Buyer’s Guide to Hooded Hair Dryers

If you are a fan of movies that were released during the old era then you might have seen scenes where a lady sits under something that looks like a helmet. It was actually a hooded hair dryer. It is one of the most popular hair dryers at the salon and parlors. Due to its highly effective nature people have also started using it in their home. Hooded hair dryers are even called standing hair dryers or sit-under hair dryers. If you own a salon or you are planning to own one then this is the best tool for you.

Best Hooded Hair Dryer

A hooded or standing hair dryer is a beauty appliance or tool with an upright stand. It has a big hood attached at the top that looks like a helmet. Inside the hood, there are vented chambers. These chambers blow hot or cold air. You need to sit under it to cover the damp hair and wait for sometime so that it dries your hair. To understand the factors that will affect the choice of best hooded hair dryer you must go through the complete article.

Factors you should consider while buying Hooded Hair Dryers

  • Watt: If you want to know about the efficiency of hair dryer then you can calculate it using its power. The power of the hairdryer is specified as watt in the specification. If it has higher wattage then it means it is going to work efficiently. It may range from 800 to 2500. It is not necessary that you buy only high wattage dryer until and unless you have thick and frizzy hair. If you use high wattage dryer for thin hair then there are chances that your hair get damaged.
  • Size: For picking the right hooded hair dryer, size is an important consideration. If you are going to use it professionally then it will be used for all types of hair. So always buy the one that suits all of them.
  • Noise: Since you are going to use the dryer in the salon so noise becomes an important factor. If it is noisy then the clients will get disturbed. Clients may opt for a better place. It is even not good for the technicians as a disturbing environment will result in poor service. It is considered that premium models of hair dryer use better quality parts. This makes them quieter on the higher settings. They will be whisper quiet on the lowest setting.
  • The Frequency of Use: When you buy a product like hooded hair dryer it is not necessary that you buy a high-quality product. This is only the case when there are rare chances of its usage. In such a case a noisy dryer will even work. If you are planning to use it regularly then you must consider all the factors.
  • Ionic Technology: In this type of technology the positively charged water molecules are broken by the negatively charged ions. The dryers that use this technology are mainly meant for fine hair type. The extent of heat or hot hair that is released by the ionic hair dryer depends on the material of coil used. It is considered one of the fastest ways to dry hair.
  • Ceramic Technology: For using this technology you will find ceramic clay encrusted on the internal structure or a coating of ceramic on the heating coil. The dryer with such technology is best suitable for long hair. It even releases infrared rays that are not harmful.
  • Tourmaline Technology: The tourmaline dryers combine the benefits of both the ionic and ceramic dryers. It is present in the form of a gemstone coated element that releases negative ions like the ionic ones and emits infrared light like the ceramic ones. Due to the ultimate control offered, the hair dryer is perfectly suitable for all hair types. It even helps hair in retaining their moisture while the drying process is going on.
  • Heat Settings: In most of the dryers you will find at least two heat settings option. However, these settings may not be useful for you if you use a low-quality hair dryer. It may even mean that the settings are for “hot” and “too hot” heat. A quality hooded hair dryer will have three more than three heat settings. You must check the number of settings available.
  • Fan Settings: If the dryer already has a built-in control of heat then the fan settings can help in providing better results. Multiple fan settings can help you style your client’s hair without damaging them. The speed settings of a fan can also help in reducing the noise made by the dryer.
  • Warranty: Warranty is another important feature that plays important role in the choice of the hair dryer. You must read these details carefully. It may help in cutting the cost of repairing if it offers free repair service for a limited period.
  • Cool Shot: It is a feature that is a must-have and must be used by the technician. When you reach the end of your drying session, the hair is still wet yet hot due to the heat. It is at this point in time that you must turn down the heat by using the cool air option. This locks the moisture and gives them shine.
  • Timer: For the different type of hair the timing requirements are different. In case of thin hair, it should be around 15 minutes, while for thick or coarser hair it may range between 20 to 30 minutes. It’s always a good idea to set it for 15 minutes initially and after looking at the effect decide the next set of timing. Some hair dryers have a maximum time range after which they automatically shut off while others may offer the manual setting option.
  • Height Adjustment: As you will serve different types of the client so it is necessary that the height of the hooded dryer is adjustable. If the client is not comfortable then he or she may face sore neck issues. You will have to keep readjusting as the setting for short or tall people can’t be the same.

