10 Best Salon Trolley Reviewed for Salon

The salon is one of the places where you will find customers going in and out. Every customer has its own unique requirements. Hence it is very important to keep all your accessories organized. Searching for the tools and supplies can sometimes create a big issue. To cope up with these types of issues, you must keep a well-suited trolley at your salon. Here you can check best salon trolley reviews 2018 listed according to the basis of the customer’s recommendation.

The trolley is very useful part where you can keep various equipment required for hairdressers, barbers, and beauticians. You can easily access all your beauty tools and manage easily the workstation leading to the increase in productivity. To help you make the right decision we have listed various top-recommended salon trolley carts with its complete details and features.

Best Salon Trolley Carts


Saloniture Premium Locking Rolling

4 drawers, 2 side pockets

Textured and recessed working area

Anself Salon Barber Cart

5 trays

Stainless Steel and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Giantex 40" Beauty

5 drawers


Locking Wood

2 sliding trays

Stainless steel tool holders

PIBBS 5 Tier Cart

5 extra-large drawers

Metal-framed Cart

4 trays and 4 compartments

Molded ABS

Giantex Black Beauty

4 pull-out drawers

Metal reinforced MDF wood

Claire Lockable

ABS plastic

Icarus "Taranto" Lockable Rollabout

4 removable trays

Heavy-duty molded plastic

Mefeir 3 Tiers Salon Barber Trolley Cart

3 Tiers

Iron-frame and tempered glass

How to buy best salon trolley?

  • Assembly Required: You might get pre-assembled salon trolley cart that requires assembly. So before purchasing any salon trolley, you must check whether the trolley requires assembly or not.
  • No. of Drawers: You must also check the number of drawers before purchasing the trolley cart. In the drawers, you can put all your accessories and equipment together in the free space.
  • Material Used: Before purchasing any trolley cart, you must also check the material used to build up a trolley. There are few trolleys available in the market which has plastic surface whereas there are few trolleys that comes with metallic surface.
  • Quality and Durability: Pay attention on both the quality and durability of the cart that you are purchasing. There are various trolleys available in the market which is made up of steel, aluminum, and plastic. So, before purchasing the trolley you must keep in mind the material and durability of the trolley cart.
  • Space in your salon: Before purchasing any trolley, keep in mind about the space required to keep the trolley. The main purpose behind purchasing the trolley is the free space required to place the trolley.
  • Features: Before purchasing any trolley, you need to focus on its features as the features make any product unique and ensure that the product must be a useful one. Features such as capacity, movement, stability, and other should be taken into consideration.
  • Stability: When we talk about the trolley’s stability, make sure that it should be the stable one. The trolleys are designed is such a way that you can store equipment and things in their compartment and shelves.
  • Price: The last and most important part of the product that can change your mood of purchasing is the price factor. While purchasing any trolley, you must keep in mind your budget and check whether the trolley is worthy or not.

1. Saloniture Premium Locking Rolling

Saloniture Premium Locking

The Saloniture trolley is the best option for beauty salons, pet groomers, hair stylish, tattoo shops, and others. The carts will provides you various compartments where you can store various tools and equipment. The trolley has slide out drawers that you can swapped.

If your main focus is on reliable and durable trolley cart, then go for this Premium locking cart. It comes with drawers, wide surface, and rolling casters at an affordable price. The plastic used in the trolley is made up of high quality that makes the trolley productive and durable.

A salon trolley should have ample storage for a variety of products. While you style the clients you may need any sort of equipment or material so you cannot go and pick everything from different locations. Everything should be handy so that you can finish your work on time and the customer is satisfied. The Saloniture’s trolley perfectly fits in all these requirements of the buyer. 

It has four slide-out drawers that can perfectly store the variety of items. The length, width, depth of the trolley is 2-3/4, 9-3/4, and 13-3/4 respectively. All the measurements are in inches. You can remove and transfer the drawers to any of the tracks on the trolley. There are integrated stops that prevent the drawers from sliding out while you move the trolley from one place to another.The trolley comes with instruction manual, and tools required for assembly. .

