10 Best Jewelry Armoire and Cabinets Reviewed in 2018

Choosing the right organizer is quite difficult. If you have large collection of jewelry then you look for the place to store your jewelry. Sometimes you keep your jewelry in closet, vanity set, or bathroom vanity. At the time of wearing the jewelry you keep on searching the places. To solve this problem we have listed best jewelry armoire reviews that will provide all the details and help in making the purchasing easier.

Jewelry armoires are used for storing earrings, necklaces, and other accessories safely and securely. You can store all your jewelries, makeup kits, and even documents safe and secure in the armoire. We have thoroughly researched various jewelry armoire and shortlist these best jewelry organizer 2018 that are highly recommended and loved by the customers.

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10 Best Jewelry Armoire & Cabinets


MDF frame and velvet lining

White, Brown

MDF frame and rubber grip at bottom

White, brown

Wooden body and velvet lining

White, Brown, Black

MDF frame and velvet lining

White, Brown, Black

Songmics Stand Organizer

Wood texture and walnut finishing


Single drawer

Espresso, White


MDF frame and black fabric lining


Wooden panel and anti-tarnishing velvet

Walnut, black, cherry, white

Powell Mirrored

Silver wood and mirror finishing


MDF, Wood Veneers


What to look before buying Jewelry Armoire?

      • Type of armoire: There are various types of jewelry armoire available online that has different styling and designing. These armoires are wall-mounted, over-the-door, standing, and cheval armories. Each of these armoires has different sizes and has varied space.
      • Requirements: Before buying any armoire, you need to keep in mind about your needs. If you have lots of earrings then your preference is of armoire that has lots of loop hooks. So depending on your need you can buy the armoire.
      • Material: You need to look for the wooden type of armoire like cedar, oak, cherry, and other common types of materials are used to create jewelry armoires.
      • Size: You should look for the armoires that can store your current jewelry as well as jewelry that you buy in future. Make sure that the armoires must have sufficient number of hooks, ring slots, and bangle slots.

Cheval or Mirror Jewelry armoire

The cheval and mirror armoires come with mirror and have jewelry storage. With its mirror you can check out your outfits as well as you can directly access your jewelry from inside.

1. Songmics

Songmics 6 LEDs

If you are looking for white jewelry armoire that comes with simple assembly then this is the best choice for you. The armoire has large size storage room where you can store all your accessories. Along with this, it comes with locking system which is used for security purpose.

The dimensions of the product is 47.25”H*14.15”W*3.58”D whereas the dimensions of the mirror is 43.25”H*10.85”L. The weight of this armoire is 23.1 lbs. In a package, you will get a jewelry cabinet, 2 hanging hooks, 1 packet for holding accessories, and an instruction manual.

Songmics Jewelry Armoire is easy to assemble. Even if you buy jewelry armoire with large storage space the maintenance of the jewelry is not easy. But here in the Songmics armoire, there is velvet lining in the background. Since the jewelry will not come in direct contact with the hard material the comfy velvet will protect them from any sort of scratches. Also, the product is manufactured using quality materials that make it sturdy. A sturdy and strong product serves for a much longer time.

If you are buying an armoire for jewelry then it means you have a huge collection of jewelry that is not easy to manage for you. Once you store them in it then will it be easy to locate them without proper lighting? We are sure the answer is no. Even if you have light in the room, it may not work the lights in the armoire would do. These issues related to the armoire are resolved with the Songmics Armoire. There are 6 LED lights fitted inside the cabinet. Once you open the door they automatically turn on. Similarly, they turn off when the door is closed. It even saves electricity as the light is only turned on when needed.

Why Songmics is best?

  • 6 LED lights: It has 6 LED lights that shine beautifully when you open the door. There are 6 Auto on and off LED lights which are powered by 3AAA batteries and lighten up whenever you have requirement. With this LED light, you can easily choose the right jewelry item and keep your jewelry safe and secure.
  • Large storage capacity: You can keep all your accessories at one place because the cabinet has 1 ring cushion, 1 bracelet rod, 5 shelves, 2 drawers, 48 earring holes, 32 necklace hooks, and 90 earring slots. So you can keep all these things easily and carefully.
  • Wall and door mount: You can easily hang this jewelry cabinet over the door using hooks as well as you can mount the armoire on the wall to save much space.
  • Material: It has MDF frame that gives the sturdy construction and has comfortable velvet lining which protects your expensive jewelry from scratches.



