Manicure Tables: Buyer’s Guide to Select the Best One

Maintenance of your hands and legs tells a lot about your personal hygiene. It also influences your overall health as you tend you use your hands for a variety of purpose. If they are not clean and well maintained then indirectly it is going to affect you. People often forget this as they are more interested in wearing good clothes and makeup. It is a myth that manicure is important for only women. Both men and women should take this service at regular intervals. You might not know but your hands can easily reveal your age. If you want your hands to look young and healthy then you must get into this routine.

Manicure Tables

We often hear people saying that for the manicure the most important thing is the tools used for providing this service. How will you use these tools effectively if you do not have the perfect manicure table? You just can’t afford to go wrong with the manicure tables. As it takes a long time for providing this service so it’s extremely important that the client is satisfied with the service and returns to the salon again and again.

Selection Criteria for Manicure Tables


Before buying the table its purpose needs to be clear in your mind. If you are not sure about it then you will be confused while choosing the table. This will help you buy the exact product of your choice. If you are going to use the table for only manicures then think of the various steps involved in the process. Similarly, if you are planning to provide nail extension service then it will take much longer time as compared to manicure so plan accordingly.


This is an important factor that needs to be taken care of while buying the manicure table. The table should have enough space for keeping all the tools and equipment required to provide the service. Not only the materials but both the manicurists and the client should get enough space. Legroom is an important factor when you think about the appropriate size of a manicure table. As the client and customer need to sit for a long time so there should be enough space below the table.

Needs of the technician

Along with the client you need to think about the requirements of the technician who works for hours for providing this service. If the manicurists don’t get the right table to work on then she may face fatigue issues. This will, in turn, affect her performance. She may even suffer from leg or back pain. This will affect your business as the clients will leave unsatisfied.

Storage space

There are different types of manicure tables with a variety of storage options. Some may offer one-sided storage while others may offer storage on both the sides. This may be in the form of drawers or open compartments. It is absolutely necessary that the table has enough space to keep all the necessary items. Otherwise, the technician or manicurists will have to keep getting up for retrieving the items.


The manicure table should be easily movable. If you have kept all the material on the table then it becomes difficult to move the table from one place to another. So for better movement, the table should have wheels at the bottom. In case of large salons where there is a specific corner specially designed for this work, the tables without wheels would also work as they prefer fixed furniture.

Best Manicure Table


Some manicure tables come with lamps mounted on them. If the lights in the salon are not bright enough then it becomes necessary to buy the table with lamp. They help the technician and client to view the true color of the nail paint applied on the nails. It even helps in reducing the strain on the eyes of the manicurists while doing the task.


Manicure involves the use of hands of both the client and the technician. If there is a handrest cushion for both of them then it becomes easy for them to sit continuously during the service. In case you do not get them along with the table then buy them separately.

Cleanable surface

If you want the table to look good all the time then it is necessary that you clean it regularly. During manicure gels, creams or any other stuff may spread on the table. With time these things get more firmly stuck on the table and it is difficult to remove them. It’s better you clean them regularly. This is even needed to maintain personal hygiene. Clients may not like it if there are stains of the last manicure on the table.


Portable manicure tables are easily foldable. They are structured in such a way that you can perform the task on them easily. You can conveniently fold them and store them when you do not need them. Just because space is not enough the salon should not stop giving the manicure service. Most of the time clients take prior appointments so the manicurist can easily set up the table in meantime.


You must know where you are planning to set up the table. This will even help you in deciding whether you want to buy a table with the lamp or not. If you plan to buy a table with lamp then if it is not battery operated then there should be the socket for its operation. Another important factor is its assembly. If the product is not fully assembled then whether you can get it assembled yourself or not.


If you already own a salon then you must check the style of the table. It should go with other salon furniture. The color of the table should match the décor and if it doesn’t then opt for universal colors like black or white. Along with providing proper functionality, its overall appearance should be good.


For the product to last long it should be constructed using high-quality materials. These materials make the product sturdier. Instead of investing in a cheap product, again and again, its better you invest once in a good quality product.

