is darker or old and you want to restore it to a nice, bright color, definitely apply a coat of primer as well.

Once the primer has dried you are ready to paint on the primary color. Use a roller for the larger sections and a brush for the smaller areas. Be sure to have the fan in the bathroom going, and open the window if you have one.

If you use a good-quality paint labeled for cabinetry, then you should only need to apply one coat. My advice would be to visit a local paint store for their advice.  Once the paint is dry and you’re happy, then re-assemble the entire vanity.

  • Paint Specific Parts

You don’t necessarily need to paint the entire vanity. You could simply just paint the drawers or the top of the vanity. Or even just paint any border around the mirror.  You can get really creative with this!

  • Change The Drawer Handles

For just a few dollars each you can simply replace the older handles for your vanity’s drawers. You can find many choices at your local hardware or home supply store.

  • Add Lights

Even if your vanity has lights at the top, you could still decorate the vanity with some additional tiny LED RGB lighting strips. These strips are a fun way to decorate any bedroom, but adding them to your vanity adds a bit more style.


A good vanity is an essential for any woman’s bedroom (and some men’s, too) or bathroom. Keep yours clean and well-maintained to last for years.

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