6 LED lights

Large storage

Standard quality

Can be mounting on wall or door

Sturdy body

2 drawers and 5 shelves

2. Langria


This is another best mirror jewelry armoire that comes in two color options including white and brown colors. The Langria is the 42” inches long and full-length mirror that comes in regular chic size. You can keep all your jewelry accessories inside this cabinet. Inside this armoire, you will find the medium density fiberboard. The dimensions of the armoire have 14.4”*3.6”*47.1” inches and the dimensions of the mirror is 9.3”*42” inches. The Langria is available in white and brown color options.

The Langria Jewelry Armoire is extremely stylish in its appearance. It is well made so the user gets the perfect armoire it desires of. Another interesting feature of this armoire is that it is easy to assemble. You might have seen in other armoires that they are so difficult to assemble that you need a technician. The Langria Jewelry Armoire is one of its kinds. Here, the user can easily assemble the product using the screwdriver. It is made in such a way that it will fit in nearly any place at your home.

For storage, there are multiple options in it. For earrings, there are 108 slots, 36 holes. If you want to place bracelets and necklace then it has 18 hooks. There are 11 compartments, 1 pouch, and 84 slots for rings. There are way too many options than anybody would think of. Thus, it is easy for you to organize the jewelry in a neat and organized manner. You can adjust the armoire in four different angle settings. There 4 holes that are located horizontally on each side of the stand. They with the pair of stick give it an adjustable feature.

Why Langria is best?

  • Spacious: It has 108 slots for earrings, 18 hooks for necklaces and bracelets, 36 earring holes, 11 compartments, 84 slots for ring, and a pouch. Hence in this armoire you can easily and neatly organize all your jewelry in an organized and maintained way.
  • Stylish: The Langria is the one of the best free standing jewelry armoire which is made up of MDF material that comes in white and brown color.
  • Assembly: You can easily assemble the armoire using the screwdriver and you can fit this cabinet anywhere you want.
  • Full-length mirror: The armoire has 42” long and front facing mirror on which you can see your complete appearance and makeup along with the jewelry, accessories, and cosmetics.
  • Angular tilting design: It comes with the pair of sticks and has 4 holes on the upper side of the stand. You can adjust the armoire to the different beveled angles to get the better view.




Not for large and heavy necklaces

4 Angle tilting design

42” inches long mirror

Easy to assemble

3. Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products

The jewelry armoire will give your room a beautiful look and an elegant appearance. This is one of the most versatile and multi-functional cabinet that comes with locking system. This is one of the multi-functional pieces where you can add modern innovation to your traditional look.

The best choice products are available in white color option and have velvet material inside the cabinet. The dimensions of this armoire is 18”L*16”W*58”H whereas the dimensions of the cabinet is 14.5”W*4”L*48”H and the weight of this cabinet is 29.1lbs.

If you are looking for a jewelry armoire that is 2 in 1 then this product is for you. The design of this armoire is something every buyer looks for. Whether you talk about the space, design, or look the best choice products tops it all. There are sections for storing the different types of jewelry items. These include 7 lined shelves, 48 necklace hooks, 1 bracelet rod, and 48 necklace hooks. So you can store everything in this one single cabinet.

Another purpose served by the armoire is of the mirror. Now, when you are getting ready the first thing you need is a mirror. If the armoire can act as a mirror too then it is definitely worth buying. You can remove the jewelry and try different pieces at the same place. There is no need to carry the jewelry from one place to another. It saves your time. Kids won’t know that there is jewelry inside so your accessories are much safe inside it. It won’t take much time to assemble this product. Within minutes the cabinet will be ready for use. All the instructions related to the assembly are included in the package.

Why Best choice products are best?

  • Wall and Door Mirror cabinet: The armoire comes with ample storage space from inside and has locking system. It has an elegant and spacious look which is perfect for your living space.
  • Mirror Jewelry Armoire: This is one of the spacious jewelry storage that comes with full-length mirror and has different functionality.
  • Design: This wonderful mirror comes with the sturdy floor stand which gives compliment to your interior. The product is very versatile and has simple look and design.
  • Space: It consists of ample storage having 48 necklace hooks 6 shelves, bracelet rod, and 2 cubbies.



In-built locking system

Assembly required


Durable wooden material

Wall-mounted and door mirror

4. Herron


If you are looking for wall-mounted jewelry armoire then Herron cabinet is the best choice as it can be used as wall-mounted or door cabinet. The armoire comes with full-length mirror which comes with hook system. This is one of the perfect jewelry storage. It comes in white, brown, and black color options. Herron has 13.6”L*2.7”W*46.4”H dimensions whereas the cabinet has 4”L*14.5”W*48”H of dimensions and the weight of this Herron is 19.6lbs.