There are two side pockets that measure 13-1/2 (length), 3 (width), and 5 (depth) in inches. Just below these side pockets, there are metal-wire holders. You can store long items that require more space in these pockets. There is a metal ring at one of the ends for holding the hairdryer. You can even place stuff at the top of the trolley. For easy movement, the trolley rests on four smooth rolling casters. Thus, you won’t need much force to move it..


  • For easier mobility, it has rolling casters.
  • To store tools and accessories, it has four pull-out drawers with two side pockets.
  • To keep your accessories secure, you can pull down its lockable cover which you can use when the trolley is not in use.
  • It has wide working space that you can use for your own purpose.



Wide space

Available in Black color option

Metal wire holders to keep bottles

Lockable cover for extra security

Cover to hold blow dryer and other equipment

2.  Anself Salon Barber

Anself Salon

The trolley is one of the best option for professional hair stylist and beauty salon experts. It has 6 layers designed trolley where you can keep all your accessories and tools. Along with the 6 layer design, it has 4 omni-directional wheels that enhance the mobility issues.The Anself trolley is the perfect option for beauty salon, hairdresser, and spa owners. There are various compartments available in the trolley where you can keep your accessories.

This hairdressing tool is made up of stainless steel and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene that makes the trolley sturdy. The weight of the trolley is 6Kg and in a whole package you will get trolley frame and 5 trays.

This layered design is beneficial. You can keep different products in different trays. This will help you in easily managing and maintaining the products. You can keep the products that are not frequently used in the bottom tray while the useful ones in the top tray. If it is difficult for you to remember then label the trays according to the items kept in them. The salon trolley is black in color and has a metal frame. This frame makes it look extremely fashionable. It would look good kept in any corner of the room.

The wheels are omnidirectional. Thus, it is easy for you to move them in both the directions. They do not skid or make disturbing noise while you move them. This is an important feature as salon requires continues movement of things from one place. There are multiple services given in the salon that require the different type of tools. This type of product with easy movement option can save a lot of time. The top section has holes for holding the irons and brushes. Using this section will make it more convenient to use. When not in use you can even fold these parts.


  • You can store hairdressing tools and equipment in its 6 layer designed trolley.
  • In its first layer, you will find protuberant parts where you can keep your accessories to make it more convenient.
  • To move trolley easily, it has 4 omni-directional wheels.
  • The look of the trolley is fashionable and stylish and is made up of metallic frame.



6 layer designed structure to store hairdressing tool and equipment.

Available in black color option

Metallic body

Omni-directional wheels

Divided into various compartments

3. Giantex 40" Beauty

Giantex Beauty

The look of the trolley is quite beautiful which is quite perfect for your salon and spas. You can easily move the trolley at any place easily as it has 4 wheels. It has five removable drawers where you can store your beauty tools like hair drier, towel, and other tools.

If you are looking for an affordable trolley to keep all your accessories and has various features and compartments where you can keep your things then Giantex is the best suited for you.

The Giantex is the trolley which is easier to move as it has 4 wheels and 4 drawers where you can keep your accessories and tools. To move trolley easily, it has two handles by which you can move the trolleys easily.

The size of the Giantex salon trolley is just perfect for any type of salon. The length, width, and height of this product are 39.3, 13.7, and 15.7 inches respectively. It is black in color so you won’t have to think about the color combination with your décor. It goes with all of them. For those who are still deciding the décor of their salon and want to order the salon furniture, this has to be their first choice. The look of the product is just amazing. With tiny holes on its surface, it gives it a mesh-like appearance that looks beautiful.

Not only for the salon but you can buy this product for your home. There are a lot of makeup geeks who love to experiment with their makeup. For this, they need to buy a variety of products. Now, to place them in one corner where you can easily access and organize them is really necessary. The Giantex is suitable for commercial purpose. Do not hesitate to place an order for a product that is perfect in all aspects. There is an additional storage space on it. On the sides of the top level, there is a section with space for holding hair dryers, straighteners, and more.


  • It has 5 plastic drawers to keep your accessories and tools.
  • The surface of the trolley is smooth which doesn’t require much cleaning and make the surface free from dirt.
  • The weight of the trolley is 26.4lbs.



