How To Choose A Pedicure Chair?

Pedicure chairs are one of the most essential pieces of equipment in any salon. It is one of the most requested services and sources of repeated revenue for every salon business. It is important, therefore, to get the right pedicure chair for your salon.

Pedicure chairs are specifically designed to facilitate the pedicure service where the technician needs to wash the feet, massage gently, remove dead skin, and perform other foot care procedures. Pedicures offer a great way to relax your feet along with giving them a clean and stylish look. 

Best pedicure chairs

Having pedicures regularly are also important for your foot health. A good nail technician can groom your toe nails to prevent ingrown nails, corns, and other unsightly issues. Pedicures can treat and prevent many painful foot conditions.

If you offer manicures in your salon, you should also offer pedicures as your clients will expect this. While some women may come into your salon a few times a month for a manicure, they will likely only come once a month for their pedicure. 

Depending on the type of pedicure service you are going to give to the client, you should select the best pedicure chair.  

What Determines Which Pedicure Chair You Should Use?

There are various factors that you need to take into consideration when it comes to selecting which pedicure chair to purchase. These include the style of pedicure that you plan on doing the most (based on your clients’ preferences, comfort of the chair, and the price. 

Types of Pedicure

  • Classic Pedicure

A classic pedicure is even termed as a regular pedicure. It is a standard form of treatment that is available in almost all the salons. First, client’s feet are soaked in warm water followed by scrubbing, clipping, and shaping of the nails, pushing back the cuticles, and foot massage. In the end nail polish is applied to give a polished look. It is a great option for those who want to get regular maintenance of the foot and toenail done. For those who want to pamper themselves without fuss, this is a great option.

  • Gel Pedicure

This type of pedicure is similar to the classic one. The difference lies in the type of nail polish used. Here, the technician uses gel nail polish instead. These are specially formulated to last longer without chipping. Thus, it is a very popular choice among pedicure technicians. However, there is a side effect to them. Once you remove the polish using the acetone it dries your nails.

  • French Pedicure

Started with French manicure the popularity of this service has now shifted towards the French pedicure.  The process begins with soaking, scrubbing, exfoliating, cleaning, and trimming. It is a classic pedicure where the tips of the toes are painted in the form of white stripes. Once this is done the base of the nail is then painted with a nude or pink color.

  • Spa Pedicure

You can say that spa pedicure is an upgraded form of a classic pedicure. From the number of upgrades, it offers one is the aromatherapy oil that is added to the footpath. It is then followed by a scrub that removes calluses, hot towel wrap, and paraffin dips. A regular pedicure can be done anywhere but spa pedicure is only done in a private environment where the client can relax properly. This pedicure experience is going to make you feel pampered and ultra relaxed.

  • Stone Pedicure

A stone pedicure is not exactly a pedicure but it is more like a massage.  Here, the first step involves soaking the feet in warm water. The footbath is then followed by rubbing a hot stone after applying different types of essential oils on the foot. It is a highly indulgent experience that soothes your leg and foot muscles. In some case, they even provide the skin scrub, cuticle attention, and other services that the classic pedicure have.

  • Chocolate Pedicure

This is an amazing pedicure that every chocoholic is going to love. It involves the use of everything that you can think of. From chocolate foot mask, chocolate foot soak, to chocolate moisturizing lotion you will get the feel of the world of cocoa. You can even opt for chocolate-hued nail polish in the end. Other than cleaning your legs you can avail multiple skin benefits through this type of pedicure. Cocoa moisturizes your skin naturally and firms it. It even acts a powerful antioxidant. It is even said that if you smell chocolate then it induces the feeling of euphoria. By euphoria, we mean the feel-good experience.

  • Athletic Pedicure

An athletic or sports pedicure is loved by both men and women. It is not women-centric like other types of pedicure. With a slight twist, this pedicure is similar to the classic pedicure. Here, cooling aromatics are used to soothe your sore and tired muscles. The scents include cucumber, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Certain salons even offer extra massage with the athletic pedicure. For people who do not want to opt for luxury but still want their feet in great shape, an athletic pedicure is the best. However, it is especially recommended for issues like stubborn calluses and ingrown toenails.

  • Wine Pedicure

As we all know that wine is great for skin so a wine pedicure could be a great option. It is full of rejuvenating antioxidants that soften you feet’s cuticles. The pedicure begins by soaking your feet in wine and then follows the usual scrubbing, exfoliation, and other classic pedicure steps.

  • Margarita Pedicure

Margarita pedicure follows a traditional approach for providing the service. Here, the main ingredient is lime. For soaking the feet lime footbath is used. It is then followed by a salt scrub, massage oil, and moisturizer. All of them are lime-based.

  • Ice Cream Pedicure

It is a new form of the pedicure that has gained popularity recently. Here, an ice-cream shaped bath ball is used. It is full of different types of vitamins, minerals, and aromatics. They will help in softening your feet. After the foot scrubbing begins. Here, you can use ice cream sandwich pumice with one side used for softening and polishing and another side for buffing. Another option is the vanilla, chocolate or strawberry scrub. Just like the icing on the ice cream whipped lotion is used for moisture treatment. For the finished look red nail polish is applied that simulates just like the cherry on the top.


