7 Best Bonnet Hair Dryer 2018 [Soft/Hard]

Hair drying has always been a task for females. This is especially required during winters. We tend to live a very busy life. So most of us tend to sleep late at night eventually leads to waking up late in the morning. Now, after washing your hair you need to get ready quickly and leave for the office. This doesn’t leave much time with you for drying your hair. So you can opt for this amazing tool called Bonnet Hair Dryer. Not only for personal use but this tool is also amazing for salons.

This product is just not that usual hair dryer. It will give the best look to your hair with utmost shine and volume. We all like well-groomed hair. People tend to get attracted to people with great personalities. Your outer look like your hair plays a major role in influencing people. People tend to make assumptions about you by your personality. Here, we have listed some of the best bonnet hair dryers for you. There are various criteria on which these dryers have proved to be the best amongst the various hair dryers available online. After going through this list, you won’t have to waste time researching about the different bonnet hair dryers available online.

Best bonnet hair dryer brands 

unique Features

Venus Plus

Chemical resistance finishing

980 W


Portable with satisfaction guarantee

1300 W

Salon Sundry

Adjustable pedestal base

1000 W

Four styling options, tourmaline infused

1875 w


Swivel hood, excellent coverage

1300 w

D Salon

Swivel Casters

980 W


Compact storability, versatile

1875 W

Features that you should check before buying a Bonnet Hair Dryer

  • Material:This has to be the first thing that you should check before buying a product like a hairdryer. It’s always good to buy a product that is made using high-quality material. A good quality product will last you really long and you won’t have to spend much on it. These types of products usually demand less repair so you won’t even have to spend an extra amount on them.
  • Temperature Setting:  Another important feature that comes to our mind when we are planning to buy a dryer is the temperature option. Each one of our hair is different. So amount of temperature that we may need while drying is surely going to be different. There should be an option to make changes to the temperature setting.
  • Size: Although the bonnet hair dryer does not occupy much space still you should check the size. There are some dryers with the option to make adjustments in the size. So look for its details.
  • Speed: Just like the temperature, the speed also affects the whole process of hair drying. Just choose the dryer that allows you to control the speed according to your hair type.
  • Cool Shot Option: If you want your curls to stay in place then this one is the best option. It is useful when you used in the end.
  • Timer: For people who do not like looking at the watch all the time to check when should they stop the hair dryer this option is really good. All you have to do is set a specific time after which the hair would automatically stop.

1. venus plus

Bonnet Hair Dryer

Venus Plus is one of the best bonnet hair dryer in stores for you. It is built by following all the standards that are required in a perfect salon-style hair dryer. The lower portion of the dryer is highly compact so you can store it at any place. It looks more like a cabinet with the hair dryer hood at the top. The outer and inside diameter of the hood is 15 and 12 inches respectively.


  • Timer: There is a timing setting in the hair dryer. You can set the timer to up to 60-minutes. Thus, you can do your important work or listen to music while the dryer does its job.
  •  Cool Down: Once the drying finishes you can use this setting to lock your hair the way they are. After all, perfectly set hair is everyone’s requirement.
  • Quality Product: The bonnet hair dryer is built using high-quality steel. It makes the product highly durable so this product will last you really long.
  • Finishing: The finishing of this product is given utmost importance. Now, in salons, we tend to use various types of chemicals for hair coloring, keratin treatment, and all. So to avoid the impact of those chemicals on the dryer there is a chemical-resistant finish on it.



Best for Salon Professionals

It is pricey as it has multiple features

Perm processing cycles

CSA and UL approved


2.  Giantex


Giantex is a hard bonnet hair dryer. The dryer looks simple but it has multiple features that make it highly functional. This dryer has an adjustability feature that makes it usable for all types of customers. You can adjust the height and position of the lamp easily. The setting for making changes to the timer is also available. If your hair is too wet and voluminous then you can set the timer for 60 minutes so that your hair dry completely.


  • Portable: There are wheels at the bottom of the hair dryer. So you can instantly move the dryer from one place to another. This will ultimately lead to an increase in your work efficiency.
  • Multi-functional Usage: You can use this dryer at different places. If you are looking for a salon finish hair dryer option for your home then this one is best for you. With this hair dryer, you can sit and relax. You won’t have to keep changing angles.
  • Manual: With the bonnet hair dryer you will receive a manual. This manual will guide you through the whole process of using the hair dryer. You must read it thoroughly so that you do not make any sort of mistake that results in the product becoming malfunction.
  • Guarantee: The manufacturer has tried its best to provide you with a great shopping experience. Thus, there is any problem then you can get it resolved by them.



