Best Hooded Hair Dryer Reviews in 2018

If you want to look beautiful from top to bottom then you need to concentrate every part of your body. The first thing which draws attention is your hair. Your complete beauty will fade if you have dead hair. You need to care about your hair for which you have to use various hair stylish equipment.

For salon owner, we have listed best hooded hair dryers in 2018 that can give your hair voluminous and make it shinier. So before purchasing any of the hair dryers, you must check the complete reviews and details about the best bang for your bucks.

Best Hooded Hair Dryer

Extra Features

Ovente Professional Ionic

3 Speed turbo hair drying, auto-shut off timer, adjustable, high quality material


PEBCO Pro Tools Ionic

Ionic technology, 2500W, timer and temperature control, opening hood, movable wheels


Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer

3 temperature settings


Professional Adjustable Hooded Floor

5 wheels, temperature control system, multi-function, swivel hood


Gold 'N Hot Elite Professional

4 styling settings, Ionic generator, On/Off switch, Tourmaline infuser


Mefeir Professional Upgraded

Swivel hood, Iron base, temperature adjustment


Salon Sundry Professional Bonnet

Time and temperature control, durable tinted acrylic, dual-looped stainless steel heating element


Devlon Northwest

3 fan settings, 5 wheels, On/Off switch


BR Beauty Meredith

6 option fan control, 60-min timer, temperature control


Anself Professional

Fast heating, 5 wheels, high quality, multifunctional, adjustable


Things to Remember Before Buying a Hooded Hair Dryer

    • Timer and Temperature settings: Before purchasing the dryer, you must check whether the product has the timer and temperature facility or not. If you have timer control, then you need to set the timer of nearly 15 minutes.
    • Cool Shot Setting: The setting is useful at the end of the time period as the locks curls in place.
    • Rollers: Some of the hair dryers come with rollers that you can use to curl your hair.
    • Ionic Technology: If the dryer is powered with Ionic Technology, then it will result into smoother, shiner and more polished curls.
    • Heat Settings: You need to manage the temperature as per the type of the hair you want. Keep the heat low for fine or damaged hair. Raise the temperature if you have thicker and courser hair.
    • Variable speed: You can choose the hooded hairdryer as per the variable speeds. You can control the speed as per the type of your hair.

Best Ionic Hooded Hair Dryer

Here we have Ionic technology based hooded hair dryer reviews that dries your hair and gives you shiny and silky hair texture.

1. Ovente Professional Ionic 3-Speed

Ovente Professional Ionic

The Ionic 3-speed hooded dryer is one of the best versatile and has sleek design body. This dryer has various in-built multiple features that leave your hair silky, shiny, smooth, and frizz free. It has 1000W power with 3-speed settings and the heating element made up of dual-looped stainless steel.

The Ovente Professional Hair dryer is the perfect hair mask which is quite effective and efficient. The dryer is best for all types of hair and gives the gentle styling.

The flow of air from this hair dryer is upwards. Thus, it is absolutely necessary that you take the necessary precautions. It is strongly recommended that you use a hair net or plastic cap while using the dryer. Your hair will stay in place and dry properly by using these materials. Also, it will protect your hair from damage as they may suck up into the air holes. As there are wheels at the bottom so make sure all the screws are on tightly.

Hair drying takes time. Checking time, again and again, can be annoying. Thus, the manufacturer has added an auto-shutoff feature for your convenience. This will shut the dryer after a certain period of time so that you do not over dry your hair. You just have to sit on a chair and relax. Just let the heat from the hair dryer soothe your head. This dryer is going to give you a salon-like feeling. A simple service like hair drying in a salon can take both your time and money. You have to visit a certain place and pay a huge amount. While with this dryer you can style your hair in your comfort zone at your home.

The dryer is powered with Ionic technology that breakdown the water molecules by neutralizing positive ions. It reduces fizziness and restores the beautiful glow. This wonderful technology keep your hair hydrated and well-conditioned. It has 5 rolling wheels that will provide stability, mobility, and is convenient.