Types of Hooded Hair Dryers

There are three types of hooded hair dryers. We have discussed them in detail.

  • Traditional Hooded Hair Dryers: These type of dryers come with a hood and a stand. If you want to get best results then you will have to install it in a fixed corner of your salon. It’s better if you use it at home as it doesn’t require any sort of movement. Due to the inconvenience in movement, they are not considered best for salon use. However, if you have a fixed corner at your salon then you can use it.
  • Movable Hooded Hair Dryers: It is one of the finest varieties of hooded hair dryers. With salon grade styling and drying facilities, it is even convenient to move from one place to another. There are wheels attached to the dryer at the bottom. If you are always occupied with customers then if you can handle it properly you will be able to juggle between services smoothly. The attached wheels make the dryer partially portable. For the hooded hair dryer to move properly the floor should be hard. In case you are using a carpet then buying the dryer with wheels is of no use.
  • Hooded Hair Dryer with Built-In Chair: This variety of hair dryers comes with a built-in chair. It is an all in one solution. You can dry hair and style them while the client is sitting comfortably on the chair. You won’t have to do much setting as the hood is attached to the chair. This is best for the salon owners who are ready to invest a bit more. Otherwise, you can the other two varieties. However, if the client wants to take another service then it can be a bit uncomfortable. Another disadvantage is that it is not portable.

Difference between Home and Salon Use of Hair Dryer

If you are wondering that whether there is a difference between the use of dryer at home and salon, then the answer is yes. The dryers that you use at the salon are more robust. They are built for regular usage so they are sturdy and have more advanced features.

If you are planning to buy a hooded hair dryer for your salon then you must buy something that would last longer. You can buy the dryers of any of the three types mentioned above. However, if you are buying it for the first time and want to know about its working then you must opt for the hooded dryer with wheels or stand. Do not immediately invest a huge amount. For home use, you must opt for simpler versions. They work in a similar way. At home you dryer not used that often so you do not need to invest in expensive products.

Does the Choice of Hair Dryer depend on Hair Type?

If you were planning to buy a hooded hair dryer but didn’t buy it due to your hair type then you are mistaken. There is no such thing as “hair type” criteria when you buy a dryer. You must only look for the additional features that are actually required in a hairdryer. In case your hair is fine or dry then you must check the temperature settings of the hair dryer. As the setting need to be low otherwise the dryer would damage your hair.

How to use the Hooded Hair Dryer?

A dryer is not a quick solution as it takes time to work its magic on your hair. They blow hair through the chambers in the hood. You just need to plug in the wire so that the dryer operates electronically. Here, we have mentioned the steps that you must follow to dry your hair.

  • First, you need to wash your client’s hair then towel dry them.
  • Now, apply spray on hair for heat protection.
  • Divide the hair into multiple sections.
  • Roll hair depending on the type of style you wish to do in the right-size rollers.
  • Pin the rollers perfectly so that it doesn’t move.
  • Switch on the hooded hair dryer and make an adjustment in the temperature and timer.
  • Let the client sit underneath the hood until the beep sound is heard.
  • After hearing the sound check one of the rollers. If the hair is still damp then re-set the hooded hairdryer for around 10 minutes.
  • Switch off the dryer when your work is finished. Roll out all the sections carefully.

Benefits of Hooded Hair Dryer

There are multiple benefits associated with the use of hooded hair dryer. You can check them below:

  • Shorter duration of drying: Long and thick hair takes a longer time to dry but if you use this professional style dryer then the time for drying is significantly reduced.
  • Finishing: When you compare the hooded hair dryer with other types of dryers then the hooded is always a step ahead. It gives a crisp, flawless, and shiny finish to your hair. Even if you use it at home you will feel like the styling of your hair is done in a salon.
  • Deep conditioning: This is another important factor that makes the hooded hair dryer a must buy. Use of heat will condition your hair deeply. As compared to regular conditioners with this equipment your hair will be more hydrated and strong.

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