  • Shanghai Pedicure

It is advisable that you do not use tools like blades that may cut the skin during callus. Shanghai pedicure is an exception as you can use it in this type of pedicure. For using such tool only skilled pedicure expert have the ability. The experts use sharp scalpels along with traditional medicines to whittle your feet. Although it is an expensive process still top fashion editors consider it one of the best pedicure in the world. It is highly beneficial for people with foot issues, ingrown toenails, and other foot issues.

  • Milk and Honey Pedicure

This type of pedicure is hard to find but is worth trying. It begins with a warm milk footbath that is extremely relaxing. It is then followed by exfoliation by using the sugar scrub. The final step involves using a honey mask. In certain salons, even paraffin wax treatment is given. For people looking for that extra moisture, this is an excellent option.

  • Fish Pedicure

It is quite similar to the classic pedicures the difference lies in the process used for removing the dead skin. You might have understood by now that the typical pedicures use the foot file or pumice stone for removing the dead skin or calluses. It is a different phenomenon in this pedicure. Here, small carp fish nibble the calluses of the feet and toes. This was originally practiced in Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Iran. It is even claimed that the fish pedicure cures psoriasis and eczema.

Types Of Pedicure Chairs

There are only 2 real choices when it comes to pedicure chairs.

  • Piped-In – For this pedicure chair, the water is “piped-in” via the plumbing system of the salon. This is an old-fashioned technology that is not recommended usually because of the difficulty in properly sanitizing all the equipment involved.
  • Pipeless – The current standard, a pipeless system relies on using new/clean water with each client. This is vastly superior for its ability to provide a pedicure with a much lower possibility of infection.

There are so many options when it comes to picking out a pedicure chair that it might seem overwhelming. If you’re opening a larger spa or salon, you will want a modern-looking pedicure chair with more than a few accessories.

These accessories can involve a magazine holder, cup holder, bluetooth speakers, Ipod ports, and proper ergonomics that allow even the tallest/largest customers a comfortable place to rest during the pedicure.

If you’re wanting a smaller pedicure chair due to space restrictions in a home or small salon, your pedicure chair doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. You also don’t have to spend a lot, either. A pedicure chair like this LCL brand here is not only easily movable because of the casters, but it’s also much smaller than the ones the professional salons use.


Pedicure Safety Measures

Pedicure service

  • When you visit a salon there are certain things you should look to ensure the place follows all the necessary guidelines
  • Is the salon clean?
  • Does the technician wash her hands before giving service to any client?
  • Are the tools lying around and not take proper care of?
  • You can even ask how often they clean the tools.
  • Is your technician skilled enough to provide the necessary service?
  • Always apply a moisturizing cream to the nails. It is necessary to apply the cream after removing nail polish as they tend to dry due to the chemicals used in the removers.
  • Do not shave your lower legs before getting a pedicure service. By before we mean to say 24 hours before the pedicure. While shaving if you cut yourself then you will be at high risk of infection.
  • For users who get frequent pedicures, it is recommended that they use their own tools even in the salons. You can ask the owner for the same.
  • You should push back your cuticles gently that too only after a shower. To prevent infection it is extremely necessary that you do not forcefully push them.
  • When you apply dark colored nail polish like bright red or orange apply an extra layer of base coat. This will prevent the discoloration of the nails. In case your nails turn yellow they will return to their normal color over time if you do not reapply the same color.
  • Make sure the footbaths are thoroughly disinfected before use. If they are not properly cleaned then it will be a breeding place of bacteria and fungus. If the salon doesn’t appear clean to you then move to another place.
  • Some people believe that immersing nails in gelatin makes them stronger there is no specific for it. Even nail polishes that contain strengthening ingredients increase their stiffness. Stiff nails break more frequently.
  • For covering up nail problems you should not use artificial nails. They will worsen the condition of your nails. It is recommended that people who are prone to infections or have brittle nails do not use artificial nails. Even people with healthy nails should not wear them continuously. Always check the products used in your artificial nails as you may be allergic to them.

Pedicure Benefits

  • Pedicures help in exfoliating your skin. Thus, removing the dead skin cells.
  • It helps in removing calluses from your feet. These are caused by the constant friction or pressure on certain areas of your feet. If you wear high heels then you might have faced this problem. Now, you even know the solution. Make sure you do not suffer from any sort of medical conditions like diabetes.
  • A pedicure helps in releasing tension on your muscles. It allows you to distress that makes you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. You will feel more energized after going through a pedicure service.
  • Your feet are exposed to a lot of dirt and pollution. If you have cracked heels then a pedicure can even solve this issue. Through gentle cleaning, it will make your skin appear silky and soft.
  • There is another health benefit involved with pedicure i.e. blood circulation. The lymph nodes help in clearing the toxins out of your body through blood flow. The foot massage will help the lymph node circulate better.
  • When you groom your toenails it automatically makes you feel aesthetically pleasing. It shows that you give more importance to personal hygiene and grooming. Ask your pedicurist to apply nail polish of pastel color that will make them look more soft and delicate.
  • If you pamper yourself then not only your physical appearance but your mental state will improve. It helps in relaxing your mind and body. It is a type of therapy that will relieve you from anxiety and stress.
  • If the cuticles are not pushed back then they make the feet look older. So make sure they are pushed before applying the nail paint.

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