Buyer’s Guide to Portable Shampoo Bowls

If you have a mobile salon business or even a smaller salon, one of the biggest initial problems you may face is how to wash your customer’s hair. Thankfully the advent of the portable shampoo bowl has alleviated these concerns.

Portable shampoo bowls allow for a greater flexibility and freedom over where to wash hair. These can be used not just in a salon but also in your own home depending on your needs.  If you have a physical disability that limits your ability to get into a shower, bathtub, or to even a sink, your options on getting your hair clean are limited.

The solution to such issues lies in the Portable shampoo bowl. In fact, many larger salon owners are now shifting towards buying this portable option. It provides you with an easy way to wash hair without messing with the location where you are working. 

Portable shampoo bowls are also significantly cheaper than shampoo stations that require expensive plumbing work. 

How to Choose the Best Portable Shampoo Bowl?

There are certain factors that you must consider while buying these types of shampoo bowls. We have listed them below:

  • Stable Base: The portable shampoo bowl may not be as stable as the other at the base. In such a case, the shampoo bowl may tip over if you apply too much pressure on one side. For more stability, the base should have multiple stands at the bottom. It will hold the bowl upright. It should be wide enough as the narrow base has the chance of tipping over even during a mild wash.
  • Long Drain Hose: If you are buying a portable shampoo bowl then you might want to move it around in the salon. Even at home while serving multiple clients you may have to move it. In both the case you need a drain hose that is long enough for seamless movement. Another reason is the functional drain that is needed to wash hair. If the hose is long then you can easily connect it to a drain near the sink that is at a longer distance.
  • Height Adjustability: In the salon, there are customers of different height. You may have to fix the shampoo bowl according to their height. This will make them feel comfortable and give them an enriched hair washing experience. If you buy a non-adjustable shampoo bowl then you are risking your business. People may look for another place that provides a better experience. Always check that whether you can adjust the bowl by moving up and down or not.
  • Material: Most of the manufacturers use plastic for manufacturing the portable shampoo bowls. This material makes the bowl extremely lightweight. If you own a salon then you cannot afford a low-quality bowl that may even break while providing the service. This will leave a negative impact on the client. So always choose a high-quality plastic material.
  • Stain Resistant: In salons, dye and coloring of hair are also done. These chemical colors may leave their mark on the bowl. So choose a bowl that is stain resistant. This will even prevent the discoloring of the bowl.
  • Space: The space at the place where you are going to setup the shampoo bowl matters a lot. Both the customer and the technician need to be comfortable while the service is going on. If you have limited space then try compact bowls.
  • Function: You must know about the reason for buying the shampoo bowl i.e. its need and use. If you know about these two things then you will be able to make a great choice. For example, if a bedridden client visits your salon for hair wash service then an inflatable shampoo bowl will be a perfect choice instead of self-contained shampoo bowl.
  • Cost: The ultimate factor that influences your choice of shampoo bowl is its price. Make sure you consider all the factors together and not only the price of the bowl. Price doesn’t always signify a quality product. Sometimes a high-price product doesn’t provide the service that the user desires for.
  • Weight: The reason for buying a portable shampoo bowl is its easy movement from one place to another i.e. mobility. If the product is heavy then you can’t carry it easily. There are chances that you have to visit a client’s home that is upstairs and you need to take the bowl along with you. If you carry a heavy shampoo bowl then by the time you will reach the place you will be exhausted. This will even result in poor service. So make sure you check the weight of the bowl.
  • Durability: It is important as you want to invest in something that will last long. If the material is of high-quality then it is automatically going to last long. You must check the specifications for the same.
  • Size of the Bowl: This is one of the most important things that need to be checked. It should be of appropriate size so that you can use it for both kids and adults. The depth of the bowl should be such that you can wash hair properly and water doesn’t spread out of it.

Types of Portable Shampoo Bowls

  • Portable Shampoo Trays

These are portable hair washing accessories. It is specially designed for a user-friendly experience while washing the client’s hair. One of the simplest portable hair washing solution that is effective too. It looks like a plastic tray with a bent opening to accommodate the neck properly. You must simply place it inside a sink and start washing hair.

