9 Best Spa Pedicure Chairs for Salon Reviews

You are the owner of salon and searching for various ways to double the profits earned by providing various salon services. Then providing manicure and pedicure services are equally important as providing facial, hair cutting, and other such salon services. The comfort of your client is the main aspect that you need to keep in mind before purchasing the best pedicure chairs 2018.

For females, the total beauty course is incomplete if pedicure is not done. All the top class salon provides manicure and pedicure services. If you also thinking of providing the pedicure service then you need to purchase Spa Pedicure chairs, equipment’s for pedicure, and many such tools.

But before purchasing the best pedicure chair brands, you need to check pedicure chairs reviews. With these reviews, you will get to know the features, comfort, and various functions that the chair provides.

You can also check the factors that you need to keep in mind before purchasing the best chair.

Best Pedicure Chairs 2018

Extra Features

Pibbs PS93 Pedicure Spa

Footbath attached with massage ball, reclining seat with headrest, 6-function massage balls

33” W, 16”H, 57”L

Icarus Crest Black Pedicure Spa Chair

Pull-out leg rest, reclining backrest PVC Vinyl material, foot table

43”L, 27”W, 26”H

Belleza Collection (Tan & Gold) Pedicure Spa Chair

Tapping, Kneading, Rolling cushion to adjust speed and strength, Flashing lights, Wooden trays, Pipe less Jet Technology massager

43”L, 27”W, 26”H

EastMagic Pedicure Station

Massager can be used with or without water, Hydraulic pedicure unit, Leg rest, Hydraulic Pump

18”W, 32”L, 16”H

Dina Meri Pedicure Station

Back Support, Cabinet, Trays, Storage Compartment, Laminated board, Footrest

Blac16”W, 32”L, 18”Hk

Sakura (CPO) Pedicure Spa Chair

Shiastu Massager, Lifting armrest, Pull-out sprayer faucet, Premium quality tub

53”L, 34”W, 40”H

Pibbs DG 103 Footsie Pedicure Spa Chair

Disposable liners, EZ basket, Rolling base footbath

Footbath: 16”W, 21”L, 12”H

Icarus Zenith Pedicure Spa Chair

Manicure bowls on each arm, legrest, footbath

46”H, 18.5”W, 52”L

Pibbs Amalfi PS89 Pedicure Chair

6-function vibration massage system, Easy installation

33”H, 16”W, 57”L

Things to keep in mind before purchasing best pedicure chair

  • Massage Function: If you search pedicure chair online then you must check whether the chair has massage function or not. The advanced and high-quality chair has the massager function that provides your client an excellent relaxation.
  • Warranty: You must check the warranty of the chair along with return policy. So that you can repair any fault that you have in your pedicure chair.
  • Comfort: Comfort is the main factor that you keep in mind before purchasing the pedicure chair. For comfortability, you need to keep in mind the comfortability of the chair including padded and reclining seat, head cushion, backrest, headrest, and spacious factor that enhances your comfort level.
  • Price: The price of the chair is very important factor that can change your mind while purchasing the pedicure chair. Along with the price, you must also check the features and technology present in the chair. There are various chairs that has top-notch features and technology but the price of that chair is very high.
  • Size: The size of the chair is another factor that you need to keep in mind before purchasing the one. If you have small space salon then you must go for portable pedicure chair.
  • Style: The last factor that you need to keep in mind before purchasing the chair is the style of the chair. Apart from the function and feature, the style and look of the chair is equally important. As the style and elegance of the chair attract your clients towards themselves.

Apart from this, there are various features and factors that you need to keep in mind before purchasing the best one like portability and technology.

1. Pibbs PS93 Pedicure Spa

footsie pedicure spa chair review

The Pibbs PS93 pedicure chair is one of the best options for those who are looking for high-end pedicure chair that will offer you different functionality, amazing comfort, and has powerful aesthetics. The chair is made up of soft materials and it can be reclined to provide customer an amazing relaxation. You will also find cushioned headrest on the top.

The best thing in Pibbs PS93 pedicure chair is that it offers you massage ball with footbath. You can enjoy massaging of your foot as the massage ball provides you 6-function vibrating massage technique.

Talking about the design, the chair is beautiful. It has retractable base attached with footbath and massage ball. If you are not using footbath then you can concealed the footbath completely. The chair looks very beautiful as it has an elegant design. The massage ball has 6-function for vibrating massage that will give your client an amazing massaging and makes your body feel relaxed.

