Choosing the Best Leg Massager in 2018- Buyer’s Guide

After the age of 50, you or your family member face problem of aching, pain, and stiffness in your leg and foot.

At that time you think to hire a professional yoga instructor or massage expert. Hiring an experienced therapist or visiting the spa and salon regularly will cost you high.

So to overcome this problem we have listed here top rated best leg massager 2018.

If you search online then you will find various types of foot massager and calf massager available. Here we have listed best air compression leg massager as well as other types of massager that will give you an amazing relaxation feel. To make your life easier and comfortable, check the top-recommended leg massager reviews which help you make the right selection.

Top rated Leg Massager Brands

Product NameKey FeaturesWarranty  
Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager
Lymphatic System function, 15 minute auto shut off
Powerpress Air Compression Leg MassagerCompression pump, connector and lock system
Doctor Life Anycare Air Compression Leg MassagerDifferent options on sleeves, lymphatic system
1-yearCheck Price
Nitring Leg Wrap
Adjustable, helps in swelling reduction
1-yearCheck Price
Amzdeal Leg Wrap3 level of pressure and 2 mode of massager18-monthsCheck Price
Kapas Shiatsu Leg MassagerDeep penetrating massage, multi-functional
CloudMassage Shiatsu Leg MassagerMulti-functional, dual massage, adjustable
Check PriceSHIATSU LEG MASSAGER under $300
Fit King Handheld Leg MassagerAuto shut off, 2 modes 3 intensity, wide wrap size
2-yearCheck Price
Nursal handheld leg air massagerMulti-functional and automatic shut off
Naipo Handheld Leg Massager Dirt-proof, Auto shut off
2-yearCheck Price

***Best Air Compression Leg Massager***

1. Sequential Air Compression Leg Massager


Now you can live a pain-free and comfortable life with this sequential air compression leg massager. The Leg massager is powered by four advanced modes that accelerate your blood circulation and all your system function.

According to the physician, chiropractors, and therapists, this is one of the best Air relaxing systems. Over many years, this Air Compression Leg massager has shown incredible result and improvements. The product has proved its credibility.

The sequential air compression leg massager uses 30W power. The dimension of the device is 10.2 inches width, 7 inches height, and 5.1 inches depth. Air Relax is a foot and leg massager that is cleared by the medical grade. It is recommended by even professionals so you can highly trust its effects. Due to its operation in four different modes, you get multiple benefits from the same massager. They modes are Peristaltic, Sequential, Massage, and Peristaltic + Sequential. The manufacturer believes in delivering an affordable and quality product. You should definitely invest in a good health care product without worrying about its price as the benefits from them are countless.

We can cure multiple health issues by just improving blood circulation. This massager perfectly does that. Other health benefits associated with the Air Relax leg massager include improvement in primary lymphedema, lymphatic system function, sports recovery, post-immobilization edema and more. If you are looking for a massager that can be carried anywhere especially while traveling then you must opt for this one. It is portable enough to be carried with you. If you are concerned that you will have to take a lot of care of the massager then you don’t have to. It is a low maintenance massager that is easy to use. For safety, there is an auto shut off features that will shut the massager if it is not in use for 15 minutes.


  • Different Modes: The product has different upgraded modes including A mode: Peristalic, B Mode: Sequential, C Mode: Massage, Auto Mode: peristaltic and sequential.
  • Portability: The device has light-weight and you can easily use the device. The device requires less maintenance and is durable.
  • Warranty: The Air relax offers the 1-year warranty on air relax device/ pump and 1-year warranty on boots, arm, and waist sleeves.
  • Lymphatic System function: The function helps you in primary lymphedema, sports recovery, sports injuries, venous insufficiencies, lymphedema, and post-immobilization.
  • Other features: Apart from these above features, it has 4 level of adjustable pressure along with 15 minutes automatic shut off.



Four modes

Available in single color options

Portable, light-weight & easy to maintain

Lymphatic system function

1 warranty

2. Powerpress Air Compression Leg Massager


If you are looking for instant relief and relaxation in thighs, legs, feet, and arms then this massager is the best choice for you. It has a connector, safety, and lock system that let you easy to use without spending much time.

The best thing about this leg massager is that it gives you an instant relieve in cold, stiffness, and tension legs and arms. The Powerpress massager is approved by FDA 510K medical grade device. The dimensions of Powerpress are 12 x 8 x 5 inches. The weight of the body is 10.01 pounds and is simple as well as easy to operate. It is approved by FDA 510K medical grade.

