Best Bonnet Hair Dryers [Soft/Hard] For Home Or Salon

A bonnet hair dryer is just another name for a hooded hair dryer. These devices have been used for years to quickly set and dry women’s hairstyles. Nothing will dry your hair as fast as one of these devices will

What Is The Difference Between A Soft And A Hard Bonnet Dryer?

Bonnet dryers come in two varieties: hard and soft. They look as exactly like their description. Soft bonnet dryers allow for the bonnet to be held directly on top of the head and are far more portable than the hard bonnet dryers. Those are larger pieces of equipment that are fixed to either a set of rolling wheels or a small cabinet that allows for safety and security when using the device.

Advantages of A Hair Bonnet Dryer Vs A Hand-Held Hair Dryer

Hand-held dryers are fairly inexpensive and easy for any to own and operate. However, if you have your hair up in curlers or an elaborate hair style, it may be difficult for you to reach all the way around the back of your hair to get every last inch of your head to dry.

Best Soft Or Hard Hair Dryer Bonnets

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