For the pedicure, the most important thing is that your legs should be properly immersed in water. If the bath foot is not deep enough then the customer is not satisfied. There are chances that the customer won’t return to take the service again. So keeping in mind the customer’s requirement the pedicure chair is designed perfectly. It is deep enough so that the user feels completely relaxed while taking the service.

Talking about the Pibbs chair’s dimensions, its length is 57 inches when open while it is 35 inches when closed. The width and height of the base are 33 and 16 inches respectively. Coming to the overall dimensions of Footsie bath, it is 9 W x 15 H x 13.5 D in inches. We often find that people hesitate in getting a pedicure done due to hygiene issues. Since a lot of people use the same foot bath so their concern is valid. But this pedicure chair has ultra-hygienic liners. These liners do not require any sort of cleaning or chemicals. You can even adjust the footrest so that it’s easy for both the client and technician to use the pedicure chair.


  • The chair will offer you the best comfort. The chair is completely attached with portable footbath and massage balls that provide 6-function vibration massage system.
  • The user can completely conceal the footbath if the footbath is not in use.
  • The chair does not require any installation and plumbing. You will get 1-year warranty.
  • The footbath is featured with dual heating elements that have superior vibration and disposable.



Installation is very easy

High Price because of upgraded features

You can recline seat easily

Base is retractable

6-function vibration massage system

2.  Icarus Crest Black Pedicure Spa Chair

If your main preference is elegance and comfort, then Icarus Crest Pedicure Chair is the best option for you. The chair is made up of soft and relaxing materials that enhance the comfort level. The chair is made up of PVC Vinyl long-lasting material that does not require much maintenance. The cleaning of the chair does not require much effort as well as its maintenance is very easy.

For small-size salon, the Icarus Crest Pedicure Chair is the best option for you as it has compact size and pull-out leg rest that you can merge if it is not in use. Also the material used to make the chair is PVC Vinyl that doesn’t require much maintenance and cleanliness.

Coming to the design of the chair, the chair has compact size which makes the chair best for small-scale salon owners. If you buy the Icarus Crest Pedicure Chair then along with the elegance you will get amazing comfort as it has backrest, leg rest. In fact, if the leg rest is not in use then you can insert it inside the chair. If you use the leg rest then you can pull out the leg rest and use it the way you like.

The Icarus Pedicure chair’s length, width, and height are 26, 27, and 43 respectively. If the leg rest is out then its length would be 39 inches. Due to less space usage you can add more units to the salon. This will ensure that you have enough work space. Salons with more units are able to serve more number of customers. Ultimately this leads to more profits. So you should definitely go for this pedicure chair. The arm to arm distance is 20 inches that makes it comfortable to sit.

For construction of this complete unit metal frame, wood boards, and dense foam are used. The use of dense foam actually plays an important role. During the pedicure service clients need to sit for a long time. Thus, foaming provides them with the necessary comfort. For placing the foot bath there is black stone platform. Thus, the footbath gets a stable and strong base. It even save your money as you won’t have to buy it on your own as buying matching stuff is time consuming. It is one of that salon furniture that with one-time investment will solve your multiple issues. You must buy this product if you want something that lasts longer.


  • You will get footbath table along with Pull out leg rest.
  • The backrest of this chair is reclining that enhances the comfort level of the chair.
  • PVC Vinyl material makes the maintenance and cleanliness of the chair.



Pull-out Leg rest with footbath table

Look professional not stylish

Elegant and comfort Pedicure table

Durable because of PVC Vinyl

Backrest is reclining

3. Belleza Collection (Tan & Gold) Pedicure Spa Chair

If you are looking for Pedicure Salon Chair that looks elegant and has top-notch quality then Tan and Gold Pedicure is the best option for you. The quality of the product makes the chair quite expensive. The seat of this beautiful Tan and Gold collection pedicure chair is made up of leather. You will find two wooden trays on both the sides of the chair.

Looking for Best Pipeless Pedicure Chairs? The Belleza Collection Tan and Gold Pedicure chair is the best option for you. The seat of this pedicure chair is of leather that has top-notch quality and features. The chair is very elegant and is powered by Pipeless Jet technology.

Another unique things and feature of this Pedicure Chair is side trays and has flashing lights. The chair has massage cushion that you can use for Kneading, Tapping, and rolling. You can adjust the speed and strength of the massage cushion. You will find different 7 color lightings whenever the flash light is ON. Along with this, you will find pipeless jet technology based water massager that will give your client a soothing relaxation.

