Buyer’s Guide to Best Leg Massager

When we talk about massage the best area for it is the feet. A lot of crucial functions of the body have points associated with them at the bottom of your feet. When you get a leg massage it is one of the most wonderful experiences you can ever get. You might have even heard about the foot massagers but there reach is limited. They focus only on the foot area and you do not get that complete relaxing experience. In case of leg massagers, your lower legs will get the complete treatment. You will feel more relaxed and it will relieve the stress in the legs area.

Types of Leg Massager

  • Air Compression Leg Massager

An air compression leg massager has a sleeve that is placed over your leg. This sleeve provides a variable amount of pressure that gives the proper massage to your leg. It can rapidly change the amount of pressure that is exerted on the legs. You might have seen or used the inflatable cuffs that measure the blood pressure. The Air Compression leg massager’s design is quite similar to it. These are of different types but this one is the best leg massager.

There are some that offer the same amount of pressure throughout the leg while there are others that offer different pressure on different parts. Some are battery operated while others operate by plugging into an electrical outlet. To use the massager you must read the instruction manual. In some of them, you will have to wrap it around your legs using a zipper or Velcro while in others you need to slip your legs into the sleeves. It is advised that you start with a low compression level and gradually increase it.

Benefits of using Air Compression Massager

  1. It can improve the blood flow in your legs.
  2. Helps in reducing the severity of common circulatory problems like edema.
  3. Air compression massager can help in improving your posture. So it is useful for those who face postural problems.
  4. Improves circulation that helps in clearing lactic acid from the legs.
  5. Chronic venous insufficiency is a common issue that leads to the formation of slow-healing leg ulcers. Using the air compression massager you can prevent the formation of these types of ulcers. It can also help in healing them faster.
  6. It helps in preventing the complications that may result due to diabetes.
  7. They are more effective as compared to the compression stockings.
  8. It is often recommended to use an air compression massager instead of taking medications.
  • Shiatsu Leg Massager

A Shiatsu leg massager is designed in such a way that it works on your feet, calves, and ankles at the same time. You will feel relief in your lower leg area due to the different massage techniques used by it. There is a vibration board that is powerful and radiates soothing vibrations. This vibration helps in loosening your muscles, improves circulation, and reduces pain.

Around your legs, there will be rubber pads that will rotate and press against your calves and sides of the feet. This produces a kneading effect that relieves you from the sore muscles. To trigger the acupressure points there are rollers inside the massager. They mainly point on the calves and the centers of the foot sole.

The benefit of using Shiatsu leg massager:

  1. It warms up your leg muscles and stimulates blood circulation.
  2. Relieves from sore and tired feet effectively.
  3. Helps in toning and shaping up of the legs.
  4. Beautifies your legs
  5. Helps in easy recovery
  6. The massaging technique targets the vital reflex points on the feet.
  7. After exercise, there is a buildup of lactic acid within your muscles. It reduces the acid formation and prevents soreness in legs.
  • Handheld Leg Massager

This massager is quite similar to the air compression leg massager. The difference lies in operating it. There is a handheld controller that is attached to the massager. For switching to different modes you won’t have to bend and press the buttons. The controller is linked to the massager through a wire. You can sit and relax and change the level of pressure or turn the massager on or off with just pressing the buttons on the controller.

Features that you should keep in mind while buying a Leg Massager

  • Source of Power

Based on the source of power for operating the massager you can divide them into electrical and non-electrical massagers.  For using the electrical massager you will have to connect it to an electrical socket. For the non-electrical ones, there are batteries installed in it. You will have to replace the batteries once you have fully used them. Both of them have some benefits associated with it. In case of electrical ones, you won’t have to take the headache of battery removal. With the non-electrical ones, you can use them anywhere without looking for the socket.

  • Mode of Operation

There are two modes of operation of the leg massager. They are manual and automatic. Based on your preference you can choose any one of them. Manual leg massagers are the one that are directly controlled by the hands of the operator. You need to physically have to physically perform the circular or back and forth movements. Automatic massagers are the ones that operate on their own but you need to use the buttons to change their modes.

