7 Best Manicure Tables – Reviews And Guide

A manicure table may be one of the most cost-effective pieces of salon or spa furniture that you can buy for your store. With a wide variety of styles and looks, a quality manicure table could pay for itself very quickly.

A manicure table is where a nail technician (or nail professional) works on a client’s hands and nails. It should look inviting and professional. It needs to be easy to clean but also durable enough to hold up to heavy usage.

Moreover, a good manicure table needs to provide ample room for the nail technician to do good work. This list will focus on tables that feature a single working area.

Manicure Table Accessories

When you are looking to outfit your salon business with a manicure table, there are many more other items that you need to consider as well. What kind of a chair will your client sit in? How about your nail technician? Do you need additional lighting? How are you going to display your various polishes?

It may seem overwhelming at first but I’ve composed a list of the necessary items.

  • Client Chair – Needs to be comfortable but also easy to clean
  • Technician Chair – Comfort is key here
  • Lighting – If your table does not come with its own light, then you should get a bright LED adjustable one that can be moved as needed. One that can be clamped on the table is best as a tabletop light will reduce the working space.
  • Venting System – some states actually require a separate venting system that removes any fumes from the manicure process to the outside. Know your state’s requirements.
  • Polish Racks – Are you going to use a rack that comes with your table, or will you place a separate rack on top of the table or nearby? Polish racks can be standalone or even mounted on a wall. Consider a smaller rack if you are first starting out in your business to minimize inventory.

Cleaning A Manicure Table

Any manicure table should be resistant to acetone. Moreover, the quality of the tabletop should be such that repetitive cleaning won’t result in bubbling or chipping of the material that comprises the tabletop.

Be sure to disinfect the entire table every night to keep the area as clean and sanitary as possible. Keep the casters at the base of the table free of hair and other debris that may result in damage or deterioration. Drawers may need to be lubricated periodically to ensure quiet movement.


Manicure tables are an excellent addition to any salon, but they don’t have to drain your budget in the beginning. There are many stylish products on the market today that are excellent choices for the salon owner.

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