It has 5 drawers

Available in black color option

The trolley has smooth surface and easier to clean

Easier to move




If you are not concerned with the prices and looking for long lasting trolley then locking wood trolley cart is the best option. The holders of this trolley are made up of stainless steel that let you move the trolley easily. It has 2 sliding trays and rolling station for easier mobility.

The locking wood is the beautiful compact rolling cart that will beautify your salon. It has scratch resistant surface that will give the trolley a long lasting life. Talking about the dimensions, the width of the trolley is 15 inches, height 34 inches, and 16 inches length. The weight of the trolley is 50 pounds.

If you are planning to buy a salon trolley that looks like it is part of your furniture then this trolley is the best option. By looking at it for the first time no one can detect that it is a salon trolley. People will feel like it is a beautiful piece of furniture. Thus, the product is going to make your salon look much classier.

If you use a salon trolley with cabinet it provides you with ample space. The only issue you could face is by leaving the door of the cabinet open. It occurs when you are in a hurry and there are multiple clients to give service to. This problem has a solution that the Locking Wood salon trolley will provide. The door of this salon trolley opens flat. Now, opens flat means you can open it to such level that it touches one of the sides of the salon trolley. The tool holders will provide you with ample space to keep the tools you use frequently. Thus, you will get a trolley with great quality and features at a much affordable rate. This trolley is a complete package that would add more versatility to your salon.


  • It has open door for folds flat and flush.
  • It has stainless steel tool holders that help you moving the trolley easily.
  • This salon trolley has impeccable quality that comes at an affordable price.
  • The sturdy wheels make the movement easier and convenient.



Great quality

It is available in black color only

Strong wheels

Stainless steel holders make the movement easier

Portable rolling station

5. PIBBS 5 Tier Cart

PIBBS 5 Tier Cart

The PIBBS 5 Tier cart is one of the best suited professional cart made up of metallic frame. Now you can upgrade your styling station with Pibbs.

Looking for high quality stylish trolley cart? Go for Pibbs 5 tier cart that has metallic framed body. You can pair this trolley with any of the pedicure chair. Infact you can store various accessories and tools in its extra-large drawers.

Coming to the dimensions, the cart has 33 inches of height, 15.5 inches depth, and 13 inches wide. It has three drawers and each drawer comes with the measurement of 10.5 inches width, 15 inches of length, and 5 inches of depth.


  • It has 5 large drawers where you can keep your accessories and tools.
  • The PIBBS cart has 5 drawers that are removable.
  • The cart can be paired with any chair.
  • You can store hot tools.



Sturdy metallic frame

Only 1 year warranty

Extra-large 5 drawers

Can be paired with any pedicure chair

Metallic holders

6. N20 Classic Grooming


If you are looking for Dina Meri salon trolley then go for N20 Classic Grooming trolley option. The surface of this N20 Classic grooming trolley is made up of ABS thermoplastic polymer which is very easy to clean and require simple assembly. The trolley comes with full-size assorted trays where you can put all your accessories.

This is one of the professional trolleys which are well-suited for beauty salons, grooming spa, and tattoo shops. The trolley requires simple assembly and comes at an affordable price.

It has 4 exterior compartments where you can store things as well as a roomy open storage area at the bottom side of the cart. Casters placed at the bottom side makes the movement easier. The stylish black color crystal finishing will give the cart an elegant look.


  • The ABS Thermoplastic polymer construction will give the trolley cart an elegant look.
  • This trolley cart is perfect for grooming
  • It has 4 trays and 4 exterior compartments where you can store accessories and tools.
  • At the bottom of this trolley, you will find roomy area storage where you can put your equipment.
  • Casters placed at the bottom side will help in easy rolling.



Italian designed space saving

Available in Black color only

Ample storage space

Easy to clean

Affordable price

7. Giantex Black Rolling

Giantex Black Beauty

The Giantex rolling trolley is made up of metallic reinforced MDF Wood that makes the Giantex strong. The surface of the station has black matte formica finishing that makes the trolley look elegant and stylish. The work surface of the trolley is easy to clean.