New and high-quality product

Minimum assembly required

Easy to move

Simple assembly required

Sleek design

Spot caring functions

3.  Salon Sundry

Salon Sundry

The Salon Sundry Bonnet hooded hair dryer is the perfect piece for any salon. The weight of the salon products matters a lot. In salons, there are multiple tasks going on at the same time. Every day multiple clients visit the salon with their set of requirements. During the festival season, the salons are full. So in case, you do not have space for providing service to the customers then you can move the equipment. Salon Sundry provides you with this facility. You can move this extremely lightweight from one place to another in no time. You can change the temperature up to 165-degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Heating Element: There is a dual-looped heating element in it. The power of the dryer is 1000 watt.
  • Pedestal Base: The base of the salon hard bonnet hair dryer is spring loaded. This means that you can make an adjustment in the height of the dryer as and when needed. The range of its height lies between 50 and 64 inches.
  • Professional Result: It will leave your hair silky, smooth, and soft. There won’t be any sort of frizz yet your hair will dry fast.
  • Durable Hood: Use of tinted acrylic makes this product highly durable. Since you will have to make adjustments in the hood again and again for different clients so this quality is highly needed.
  • Swivel Casters: There are 5 wheels at the base which is of 29 inches diameter. Thus, you can smoothly move the dryer.



Multi-bladed Fan

 Minor assembly required




Premium quality

4. Gold ‘N Hot Elite

Gold N Hot

The look of the Gold N Hot Elite is really good. It will give you the feel of a stand with a helmet kept on it. Along with the design, the manufacturer has given utmost importance to its functionalities too. The product uses the power of 1875 watt that makes the results even better. You can also use this bonnet hair dryer for curly hair. You can use the vanity mirror with lights to see how beautiful its result is.


  • Ionic Generators: These ionic generators help in drying your hair fast. There is an on/off switch that you can use whenever you want to use this function.
  • Styling Options: There are 4 different styling options given on the hair dryer. You can use them according to the different hair type.
  • Tourmaline Infused: This feature will make sure that your hair gets dried without any sort of damage. The moisture in your hair will be locked and you will get smooth hair.



Adjustable height

Large in size but you can remove legs on the base

Accommodates large rollers


4 styling options

Adjustable face shield



The Zeny Bonnet Hair Dryer is black in color. This professional hair dryer has an adjustable height. This single hair dryer can make your styling last long by multiple ways. There are different styling options like hair drying, hot perm, spot-caring, and hair treatment. The power used by this dryer is 1300 W. Even if you are getting blow dry done then you must know the blow drying precautions that you must follow for best results. 


  • Time Adjustable Control: There is a timing function to make the process of hair drying more smoother. You can set the time from 0 to 60 minutes so that the hair would stop automatically.
  • Easy Assembly: There are not many numbers of parts that you will have to assemble. You just have to follow the simple assembly mechanism and the dryer will be ready to use.
  • Excellent Coverage: This hair dryer is going to provide proper coverage to your hair. This means that your hair will dry evenly. We have heard people often complaining about it. Thus, this feature is highly beneficial for you.



Swivel hood

Available only in single color option

 Professional hair dryer

Convenient hood door

Manual included

6. D Salon

D Salon

D Salon is that hair dryer that comes will all professional features. If you are looking for an affordable option in the bonnet hair dryer then this one is for you. The dryer will take up less space and yet give you amazing results. You can use it with best leg massager to feel even more relaxed.


  • Wheels: There are swivel casters at the base that make this dryer easily movable.
  • Adjustable fan: You can even make an adjustment in the fan settings. Thus, you can make this dryer completely suitable for anyone.
  • Comfort: This bonnet hair dryer is going to provide you with the best comfort you can ever ask for. It is going to be a soothing experience for anyone who uses it.



Adjustable hood

Only black color option at an affordable rate

Dual-looped stainless steel

High quality heating element

Face shield

7. Conair


If you are looking for compact options for hair dryer then this one is a great option. This is best especially for home. At home, we do not have much space to store stuff like this. So this hair dryer will fulfil your demands without taking much space.


  • Color Options: There are two different color options available in this hair dryer. You can choose between white and black color.
  • Deeply conditions: If you are into using roller sets then this product will deeply condition your hair and you can comfortably use it with rollers.
  • Extra-large: The hood is of large size to accommodate even jumbo-sized rollers. This makes the bonnet hair dryer more versatile. You can serve all types of customers using it.
  • Airflow setting: Just for the customers to feel comfortable there is airflow setting available in the Conair hooded hair dryer.



Built-in carry handle

 There is a limited warranty associated with it.

Compactly storable

Extra-roomy hood


The Bonnet hair dryers mentioned in the list are chosen from multiple sets. There are different criteria that are kept in mind before adding them to the list. According to us, these are the best bonnet hair dryers available online. You can go through their complete description like features, pros, and cons to get an insight about them. We have also listed best hair straightening brush so you can also check that list for more styling tools. In case of queries you just have to add certain details and we will get back to you with the answers. You can keep visiting the site to know about the latest salon product with the best quality.

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