Why Herron are best?

  • Large storage: It has 29 necklace hooks, 3 shelves, 48 ring slots, 84 earring slots, 78 earring holes. You can store your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other makeup accessories easily.
  • Easy to assemble: Does not require much assembly as you can easily assemble it either on door or wall mount.
  • Elegant: This is one of the most elegant designed full-length mirrors that are available in various color options including black, brown, and white finishing.
  • Sturdy and Durable: The cabinet is made up of premium quality MDF with magnetized door that makes the device durable.



High-quality jewelry armoire

Outside Assembly Required

Elegant design

Sturdy body

Available in three color options white, brown, and black

5. Cloud Mountain

Cloud Mountain

If you are looking for black jewelry armoire, then Cloud Mountain is the best choice for you. The cloud mountain is the branded mirrored jewelry cabinet which has lockable feature and attaches with the full sized glass mirror. With this you can easily organize your jewelry, neck piece, and earrings in an organized way. The exterior part of this armoire is made up of wooden style MDF whereas the internal part is made up of 25% of velvet material. The dimensions of this armoire are 18”L*16”W*58”H which is the overall dimensions. The mirror dimensions are 10”W*42”L and the dimensions of cabinet are 15”L*4”W*48”H. The weight of this armoire is 28lbs.

Why Cloud Mountain is the best choice?

  • Spacious: The armoire comes with large storage and is very spacious where you can store all your accessories. It has 108 earring slots, 72 ring slots, 18 necklace and bracelet hooks, 11 compartments, and single pouch. You can keep all your jewelry and accessories organized.
  • Material and Quality: The armoire is of wooden constructed that are strong and durable. It has MDF style and the interior of the armoire is made up of black color velvet lining.
  • Color options: It comes in various color options including black, espresso, pink, and white colors.
  • Adjustable angles: You can tilt the mirror to 4 different angles using fitted wooden dowels. The cabinet comes with the mirror which is of real glass that provides wonderful performance. To get a better view, you can choose your favorite angle.
  • Save your time: There is no need to assemble the cabinet as everything comes in an assembled way. All you have to assemble its legs.
  • Locking system: It comes with locking system that protects all your jewelry items and accessories.
  • LED lights: There are two variants available, one comes with LED lights and the other one is without LED lights.



Safe and secure storage

Standard Quality

Large capacity to store items

Save your time

Tilted angles to get better view

6. Gissar


The white jewelry cabinet has protective black lining fabric which protects the jewelry from scratches and other damages. It has locking system to keep your valuables safe and secure. The armoire is made up of durable and sturdy product including the MDF material that has white color outlook.

The dimensions of the cabinet is 59.4”*16.1”*14.1” inches. The size of the mirror is 45.6”*12.2” inches whereas the weight of the armoire is 30 lbs.

Why Gissar organizer is best?

  • Storage capacity: The organizer comes with wide space that includes 1 wooden rod for scarf and ties, 1 pocket for keeping eyebrow pencil, brushes, mascara, and many more. It has 2 drawers placed at the bottom side, 5 shelves for placing glasses, perfumes, and watches. There are 32 hooks to place necklaces, chains, and bracelets. To keep earrings, it has 90 notches, holes, and 69 earrings pairs. There are 60 compartments for putting up rings and ear studs.
  • Stylish and functional: The cabinet is made up of durable MDF material that comes in white color option.
  • Additional security: It comes with black lining fabric that protects the jewelries against scratches and scuffed. It has locking system as well that let you keep your valuables safe and secure.
  • Easy to assemble: The armoire is easy to assemble. You can fit the organizer using screwdriver at any place with its 2 hanging holes.



Large storage capacity

Its door is too heavy

Stylish and made up of durable MDF material

Protective black fabric lining

Locking system

Standing Jewelry armoire

If you are looking for standing jewelry organizer then here you can take a look on these products which help you in making the right decision

7. Songmics Stand Organizer

best wooden makeup vanity set

This is one of the practical and sophisticated jewelry armoire where you can keep your jewelry safe at one place. You can keep it in an organized way. The Songmics is the multi-functional organizer that has the large storage capacity where you can store all your beauty and jewelry items.

The top layer of this cabinet comes with 1 in-built mirror that has 4 compartments and has 10 ring rolls. The organizer has various sized drawers and different sections where you can put all your accessories like bracelets, rings, earrings, sunglasses, hairbands, and watches. In fact, it has large jewelry organizer case where you can put all your big size jewelry.