If price is not an issue then Giantex trolley is the best option for you as it has an amazing look and is made up of metallic reinforced MDF wood. It has all the features that the best trolley has.

The front part of the trolley gets rolls up and you can easily access its four removable plastic drawers outside. At the last moment you can simply close the panel and open whenever you desire.


  • Giantex Black is made up of high quality material.
  • It has locking pull-down cover to store products and tools safely.
  • Plastic drawers to access tools easily.
  • Metal rimmed insertion.



High Quality

Available only in black color

Locking pull down cover

4 pull-out plastic drawers

Metallic rimmed inserts for Jumbo and regular curling iron

8. Claire Lockable Salon

Claire Lockable Salon

In Claire lockable salon trolley, you can keep tools and accessories safely and in an organized way. The trolley comes with ample storage space and has top mounted appliance ring where you can put your accessories.

If you buy Claire trolley for your salon, then you will get everything at your fingertips. It has in-built locking system that provides both the security and is convenient.

The trolley comes with rolling wheels for easier movement. The surface of this trolley is made up of plastic that makes the trolley durable and gives a stylish look.


  • It has an In-Built locking option.
  • You will find top mounted ring to put appliances.
  • ABS plastic gives an elegant look.
  • You will get an additional storage on the other sides of the trolleys.



Locking system

ABS plastic is used that gives stylish look

Ample storage space

Top mounted ring for holding appliances

9. ICARUS "Taranto" Lockable Rollabout

Icarus Taranto Lockable Rollabout

Icarus Taranto trolley is the best option for dying, styling, and cutting. You can access the things easily and quickly from the trolley. On the top side, you will find compartments to store thinners and combs and helps in keeping things organized.

If you are looking for strong and functional unit then the Icarus Taranto is the best option for you. The trolley is made up of high quality and durable material that makes the trolley quite strong.

Talking about the specification, it has 34” inches of height, 17” inches of width, and 14.5” inches of depth. In this trolley, you will get lots of space to keep appliances. The trolley has three holders on the side of the trolley where you can put irons and a metallic one on the top side to place hair dryer.


  • In-built locking system to keep accessories private and secured.
  • It has strong and durable body that can withstand on wheels.
  • Metallic appliance holders at the top and on side.
  • Compartments that are easily removable and where you can store things.



Premium locking system

Black color only


High Capacity drawers

Foil roll storage

10. Mefeir 3 Tiers Salon Barber Trolley Cart

Mefeir 3 Tiers Salon Barber Trolley Cart

The 3 three tier hairdresser trolley that comes at an affordable price is the best for you if you are engaged in the salon and beauty industry. It has iron framed and glass plate that can hold loaded items. You can store various tools in its three tiers trolley.

If price matters you and you want everything in lower price than this is the best product for you. At such lower price, you will get iron framed and glass plate and 3 tiers where you can put accessories.

It has flexible rollers by which you can move your trolley easily. You can easily install the trolley as not much of assembly is required.


  • You will find handles on both the sides to move the cart easily.
  • It is made up of iron frame and tempered glass that makes the trolley quite sturdy.
  • To move trolley easily, it has omni-directional wheels.
  • You can put hairdressing and hairstylist tools in its 3 layer design trolley.
  • The trolley has lightweight body and has sturdy body that will last longer.



High Quality iron frame makes the trolley quite sturdy

Available in White color only



Easy installation

Final Verdict

The best salon trolley will not enhance the interior of your salon but it also increases the overall productivity of your salon. If you have trolley then you can easily put and store all tools and accessories inside it.

Now you do not have to worry about the cupboards and drawers to store all the stuff. Apart from the above features that you must keep in mind, you must also take user reviews, ratings, features, and assembly requirement into consideration.

If you have a trolley, then you can work easily with lots of customers at the same point in time. Here we have commuted lockable, roll-about, 4-drawer, and 5-drawer trolleys. You can put conditioners, shampoos, combs, and dyes in trolleys.

If you have any suggestions and queries related to salon trolleys then you can clear your doubts by mentioning it in the comment box placed below. We will get back to the reply soon.

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