Tools and Materials Required For Manicure

There are certain tools that every manicurist must-have. We have listed them below:

  • Nail Clipper

A nail clipper is often termed as a nail cutter. It is one of the basic tools for the manicure. There are different reasons for trimming them. The first one is that they act as a breeding ground for bacteria. So for maintaining overall health, you must clean them. Another reason is that the nails of the same length give your manicure a polished finish. Regular trimming also helps in keeping them in mint condition. Make sure you clean the tool before use and it is not touching your skin otherwise it may hurt you.

  • Cuticle Pusher

A cuticle pusher serves two purposes during the manicure. The first one is for removing the dirt from underneath your nails. Another purpose is for pushing the skin from your nails. First, soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes. Now, add some moisturizer so that you can gently push the cuticles to the base of the nails. For people with hard skin, steel cuticle is for the soft ones a wooden one.

  • Cuticle Nipper

It is a tool that deals with tough cuticles, hangnails and dry skin around your nails. You can reach those tight spaces with utmost precision and get rid of those ingrown nails. A cuticle nipper needs to be used after the cuticle pusher. You must lift the dead skin upwards to remove it. You can even remove the soft tissue around your nails using this tool.

  • Nail File

The nail file is used to grind down the edges of the nails. This helps in shaping them perfectly and giving a smoother finish. There are different types of nail files available in the market. They are ceramic, crystal, glass, and emery boards. Metal files are harsh on nails so it is preferred to use emery boards. Before you use the nail file to make sure your nails are dry. You will have to hold the file at a 45-degree angle and start moving it from one corner to the center. File the nails in one direction to give them a smooth finish.

Manicure Tools

  • Nail Buffer

Due to wear and tear your nails tend to lose their natural shine. To get rid of the dullness on your nails you must follow a monthly buffing regime. Nail buffers provide your nails with the much-needed shine. It also helps in removing peeling or dry ridges on your nails. Make sure your hands are properly soaked and cleaner before buffing them. Choose one direction i.e. forward or backward and start buffing. At last, apply some cuticle on the nails to give proper finishing.

  • Nail Brush

Nail brush is used for cleaning the nails. They also help in removing stubborn dirt or stains from the nails. You can use them daily to keep your nails as clean as possible. For using the brush you will have to hold it under warm water and then add some liquid soap on the brush. After this move the brush from the side. This will create lather. After finishing wash your hands with clean water and apply moisturizer.

  • Orangewood stick

You can use this stick for several purposes. Use it to clean out dirt, push back cuticles, or even fix nail polish errors. You can keep them handy for quickly fixing any of these issues.

  • Mild scrub

Exfoliation makes the skin look more soft and smooth. For this, you just need a mild scrub. A perfect scrub is the one-minute particles that are not harsh on your skin. Scrubbing will not only make you feel relaxed but it will also help in removing the dead skin cells. Always be gentle when you scrub your hands.

  • Nail Polish

Nail Color is optional in manicure but it’s a best practice that should be followed. It gives the manicure a finished look. For salons, it is necessary to keep a good collection of nail polish. Different customers have different taste of color or keeping one for each type of customer is necessary.

  • Nail Corrector Pen

No matter how hard you try but some amount of nail polish always spread around. It is almost impossible to avoid this mistake completely. A nail corrector pen comes to rescue in such cases. You can easily remove polish without affecting the rest of your manicure.

  • Quick-Dry Solution

This is again optional. In case the client wants to leave the salon early then this could be a plus point for you. Applying the solution will dry the polish quickly. So the client can go wherever she wants to and do any sort of task. You just need to add few drops of the solution.

Final Thoughts

If you want to maintain personal hygiene then you must get the manicure done. Along with cleaning your hands they even help in relaxing your muscles. For this, you should opt for the right manicure table. There are tables with lamps, drawers, and other interesting features. Based on your requirement you should choose one. Choose manicure tools keeping in mind that they are not harsh on the client’s hands. If you are going to provide better service then the clients would love to come to your salon again and again.

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