The Powerpress leg massager has settings for adjusting the pressure. This is a highly beneficial feature. When you invest in a product like a leg massager you expect using it for a long time and with multiple users. Different people have different pressure requirements so this adjustability is something every user longs for. The gradient squeezing compression mode is highly recommended for the users to improve blood and lymph circulation. The pressure range of the massager varies from 20 to 100 mmHg. Thus, there is a range of options you can select from.

The compression is firm around the foot area. It gradually reduces while reaching the top of the garment. It is flexible so you can make adjustment according to the person who is going to use it. To prevent the wear out of the massager it has zipper lock. Massage is a relaxing experience so if you are worried then the result won’t be that good. Here, the massager has a 60-minute timer that ensures you relax for that period of time. The user won’t have to time again and again. This massager will help you with problems like Edema, Lymphedema, Aching feet, Swollen legs, and Varicose vein.


  • Compression Pump: The device has 4 chamber compression pumps that come with Half Leg sleeves chamber and tubing connector
  • Connector: It has connector, safety and lock system that let you use the device quickly and easily.
  • Pressure: It offers 20 to 100 mm Hg pressure along with 60 min timer/ garment.
  • Relaxation technique: The powerpress will give you an instant relief in pain, swollen thighs, legs, feet, and arms as well as it warm up muscles also.



Instant relieve

Little high price as it is air compression leg massager

Easy to use connector and safety system

Tubing connector

Four chamber compression pump

3. Doctor Life Anycare Air Compression Leg Massager

If you are suffering from the knee problem, arthritis, leg swelling, cramps, and other such leg problems then use this Doctor life anycare leg massager that gives an instant relaxation to your knee and protect you from cramps.

If you are looking for full leg massager machine then the doctor life anycare massager is the best one. The doctor life massager is powered by lymphatic system and offers you the 1-year warranty on the machine and 6 month warranty on sleeves.

The doctor life massager is the best when you use after workout, training, cycling, marathon, climbing, and other sports events. In a whole package, you will get 2 leg sleeves, 2-foot pads, single and double hose, power cable, doctor life device along with instruction manual.


  • Sleeve: The doctor life’s leg sleeves are available in different sizes including medium, large, extra-large, and XXL. Before purchasing sleeves, you need to decide which one is the best suitable for you.
  • Incredible relaxation: It provides you wonderful relaxation and supports yours completely in enhancing the blood circulation.
  • Lymphatic System: The massager is powered by the lymphatic system that enhances the blood circulation. It also helps in relieving various knee problems and saves you against swelling, cramps, reduction in pain and soreness.
  • Warranty: The 1-year warranty on device and 6 months on sleeves.



Provide instant relief in knee problems, swelling, cramps, and soreness

The vibration intensity might be little stronger for few people

Reduce the number of endorphins and amino acids

The lymphatic system helps in increasing blood circulation

No side effects

***Best Wrap Around Leg Massager***

4. Nitring Leg Wrap

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Inflation and deflation of this leg wrap will accelerate the blood circulation and soothe sore muscles. It also helps you in reducing swelling prevailing in your lower part. The product is designed in such a way that anyone can sit and use the product.

The best and unique thing about this product is that the compression feature of this wrap accelerates the blood circulation in your thighs, calves, hamstrings and helps in facilitating the blood flow going back to the heart. You can select the intensity also as the corded remote let you choose the level of intensity whereas it has seven programs that you can use for different areas.

The dimensions of this nitring leg wrap are 10 x 30.2 x 33.5 inches and weight is 4 pounds. It helps in improving the blood circulation and soothing the sore muscles.


  • Adjustable: The massager can be used by anyone. You can sit and use the massager for the longer period of time.
  • Regulate blood vessel: It helps in blood circulation.
  • Swelling reduction: The massager will help in reducing the swelling present on legs.
  • Soothe your muscles: It can soothe your sore muscles.



Corded remote control

Expensive as it has corded remote control

Adjustable Velcro fit

Six airbags


5. Amzdeal Leg Wrap

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The product will offer incredible 2-hour massage when it is fully charged by its inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion battery. This is one of the best products for drivers, office workers, and any other employer who has the requirement for blood circulation device.

The Amzdeal is one of the top recommended leg wraps that deliver amazing relaxing massage to your legs and arms. The inflation and deflation process improves the blood circulation, and relieve you from swelling and cramps. It has in-built 3.7V and 1800mAh lithium battery that takes 3 to 4 hours of time to charge the product completely. After full charge, you can use the product for 2 hours.