  • 3-Speed Turbo Hair drying: The dryer is powered by 120V and 1000Watt. It offers you 3-speed and has dual-looped heating element made up of stainless steel.
  • Airflow: The dryer gives your hair and lots of volume and protect against flatness. It quickly dries your hair.
  • Timer with auto-shut off: The automatic shut-off feature can reach max to max 60 minutes. All you have to sit back, relax, and soothe your head.
  • High Quality material: Stand of this dryer is made up of Polypropylene and general-purpose polystyrene. The stand pole is made up of Iron and Electroplating. Now you can adjust the height by twisting the pole’s knob.
  • Adjustable: The dual heating element and in-built thermostat will goes up to 167F.



3-speed Ionic technology for restoring the hair glow

The price is quite high

Compatible with all types of hair

High quality material as it is made up of General purpose polystyrene and polypropylene plastic

5 rolling wheels that makes the stand easy to move and convenient to drag

2. PEBCO Pro Tools Ionic

PEBCO Pro Tools Ionic

The Pebco has an opening hood that has an adjustable height feature. You can head in or out of your client underneath the dryer as it has an opening hood. You can even tilt the device and move the dryer up and down.

If you are looking for Ionic Technology based hair dryer that has the ability to dry your hair fast and has temperature adjusting feature than Pebco Pro Tools is the best option for you.

The Ionic dryer is powered with 2500 Watts and is the best product for those people who require heat setting to dry the hair. With such an awesome power, drying up your hair requires lesser time. Infact you can adjust the temperature of the dryer as it has temperature indicator that let you adjust the settings from cold, hot, and warm.

The Pebco hooded hair dryer is better than other dryers out on the market. It works quietly and is comfortable to use. The features in this dryer are surely going to amaze you. When it comes to the temperature and time period you won’t have to worry. You will find two different switches for the temperature and timer. Once the set time is about to end the dryer will produce a gentle sound. For indicating the temperature it uses color indicators. Thus, it will be easy for you to make changes in the temperature.

When you take service at a salon that takes more time comfort becomes your first priority. You can adjust the height of the hooded dryer according to the client’s requirements. The salon has visitors with different height so this could be an advantage for you as you can serve all of them. It may happen that the area for the hooded hair dryer has some issue like socket not working. In such cases, you will have to move it to another place as you cannot stop your business. There are wheels attached at the bottom of the dryer so that you can easily place it wherever required.


    • The Pebco is powered with Ionic technology.
    • The product is a 2500 watts power hooded hair dryer.
    • It has switch for timer and temperature control.
    • It has an opening hood with adjustable height feature and equipped with movable wheels.
    • Dry up your hair fastly.



Switch indicator for controlling the time and temperature

Assembly required

The device can turn your hair by stretching it into beautiful curls

Fastly dries up all your hair

Affordable price

3. Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat

Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer

If you are looking for Classic salon dryer that is powered by ionic technology. You can easily move the dryer as it has five wheels. Out of these five wheels, you have two wheels in which they have lock-in feature that let the dryer not to move.

The Babyliss Pro Ionic is the perfect dryer for a woman that comes with 3 temperature settings and has an adjustable bonnet.

You can easily adjust the height of the dryer stand easily. The dryer offers nearly 1600W power. Talking about the dimensions, it has 22”x 22”x 17” inches Length, height and width.

Just like the name suggests the Babyliss hair dryer is a bliss to use. It is built with so many interesting features that will make you buy the product instantly. Wouldn’t it be great if you can get entertained while using the hair dryer? Yes, it is definitely going to add to your relaxing salon experience. Here, the Babyliss hooded hair dryer has auxiliary inputs. This means that you can connect smartphones or MP3 players to it and play your favorite music. If you are going to provide the best service with this additional feature then the client will definitely visit your salon again and again.

Hooded hat dryers usually make a lot of sounds. Here, the Babyliss hair dryer is much advanced. It is much quieter to use as compared to the other products. There are two-speed options for you to choose from. Customers have varying demands. If they do not like slow speed you can instantly change it with just a single switch. There is a transparent visor that is adjustable too. Just lift up the visor in case you are comfortable with it being down. This product is a complete package of convenience and comfort.


    • It has 1600 Watt of power.
    • The dryer comes with an adjustable height.
    • The dryer is featured with 3 temperature settings by which you can adjust the temperature of the dryer.
    • To increase the shine of the hair, it emits ions.