  • Shampoo Bowls with Adjustable Stand

It is an adjustable hair washing station that comprises a shampoo bowl. It has a bent opening for the neck, hose to empty out water and a plug that stops draining while washing. There is a stand that is adjustable and accommodates the shampoo bowl. They are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Each one is designed to meet your specific need. For the clients who use a wheelchair, it is recommended that you use a flat shaped tray and not the deep one.

  • Inflated Shampoo Bowls

For enhanced maintenance and portability, these shampoo bowls are inflatable. You can inflate them manually. These feature drain hoses and have a curved opening to accommodate the client’s head. You can even carry them for vacations or camping trips so that you can wash your hair conveniently.

  • Self Contained Portable Shampoo Sinks

These are used for high-end hair washing facilities. It is perfect for mobile use at any location. It consists of shampoo bowl, water tank for storage of both fresh and waste water, drain hose and water heater. All these things are packaged in a box that looks like a trolley. It even has movable wheels to facilitate movement with brakes for locking at one place. Some of them may even include hand-held spray hose.

How to Use a Portable Shampoo Bowl?

By now you might have understood how to choose the portable shampoo bowl but there are steps that you must use to effectively use it.

  • First and foremost step is setting up the bowl according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure that it functions accordingly. You can use the manual for instructions and follow the steps to avoid any sort of mishandling.
  • If the portable shampoo bowl you have is a self-contained unit or it is the one with a stand then permanent set up needs to be done. For practical use of the bowl, you will have to opt for a permanent set up only. Another important factor that you need to consider is the space. Choose an ideal space for placing it so that it doesn’t come in between when not in use. It should not come in the way but should be kept at a place from where you can easily access it.
  • When it comes to proper use of the shampoo bowl the maintenance is equally important. This is the key to making the most out of the shampoo bowl. After using the bowl clean it as per the instructions are given by the manufacturer. Once you clean it then you must store it properly. In most of the cases only rinsing is sufficient. If you use the shampoo bowl regularly with the chemical hair products then thorough cleaning is must otherwise they will leave a stain on the bowl.
  • Use a dry towel to wipe the portable shampoo bowl and dry it completely. In case the manufacturer instructs you to use another better way of drying the unit after use you can use the same.

Benefits Of Using A Portable Shampoo Bowl

For a buyer, it is necessary to understand the benefits that he or she may get after using the Portable Shampoo bowl. In fact, if you buy any other salon product then you must know about the advantages associated with it. We have listed some for you.

  • This is a great technique. When you wash the hair of the client the water it ensures that the water directly moves into the sink. So the client will not be dampened while the stylist provides the service. The unnecessary splashing of the water out of the bowl makes the surrounding area dirty and is unhygienic too. Portable shampoo bowl perfectly handles such issues.
  • Portability also ensures that you can carry the bowl easily. Without much hassle, you can drag the equipment with your hands and carry it from one place to another.
  • A portable shampoo bowl offers a lot of flexibility. It doesn’t require any sort of complicated installation that is otherwise required in case of fixed shampoo bowls. If the client is not comfortable with a particular setting or position then it can be easily changed. For example, Clients who are wheelchair ridden visit your salon. If you have that fixed regular station then you cannot provide service to them. With a portable bowl, you can carry it to them and adjust the height.
  • You can use the product in a healthcare organization. For example, you need to give a hair wash to a patient who is under your care. You just need to carry the portable bowl to the back of their bed. Make the patient rest his or hand on the stand. Without mess, you can give them a quick hair wash. It will offer them a kind of relief in the most comfortable way.
  • These types of bowls are perfect for salons, mobile stylists, in-home stylists and home health caregivers. You can say that the product is quite stress-free for the person who provides the service and the one who takes it.
  • It doesn’t require much maintenance. There are certain steps that you need to take regularly so that the product last you longer. A regular wash and proper storage are what it needs to be done for maintaining it.


Portable shampoo bowls are a quick and convenient solution for hair washing. You can use it virtually at any location. This buyer’s guide hopefully was useful in selecting the right shampoo bowl for your needs.

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