This Gold and Tan pedicure chair is formed from the combination of Gold and Tan color. The choice of pedicure chair greatly affects the efficiency of your staff. If you are going to provide them with a good product to work with they will be able to work more comfortably. Now, to choose the best one for your salon you must not compromise in terms of the material, design, and functionality. Here, the pedicure chair is going to perfectly fulfill all these requirements of you. The design of the pedicure chair is such that it looks like a marble piece. Thus, once you add this product to your salon it will look much more elegant.

If you are facing any sort of problem that has a relation with feet then this pedicure chair could be your solution. Due to the use of pipeless technology, it is going to have a therapeutic effect on your body. The jet is going to help you solve multiple issues. In fact, the chair is even easy to clean. This has to be one of the biggest advantages. Multiple clients visit the salon and hygiene has to be their top priority. So if it is quick to clean then the results will be much better.


  • The chair has footrest that you can adjust accordingly.
  • Adjustable Massage Cushion for tapping, kneading, and rolling.
  • Flashing lights that show you 7 different colors.
  • The chair has two side trays made up of wooden board.
  • Water Massager is powered by pipeless jet technology.



Stylish and modish look

High Price as it has upgraded features


Leather material is used

Pipeless Jet Technology

4. EastMagic Pedicure Station

eastmagic pedicure chairs for salon

If you are looking for low price pedicure station then East Magic is the best option for you. Infact, the quality of the chair is also very good. At an affordable price, you will get wonderful chair with good quality. The hydraulic lift is located at the bottom by which you can adjust the height of the chair as per your preference.

The EastMagic Pedicure station is built up with sturdy body that is available at low price. At this low price, you will get a quality chair with massager and sturdy body.

The base of the chair is quite sturdy that will last for longer time. The chair is quite spacious and the client can put his or her legs in between comfortably. At the bottom side, you will find a massage function that works with or without water.

Eastmagic pedicure chair is one of the best pedicure chairs in the market. It has some form of mobility and provides the user with maximized comfort. The look of the pedicure chair is simple that makes it look even more elegant. It is not one of those heavy looking chairs that are extremely difficult to move. It is lightweight so you can easily move it to whichever place you want. The stainless steel leg rest is adjustable. It is a really important part of the chair. There are various customers who visit the salons with their requirements. So it is your responsibility to provide the customers the comfort they need. The adjustable leg rest is going to help you in providing that.

The massage function is really good as you can use it with or without water. There is no compulsion of using water that makes it the best choice for the salon use. You will be able to give both types of services, so the customer will have the options to choose from. The product also has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, you won’t have to spend money on it for a long time.


  • To adjust the height of the chair it has hydraulic pump.
  • The chair also has leg rest made up of stainless steel base.
  • The massager of this chair can work with or without water.
  • The Hydraulic pedicure unit is made up of strong steel.
  • Along with the chair, you will get 1-year warranty.



Sturdy Body

Assembly Required

Affordable price


Durable Base

5. Dina Meri Pedicure Station

deni meri pedicure station review

The Dina Meri Pedicure Station is another affordable chair that comes in low price and has better quality. The chair is made up of ABS plastic and has padded back that you cannot recline. Apart from this, the pedicure station has compartments where you can put all your accessories required at the time of the pedicure sessions.

If you are looking for salon pedicure chair that comes with storage option then Dina Meri Pedicure station is the best choice for you. The chair comes with compartments where you can put all your accessories and equipment’s required at the time of pedicure.

You will also find two trays and pockets where you can put all your accessories and tools. The chair is available in Black color option only. The weight of the chair is 39 pounds and has wonderful dimensions. The pedicure can hold more than 220lbs of weight.


  • The chair has 2 trays and compartment where you can store your pedicure equipment’s.
  • ABS Plastic cabinet that is highly modified.
  • The chair has laminated board that makes the chair easy to clean.
  • Along with the chair, you will get adjustable footrest and back support.



Low Price

Available only in black color option

Comfortable padded vinyl seat

Compartments for storage

Footrest and back support

6. Sakura (CPO) Pedicure Spa Chair

shiatsu massage pedicure chair 2018

The Sakura Pedicure Chair is another pipeless chair that has tub made up of premium quality stainless gelcoat. The chair will give you amazing shiatsu massage and pedicure service. You can use its lifting armrest for easier accessibility. Apart from this function, you will find pull-out sprayer faucet that makes the chair easy to clean.

Looking for shiatsu massage along with pedicure service? Then Sakura Pedicure chair is the best option for you. The chair has lifting armrest that you can access anytime.

Coming to the design of the chair, you will find contemporary designed body that has sleek lines and strong steel frame body. You can also replace or remove the cushion of this chair whenever you do not require it anymore. The shiatsu massage will provide you complete rolling, kneading, and tapping.