Amzdeal leg massager helps in relieving numbness and pain by performing the squeeze and release action on your legs. It is highly suitable for you if you suffer from lymphedema, restless leg syndrome, tight muscle issues. You can use the leg massager without plugging in after it is fully charged. Thus, it will be convenient for you to use it anywhere. This means you can comfortably use it at your office, trains, home, and airplanes. Another interesting feature of this big Velcro is that it is fully adjustable. You can use it for a variety of customers by adjusting it according to their calf size. The longest length up to which you can adjust it is 12 inches.

There are intensities available for the user to adjust. These are low, mid, and high. The maximum air pressure with which you can operate it is 450 MMHG/6.5 psi. For finding the comfortable pressure level you can make adjustments in the handheld controller or the wrap size. The leg massager is made keeping in mind the safety function. It has an auto-off function so it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes. This function helps in preventing overuse of the product when falling asleep.


  • Velcro wrap design: It has Velcro wrap design by which you can easily wrap your arms and legs. It is completely adjustable and you can change the intensity via its control.
  • Carry anywhere: You can use this massager anywhere you want like home, office, train, and cars. Make sure that you must charge the massager completely before using it.
  • Intensity level and modes: The massager has three levels of pressure along with 2 modes of massage. You can choose any of them which are suitable for you.
  • Warranty: The massager offers you 18 months of warranty. It automatically gets shut off in 15 minutes if you use continuously.



Can use anytime and anywhere

Backup upto 2 hours

Velcro wrap design

Different intensity level and modes

1.5 years warranty

***Best Shiatsu Leg Massager***

6. Kapas Shiatsu Leg Massager


Nowadays, shiatsu massager is in trend. Hence if you are in search of the shiatsu massager then purchase the Kapas Shiatsu Massager. The technique of kneading and rolling will give you an amazing relief. The Kapas provides all the massage technique that the chiropractor or massage therapists provide.

If you are looking for multifunctioning massager then kapas shiatsu leg massager is the best choice for you. The massager can be used for multiple purposes including kneading, shiatsu, rolling, heating, and vibration. The dimensions of Kapas Shiatsu massager is 24” x 22” x 22” inches and weight is 15 pounds. If you require heavy massage for your feet then this is the best massager for you.


  • Deep penetrating massage: The massager will give you optimize deep penetrating and vibrating foot massage that helps you circulating the blood throughout your body.
  • Blood circulation: The upward, rolling and wave motion massage will help in blood circulation.
  • Multi-function: This shiatsu massager will offer deep kneading, vibrating, air compression, and rolling. All these techniques, will provide you an amazing relaxation technique.



Can be used for multiple functions

Pregnant women need to consult with the doctor

Increase blood circulation

Will give you deep penetrating massage

7. CloudMassage Shiatsu Leg Massager


The ergonomically sleek design CloudMassage will give a massage at your bottom of the feet that make you feel relax and reduce your stress. The massager will mainly focus on the quality and offers you an instruction manual to ensure the different type of massage every time.

You must be thinking as to why you want CloudMassage? The reason is, it comes with an adjustable optimum angle comfort bar feature that let you sit in your natural position while having foot, leg, calves, and toes massage.

The dimensions of this massager are 22” x 11” x 17.7” inches and have 22 pounds weight. The massager works on all your pressure points of your feet and helps you in relieving the tightness of your feet.

The CloudMassage massager comes with multiple settings. You can select any of these settings according to your comfort and requirement. You can choose from air compression massage to rolling ball massagers. This massager is much better than the other types of foot massagers. The reason being that it doesn’t force you to keep your knees together. Other massagers have this issue of forcing your knees in such that legs and knees are at a 90-degree angle. This means the manufacturer is solely interested in providing you with the most comfortable massager ever.

There are different medical conditions that require you to get massages. If you are going to keep this massager in a salon then the clients will definitely get attracted to it. There are multiple instances when they have to wait for a particular service. So you can suggest them to get a leg massage done. Also, some clients accompany their friends and family members to the salon. They get tired waiting so even they can take advantage of this amazing leg massager. It will provide relief in medical conditions like diabetes, plantar fasciitis, and tired feet. Also, it is very useful in case of Neurotherapy as it increases the blood flow circulation.