Why Songmics stand organizer is the best?

  • Eye-appealing design: It has amazing and an eye-appealing design that has walnut finishing and has wooden texture. The organizer can be easily matched with your home décor.
  • Spacious: The first layer of this organizer has 5 compartments, 3 shallow drawers, 5 deep drawers, and 2 side doors where you can keep accessories perfectly at one place.
  • Side doors: In its two side doors, you get more space for storing necklaces. It has 16 hooks that display your necklace neatly and amazingly. Unique shelves where you can store your extra things.
  • Sturdy and Stable: The organizer has sturdy and high-quality MDF body that makes the organizer durable. It has thick legs with anti-toppling strap that comes with dual protection.



Multi-functional and spacious

Little high price

Elegant design with glossy finishing and antique knobs

Considerate design with extra-long necklace protection

Two side doors

8. Rowling


The rowling is an elegant and heritage looking wooden jewelry box which work as avid jewelry collector. This is handcrafted and is made up of solid wood. You will find the spectacular mirror whenever you lift the lid. The top portion of the armoire comes with in-built locking system and key where you can securely place all your jewelry items. Talking about the dimensions, it has 4.3”*2.7”*5.9” inches of dimensions and the weight is 5.8 pounds.

Why Rowling is the best option?

  • Capacity: It has large capacity that comes with 6 drawers that are removable. Each of the drawer comes with maximize space. It has 2 swinging necklace doors that comes with 4 hooks placed on each side and has storage ledge.
  • High Quality: It comes with superior quality and has excellent value for money.
  • Color options: The armoire comes in different color options including walnut, black, cherry, and white color options.
  • Locking system: The top portion of this armoire is locked as it has in-built locking system and has key that can keep your jewelry and other accessories safe and secure.
  • Side Doors: It has two side doors where you can keep your necklaces and jewelry safe and securely.



6 removable drawers

Less space for storing necklaces

Locking system

Superior quality material

Wooden panel

9. Powell

Powell Mirrored

If you are high end jewelry armoires, than the Powell is the best choice for you. It provides ample space where you can store all bits and baubles. The top shelve comes with a lid that opens up and reveal mirror. The mirror will be going to adorn you. This beautiful armoire comes with bold silver finishing which has accented with the mirror. Talking about the dimensions of Powell, it has 18”*12”*40.5” inches.

Why Powell is the best option?

  • Storage space: The Powell comes with ample storage space where you can store all your jewelry items and treasures.
  • Design: The design of this armoire is quite modish and has silver and mirror finishing that makes the product look elegant yet stylish.
  • Assembly: It is quite easy to assemble the armoire and doesn’t require much assembly.
  • Mirror: It top rack comes with the lid which you can open to reveal the mirror.



Modish look

Price is high because of premium quality

Mirror on top side

Beautiful silver and mirror finishing

Ample storage space

10. Hives and Honey “Abigail”

Hives & Honey

If you are looking for walnut jewelry armoire then the Hives and honey is the best armoire for you. Women who love wearing jewelry and has extensive jewelry collection must buy this Abigail jewelry armoire. You can easily store your neck piece, rings, bracelets, and earrings safely. The dimensions of this antique armoire are 16.2”*11.5”*39” inches and has 40 pounds of weight.

Why Hives and Honey is the best one?

  • Design: It has curvy design that has rich and antiqued walnut finishing. It has delicate bronze hardware and cabriole legs. It has an elegant design furniture piece that will enhance the look of your room. The best thing about this armoire is that it has mirrored armoire top that let you see your outfit perfectly along with all its accessories.
  • High Quality: The armoire comes with high-quality and classy design which you can place anywhere you want. The piece is quite eye-catching and gives an antique look. The walnut finishing and bronze color hardware gives an eye-appealing look.
  • Mirrored top: The top side of this armoire has mirror that allows you to check your outfit whether it is perfect or not. You can place all your accessories at one place.



Elegant design

Available in walnut color only

Mirrored top

Antique walnut finishing

6 drawers

Final Verdict

There are number of armories available online including standing, mirrored, wall-mounted and best over the door jewelry armoire. Hence, it is quite difficult to make the final selection and choose the best one. But by looking at the reviews of these chairs you can decide which one is the best for you. Not only the jewelry organizer, you can also check acrylic makeup organizer where you can store all your beauty items. If you have any suggestions and want to ask something then you can send us your query writing it in the comment box.

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