Buyer’s Guide to Salon Trolley and its Benefits

Are you looking for a salon trolley? If you are planning to buy it for your salon then you must consider certain points that will help you choose the best one.

There is no doubt in it that price is the primary factor that influences the choice of trolley especially if you have a low budget. Some of these factors are material, durability, and quality. To learn more about these factors, please read further.

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What Is A Salon Trolley?

Salon trolleys are simple storage carts that are used to keep all the salon equipment. There are trays installed in it that can be easily slid in and out. You can store almost everything on this trolley. You can help each customer at the same as you won’t have to go in search of the equipment in the salon.

It saves both client and staff members time. There are some trolleys that are made of metal while others that are made of plastic. Buying a salon trolley depends on the type of material you like or prefer for your salon. We hope that the points given below will help you buy the best salon trolley.

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How to Select a Salon Trolley for your Salon?

  • Size: When you buy a product for storing things then the first thing you check is the size. It depends on the type of equipment you are planning to store in it. If you are going to keep hair dryers and other styling products then they will automatically require a large-sized trolley. Another important factor is the salon you are planning to buy the product for. If you have a small salon or you work from home then a salon trolley small in size would work for you.
  • Movement: You are going to store a lot of products on the trolley. It is not necessary that you need all of them in one place only. You may have to dry a client’s hair at one corner of the salon and may need a curling wand at the other corner for some other client. Customers do not like waiting so you need to be really fast. Thus, the trolley should be easily moveable. Even if the salon trolley is fully loaded it should support the quick movement.
  • Drawers: This is another deciding factor for the trolley. There are drawers in the trolley to keep the accessories and equipment inside. This gives them a more finished and maintained look as the products are not lying here and there. The drawers may be fully packed with nothing visible or half open in the form of a tray with products being slightly visible. You must check the type and number of drawers available. The number of drawers may range from 2 to 5. You can even check the pictures of the product to get a more detailed idea about the drawers.
  • Design: Other than the services provided by the salons the look and feel of the salon also appeal to the customers. Since people are moving towards modernizing things so the design of the trolley should be modern too. The finishing of the trolley should be beautiful as it will add to the décor of your salon. We personally like the trolleys packed with drawers as they look like a furniture piece even if they are kept in the corner.
  • Storage: Once you have used the trolley you will have to clean and store it. The main purpose of buying the trolley is to keep everything in one place. If the trolley itself can’t be stored properly then it would be of disadvantage to you. People prefer buying rectangular trolleys as they can be easily stored in spare rooms.
  • Ease to Reach: Storing everything in the salon trolley is not the only thing that is going to make your work easy. The equipment should be easily accessible too. Its design should be such that all the compartments and shelves are within the reach of the user. Otherwise, the technician will waste time in finding a product in the trolley. If the trolley is full then finding a single product would be a tedious task for the technician. It’s better you check such important factors before buying the trolley.
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  • Stability: When it comes to selecting a trolley, stability becomes necessary. You are going to place multiple types of tools and equipment in it. If while moving the trolley from one place to another it loses balance then the trolley may tip over. This may cost you a lot. Styling equipment is very sensitive so even a slight fall may incur you high repair cost. Its better you buy a quality product that is stable to use.
  • Material: When you plan to buy a salon trolley you must check the materials used for manufacturing the product. It may be made of plastic, steel, or any other type of material. These details are mentioned in the description section of the product.
  • Assembly: There are certain manufacturers that deliver assembled product while others that don’t. The product may require simple assembly that can be done at home. Make sure you check the product specification to know about the same.
  • Durability: Some of the salon products like chair and trolley are used on a regular basis. For everyday use, you need a product that can withstand rough usage and still work for a long period of time. The durability of a product highly depends on the quality of materials used. So buy the salon trolley that is made using high-quality materials so that you won’t have to invest in the same product again and again.

Benefits of Salon Trolley

If you are a salon owner or a staff member you might know that a lot of equipment is used in the salon. You will need a salon chair so that the client sits comfortably while you style their hair. Shampoo bowls are needed to rinse the client’s hair properly without any sort of hassle. Now, for providing these services you are going to need a salon trolley.

Salon Trolley

It will help you keep all the products in one place. All the necessary equipment like hairdryers, comb, brush, and scissors can be kept in the trolley.  Another major reason for buying the salon trolley is that is mobile so you can easily move it from one place to another. If there are not many numbers of styling stations in your salon then this a great option to go for.

How Do You Care For Your Salon Equipment?

  • First, you will have to gather all the tools that are used in the salon. Now, place all the tools in a tub that is filled with hot water. For safety, use rubber gloves as hot water may burn your hands. Leave them soaked in the solution for about 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes take out the tools. Add 80% alcohol and 20% water to a tub and leave the tools in this solution for one hour. This solution will act as a disinfectant. Before using these types of solution read all the details so that they do not have a negative effect on the tools.
  • Using a soft clean rag you can dry the tools. Do not rub the tools rigorously to immediately dry them. This may even damage them.
  • For cleaning the electrical tools you should use alcohol wipes. Gently rub the wipes to clean them from inside and outside. Keep the tools as it is for 30 minutes so that the solution from the wipes works on them. After that, you can clean it using a piece of rag. Before using water or any other solution you should read the instruction manual carefully. As it will give you details on the best way to clean the tools.

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