  • Comfort: The machine offers deep kneading massage at your comfort angle. The device offers you the perfect massage to your feet, toes, and ankles.
  • Incredible relief: The massager will give you amazing relief to your tired feet, diabetics, and in neuropathy by increasing the flow of blood.
  • Dual Massage: It comes with the multi-functioning feature that provides heat, air compression pressure, and vibration.
  • Warranty: On first seeing, you will notice the weighted quality. The product does not guarantee to provide extra services and exchange.



Multi-functioning massager

Limited in Stocks

Adjustable and gives amazing comfort

Increases the blood flow

Comes with varying levels of pressure

***Best Handheld Leg Massager***

8. Fit King Handheld Leg Massager


If you are looking for half leg massager machine then go for fit king handheld massager. The massager is notonly for elder ones but the younger member of the family can also use the product wherever they want. The massager will help you relieve fatigue and regulate your blood circulation.

The best thing about this product is that it offers you options for 2 modes and 3 intensities selection. You can set the intensity and mode according to your need.

In a whole package, you will get 2 massage cuffs, 1 controller, 1 adapter, 1 user manual, 1 storage mesh bag. The leg massager can be used by anyone including middle-aged and elderly people, insomnia people, students and other staff members.


  • Shut-off function: It has shutoff function that makes the device shutoff automatically after 15 minutes.
  • Modes & intensities: There are 2 modes and 3 intensities available by which you can select any one of them.
  • Manual: The instruction manual is available in 5 different languages.
  • Wide wrap size: The wrap size of this massager is quite wide and can adjust to anyone.



Automatic shut off function

Not Suitable for pregnant Women

Adjustable size

2 modes and 3 intensities options

2 years warranty

9. Nursal handheld leg air massager


Are you feeling tired? Looking for the massager that can provide relaxation to your body? Go for the Nursal handheld massager that increases the blood flow and make you feel relaxed.

The main reason for using this product is that it can be used to improve the blood circulation and to reduce the muscles pain. You can use this air compression massager for feet, arms, and calves. The massager promotes the blood flow and relieves you of pain and fatigue.

To use the product, you need to press its power button. Turn on and off. You need to make the selection between 2 modes including M and P massage mode. It has 3 air pressure settings including low/mid/high. Out of these three, you need to select any one of them.


  • Multifunction Massage: The pure copper pump will give you an amazing experience that regulates the blood flow and relieves you from fatigue and pain.
  • Auto-off: The massager gets turned off automatically after 15 minutes. If you use more than once every day then 5 to 20 minutes of massage is enough to relive you from muscle’s pain.
  • Leg Wrap: There will be 2 leg wraps that you can adjust according to the size and intensity. It can fit any of the people’s arms and calves.
  • Easy to use: The product is very easy to use and you can control the massager with its handheld controller. Select the air pressure among 3 air pressure levels as well as from 2 different massage modes.



Easy Funtionality

The massage will work only for half of legs

Automatically off after 15 minutes of time

multifunctional massager can be used for legs, arms & calves

Adjustable the size and intensity

10. Naipo Handheld Leg Massager

The Naipo massager will offer cyclical air compression to your calves and feet so that you will get an instant relieve. If you are looking for leg massager under $100, then the Naipo handheld massager is the best choice.

The unique thing about this massager is that it has durable and dirt-proof fabric which fits comfortably to your legs.

In a whole package, you will get a leg massager, controller unit, adapter, and user manual. The device will give you an amazing relaxation and soothe your calves and feet. The person who is suffering from few health problems is suggested to consult with the doctor before using it further.


  • Dirt-proof fabric: The Velcro design leg wrap comes with durable and dirt-proof fabric. The leg wrap gets fit naturally and comfortably on your legs.
  • Instant Relieve: The massager offers you air compression to your calves and legs so that you can get its incredible experience.
  • In-built safety features: Soon after 15 minutes of use, it gets automatically shut off.
  • Amazing after-sales service: Naipo offers 2 years of warranty on its quality-related issues. If the product is undamaged and you want to return it then within 30 days of purchase, the Naipo will refund the amount.



Incredible massaging experience

Overweight person might face adjustment issues

Long-lasting and dustproof fabric

Automatically gets shut-off

2 years of warranty

My Final Thoughts on top leg massager 2018

Here we have listed different types of foot leg massager reviews to soothe your sore muscles and helps you giving relieve in pain. Various massagers are powered by lymphatic system function that helps you in various lymphedema problems. Few of them have 15 minutes automatic function that turns off the machine automatically.

Before purchasing any of the massagers, you must check the complete air compression leg massager reviews that only make the right decision. If you have any queries related to the leg and foot massager then you can mention it in the comment box.

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