The dryer can dry your hair fastly within the short period of time

Price is little high because of its upgraded features

Settings are very easy

It does not create any noise

Suitable for all type of hair even with thick hair

Best Professional Hooded Hair Dryer

If you are looking for professional hooded hair dryer, then check out the list of best professional hair dryer that comes with amazing technology and features

4. Professional Adjustable Hooded Floor

Professional Adjustable Hooded Floor

If you are looking for an ideal professional hooded dryer than this dryer is the best one for you. It has 1300W power that comes with height adjustable feature having swivel casters and hood door. This is available only in Black color option.

The Professional adjustable hooded dryer can offer you wonderful perming, hair drying, spot-caring function, and hair treatment.

Before using this hair dryer, make sure to pre-heat it for around 30 to 40 minutes before using it. This is one of the ideal products for any salon so enjoy all the benefits that the product provides.

This Professional Adjustable Hooded Hair Dryer is a really good hair-styling tool. The most annoying thing about certain hair dryers is their angle. You have to change it again and again so that the hair dry completely from all sides. This makes the client really uncomfortable as they plan to get a relaxing experience at the salon. Here, without adjustment, the hooded dryer will dry your hair. In fact, if you are using it in the salon then the client can just relax and read a magazine while her hair dries.

Due to its comfort and quality, you can use this product on a daily basis. When you use a styling tool that involves heat it is really important to take proper precautions. If you do not take proper care while using this product then it could lead to some major problems. The most important part for stability is the base of the dryer. Make sure the legs are properly tightened. If the base is installed properly then it will automatically give proper support to its top portion. With the help of the wheels, you can move the dryer quickly and easily. Due to wheels, you won’t even feel the weight of the product.


    • Temperature Control System: The user can control the temperature of the device from 0 to 75 degree Celsius.
    • Swivel Hood: The hood comes with the convenient hinged hood door. It comes with height adjustable knob that let you adjust the height.
    • 5 wheels: The design of the wheels is portable that makes the movement easier and quicker.
    • Multi-function: You can use the product from perming, hair-drying, spot caring and various hair treatments.



Can perform perm, hair drying, and various spot-caring functions

Available only in Black color options

It can be used professionally

It has temperature control system by which you can adjust the temperature from 0 to 75 degree

Swivel casters

5. Gold 'N Hot Elite

Gold 'N Hot Elite Professional

The Ionic Generator of this Gold N Hot Elite Dryer has On/ Off switch buttons. It has 1875 watts of power and has 4 styling settings. In fact, you can adjust the bonnet as well.

​The Gold N Hot is the very demanding product that offers the line of dryers, straightening irons, hard hats, and other products. It offers the highest quality and performance.

Talking about the dimensions, the Gold N Hot has 10.2 inches height, 10.2 inches length, and 4 inches width. The weight of the dryer is 2.45 pounds.


    • The dryer is powered by Ionic Generator that has On/Off Switch.
    • It has 4 styling settings that you can use in various ways.
    • It comes with an adjustable feature that let you adjust the height of the dryer.



4 styling settings

Available only in black color option

Adjustable bonnet

Ionic Generator

Deliver wonderful performance

6. Mefeir Professional 1000W Upgraded

Mefeir Professional Upgraded

The Mefeir Professional Dryer comes with Swivel Hood and has adjustable timer temperature by which you can adjust the temperature. It has reinforced iron plate and portable rolling dryer that you can use for professional barber salon and home use.

The Mefeir dryer is quite strong as it is made up of ABS housing, AS transparent bonnet, Iron base, ABS Caster that makes the device sturdy. The product has adjustable timer temperature by which you can adjust the temperature.

It has 1000W power that you can use for the heating purpose. Coming to the dimensions of the Mefeir, it has 70 cm of length, 70 cm in width, and 130 cm in height.


    • Swivel Hood: The user can adjust the angle up to 180 degrees as per your request.
    • Iron Base: It has the top-rated iron base that enhances the durability and maintains the good balance. It has 4 omni-directional wheels that let you move the product safely anywhere you want.
    • Comfortable and Safer: The backflow and airflow designed dryer is powered by wonderful technology that has rotary backflow design.
    • Temperature Adjustment: It has the feature to adjust the temperature of up to 167F. The professional control system makes the device perfect for providing the perming, hair dyeing, and other hair treatment.



Sturdy Iron base

Available in White color only

Swivel hood

Time and Temperature adjustment

Comfortable and safer

7. Salon Sundry Professional Bonnet

Salon Sundry Professional Bonnet

The salon sundry dryer is one of the portable, lightweight, and affordable dryer that comes with professional features and functions. It has the ability that dries your hair fast and leaves your hair smooth, soft, silky, and free from fizziness.