  • Heating Function

Some leg massagers come with an added heat function while some without. Those massagers that possess the heat function come with built heating pads. During the massage, the use of these pads is incorporated. Heat therapy is known to relieve the user with foot pain. The therapeutic benefits that you get with the leg massager also increase with the heat application. Heating function hits only specific areas of the feet.

  • Mechanism

The leg massagers provide relief to the user using a variety of mechanisms. The vibrating mechanism requires the user to place the feet on a vibrating pad or panel. It will loosen up your muscles and provide instant relief. If you choose the pressure foot massager then you will have to place your legs in an enclosed area. Your legs will feel the pressure of different level. Another mechanism is the kneading one. Here, the massager will mimic the hand movements. You will get that unrealistic presence of human hands that give massage to your foot. For providing the same rolling nodes are used. Another mechanism is the Japanese massage that is given in the Shiatsu massagers. It works by providing the palms/fingers and pressure point massage to the foot and ankle. If you want to experience the most realistic massage then opt for this one.

  • Size

If you love traveling and want to carry the leg massager along with you then you should choose a small size leg massager. Massagers that are large in size work well and are great for home use. Users should check their requirements so that you can place the order accordingly.

  • Durability

When you invest in a product like a leg massager you should always opt for durability over price. If you can invest a little more than your set budget then you should go for it. As the product would last long so you won’t have to invest again and again.

  • Warranty

If you are worried about the extra cost that you may have to pay if the product doesn’t function properly then check for its warranty. Not only warranty period you must also check the conditions associated with it. You can even check the manufacturer’s website to get complete information related to it.

  • Control Options

On different types of the massager, the control options are different. They are generally located on the device itself. Each time you want to make changes you need to bend to reach the controls. Some users find it a nuisance. If you do not like it then opt for the remote control leg massagers. Remote control massagers have a wire linked from the device to the remote. You can easily control the various options.

  • Speed

Everyone has different requirement of pressure when it comes to massage. So it is extremely important that the speed with which the pressure is applied has variations. For the injured ones a low-pressure massage can help in healing but a high-pressure massage can worsen the condition.

  • Price

Price is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the best leg massager. You can only invest a bit extra than your set budget rather than going completely overboard. Even at a reasonable price, you can buy a leg massager with multiple benefits.

Health Benefits of using a Massager

There are countless benefits to getting a massage therapy. Massage can be performed in different areas and it will have multiple benefits associated with them.

  • Better Sleep: These days a lot of people struggle to fall asleep while many even suffer from insomnia. A massage therapy can incredibly increase your ability to fall asleep easily. It reduces the stress hormones that help you in getting a good sleep. Other factors that help are lowering blood pressure and a calmer heart rate.
  • Enhanced Immunity: A stronger immune system helps you in fighting various infections. This also means that the poor immune system will make you more susceptible to illness. The massage helps in improving the level of those cells that increase the flow of lymph and other fluids that will boost your immunity.
  • Relieves Pain: The main reason behind getting a massage is to get rid of the pain. It accurately targets the source of your pain. The pressure applied triggers certain issues to relieve aches. The massage therapy depends on your level of pain tolerance and exercise routine. If you get a regular massage then it can even reduce the stiffness and muscle cramp.
  • Improved Blood Circulation: During the massage therapy your muscles go through rhythmic contractions. The size of the capillaries will increase so the process of removal of metabolic waste will improve.
  • Reduced Muscle Pain: After a tough workout you may feel inflammation in your muscles. With massage, the discomfort in your muscles will reduce. It will break adhesions between the muscles and give you a relaxing experience.
  • Helps in recovery from the injury: If you get a professional massage then it can heal the injuries in the safest way. It will stimulate your body to produce natural lubricant for the joints. Your body will be in a better working condition in terms of fluidity and flexibility.
  • Alleviates Headaches: A headache is one of the most symptoms of stress and scalp muscles tightening. With massage, the pressure in the head will reduce. It can even help in alleviating migraines.
  • Stress Reliever: Stress has become one of the most common mental issues. Every now and then we have the habit of taking stress as there is a desire of achieving everything in short period of time. It can even affect you physically. A full body massage can increase the production of stress preventing hormones like endorphins.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure: High blood pressure is a common problem for both men and women. It is a serious condition that can lead to kidney failures or strokes. The best way to get rid of this is through massage that will lower blood pressure and eventually your mind will be relaxed.

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