  • The chair has fiberglass footrest that you can adjust as per your convenience.
  • Pull out sprayer faucet
  • Pipe less Jet technology is used
  • Removable cushion and trays
  • Lifting armrest
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Sleek Lines steel frame



Shiatsu Massage

High Price because of its powerful feature and technology

Lifting armrest

Sprayer Faucet (Pull Out)

Removable and replaceable cushion

7. Pibbs DG 103 Footsie Pedicure Spa Chair

portable pedicure chair reviews

The Pibbs DG 103 is a portable pedicure chair that you can buy at an affordable rate. Now you can save space as it has portable footsie bath pedicure chair along with portable rolling base. The spa chair offers double heating element and vibration control to work smoothly.

If you are looking for portable pedicure spa chair at an affordable price then Pibbs DG 103 Footsie is the best Pedicure chair that comes with 1-year warranty. EZ basket makes the filling and removal of disposable liners easy.

The Pibbs is one of the best salon chairs for providing pedicure service. The chair doesn’t require plumbing and allows the EZ basket to fill, place, and escape all the disposable liners present in the footbath without any footbath movement.


  • The product offers you double heating element along with amazing vibration control for easy operation.
  • You can fill, place, and remove the disposable liners as it has EZ basket.
  • You can easily sanitize the chair easily using disposable liners as it doesn’t require cleaning and chemicals.
  • 1-year warranty.



EZ basket makes disposable liners easier

Available only in black color

It has double heating element with vibration control

Portable chair

Ample storage space

8. Icarus Zenith Pedicure Spa Chair

top rated pedicure spa chair 2018

The padding on the seat, back side, armrest is wrapped using PVC Vinyl upholstery. At each arm, you will find manicure bowls attached to the chair. Along with this, you will get footbath table and leg rest. The chair has hydraulic base that you can raise as well as lower down of 5 inches.

The Zenith pedicure chair is little different than other Pedicure Spa chair as it has manicure bowls on each of the arm that provides easier manicure service. The chair has hydraulic base that let you adjust the height of the chair.

If you are looking for the legrest, headrest and support of PVC Vinyl makes the chair look outstanding. You will find manicure bowls placed on each arm of the chair. With Spa Chair, you will get footbath table also that you can use anytime.


  • Along with chair, you will get footbath table.
  • Legrest that you can adjust according to your preference.
  • Each arm has its own manicure bowls.
  • For sturPVC Vinyl material used.dy support, the table has a black steel frame.



Separate manicure bowl placed on each arm

Separate table for footbath

Leg rest adjustable

Padding on arms, back, head

9. Pibbs Amalfi PS89 Pedicure Chair

best pedicure chairs 2018

The Pibbs Amalfi Pedicure chair looks very stylish. So if you are planning to give a new touch interior for your salon then buy this chair to provide pedicure service. Now you can make your client sit comfortably on Amalfi Pedicure chair.

The Pibbs Amalfi Pedicure Chair gives you more relaxation as it has reclining and relaxation technique. You will also find vibration massager system that has 6-functionality massaging system and provides you 6-function massager.

Talking about its functionality and features, the chair is powered with 6-function vibration massager that has remote control and footbath. To give relaxation to your client you can recline the chair. The installation of the Pibbs Amalfi is very easy and it does not require any additional plumbing. The chair has 1 year warranty.



6 function vibration massager system

Black color only

Portable footbath

Reclining and relaxation

Easy to install

Final Verdict

Here we have provided 9 pedicure chairs review that makes your analysis of purchasing the best pedicure chair is very easy. While purchasing any pedicure chair, there are various characteristics and features that you need to keep in mind while purchasing.

  • Looking for 6-function vibration massager than Pibbs PS93 and Pibbs Amalfi Pedicure chair are best for you.
  • If your main focus is on design and Pipeless Jet Technology, then go for Belleza Collection that comes in Tan and Gold color pedicure chair. Not only this, the chair also has top-notch features and technology that makes the chair incredible.
  • Looking for all the features in lesser and affordable price, then East Magic Pedicure chair is the best option for you.
  • If you enjoy Shiatsu Massage and looking for pedicure chair as well as shiatsu massager than Sakura Pedicure Chair is the best option for you.
  • Want a pedicure chair with storage? The Dina Meri Pedicure station is the chair that comes with compartments where you can store various equipment’s and tools.

You can also check best manicure tables on our website. If you have any confusion related to any of the pedicure chair, than feel free to ask us and mention your query in the comment box. Our team member will get back with the answer.

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