Looking for bonnet style hood that comes at an affordable price? The salon sundry professional is the one that has hood made up of tinted acrylic material which is durable.

In a whole package, you will get a dryer that comes with stand, grounded power cord, and an instruction manual.


    • The dryer comes with the controller by which you can adjust the time and temperature.
    • The pedestal base of this spring-loaded dryer lets you adjust the height of the dryer from 50 inches to 64 inches.
    • It has 1000W power heating element made up of dual-looped stainless steel.
    • The hood of this dryer is made up of durable tinted acrylic.



Set time and temperature using its settings

The dryer is little bulky as it has various inbuilt features

Adjust the height of the dryer

High-quality material hood

Multi-bladed fan

Best Hooded Hair Dryer for Black Color Hair

If you are looking for hooded hair dryer for your Black color hair, then here you can check the list and out of this you can select the best one.

8. Devlon Northwest

Devlon Northwest

The Devlon hair dryer is one of the best deluxe salon hair dryers that have an adjustable bonnet stand which is setting a new standard in the salon.

If you are looking for high-quality and durable hair dryer then Devlon Northwest hooded hair dryer is one of the best choices for you. It has 3 fan settings and incremental temperature that can change the temperature up to 80 degrees.

It has 3 fan speed settings that you can use according to your preferences. The 5 wheels placed at the base makes the stand easier to move.


    • The temperature of the dryer can be increased up to 80 degrees.
    • It has 5 wheels at the base that allows you to move the stand around the space.
    • It is packed with 800W with 120V spec.
    • It has 3 Fan settings and using these settings you can change the speed of the fan.
    • The dryer has On/Off switch that you can use the switch on and off the device.



3 Fan settings

​High Price because of unbeatable quality

5 wheels for easier mobility

Incredible quality

Enhanced durability

9. BR Beauty Meredith

BR Beauty Meredith

The 880W dryer is the perfect instrument for the stylist. The base of this dryer is quite sturdy and it has height adjustable feature. For easier mobility, the dryer has wheels that make the stand move around the salon.

The dryer is perfect for hair stylist as it has all the features that you require at the time of making a beautiful hairstyle including the 60-minute timer, shut-off function, temperature control.

Coming to the dimensions, the dryer has height adjustable feature by which you can adjust the height of the dryer. The weight of the dryer is 39 pounds which are little heavier than other dryers.


  • The dryer has 6 option fan control that let you change the speed of the fan.
  • It has a 60-minute timer that let you set the time duration.
  • The temperature control helps you in controlling the temperature.
  • It has sturdy star base and wheels let the dryer move easily around the salon.



6 option fan control

The dryer is little heavy because it has extra features and in-built technology

Sturdy base

Wheels that make the dryer easier to move

Numerical temperature control


10. Anself 900W Professional

Anself Professional

The Anself is the best hair drying machine which is necessary for any salon. The body of the dryer is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and is available in Red and Black color options.

​The Anself Professional dryer can be used for perming, hair care, dying and drying hair which is suitable for any of the professional hair salon. The stylish can brighten and beautify hair, massage and relax your head.

It offers 900W of power with 110V and is one of the best tools for hairdressing. This is one of the lightweight body tools that come at an affordable price.


    • Faster: The dryer works very fast that has the heating coil of 2 rows that let the dryer reach the perfect temperature at short duration time.
    • Wheels: There are 5 Omni-directional wheels available that make the stand easier to move.
    • Quality Material: The heating part of the dryer is made up of stainless steel that enhances the durability of the device.
    • Multifunctional: You can use the dryer for drying your hair which is suitable for any hair salon.
    • Adjustable: You can set the temperature of the dryer from 20C to 70C along with the time settings.
    • Wheels: There are 5 Omni-directional wheels available that make the stand easier to move.



Durable and high quality material is used

It is available in red and black color only

Adjustable time and temperature controller

5 Omni-directional wheels

Faster heating provider

Final Verdict

To look beautiful, you must have shiny and long hair. If you have your own salon, then you can choose any of the hair dryers out of the list. Here we have listed Best Ionic and professional hooded hair dryer out of which you can choose the best one. If you have any queries, then you can mention it in the comment box and one of our team members will get back to you soon with the right solution.

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