Best Home/Business Massage Chairs For Every Day Use

For anyone with chronic neck or back issues, having a massage chair at home is being close to heaven. A massage chair can also be a great addition to a moderate-sized salon to give your clients that full-body relaxation that they crave before their treatments.

For the past 4 years, I’ve utilized the massage chair in my living room hundreds of times. Possible thousands. Just today I had a nice 20 minute massage followed by a 2-hour nap in the same chair. I love it. I can’t imagine my life without it.

But would a home massage chair be right for you? Should you add one to your salon for your clients? We will answer that and many more questions below. But first…

Best Home/Business Massage Chairs

Do Home Massage Chairs Really Work?

I’ve had my chair for 4 years now and it’s seen heavy use. That means multiple 15-45 minute session per week, every week, for four years. It still delivers a very firm massage. If anything, the heating aspect of it might be a bit diminished but I don’t notice that too much.

If you’re someone that enjoys regular massages, you could very well end up replacing your massages with a new chair instead. My suggestion would be to go to a store that has some serious quality massage chairs and sit in one for a while to see if you’ll like it.

I’ve had friends and family members use my chair, and I can say that if you like good massages you’ll like the chair. Folks who don’t like hard, firm massage technique will not like a massage chair. It will be too much for them.

Why Should You Add A Massage Chair To Your Salon Business?

Adding a massage chair to your salon may seem like an extravagance, but the reality is that it’s these types of special touches that can set your salon apart from the rest.

Reasons To Add A Massage Chair To A Salon:

  • Extra source of revenue – charge for the use of the chair as an extra service before/after a spa treatment
  • Make it part of a “deluxe” service for clients spending a lot of money
  • Adding massage services without having to pay for a massage therapist
  • You and your employees can take advantage of it to maintain your own best physical health and relaxation

How To Take Care Of A Massage Chair

Here are some handy tips to keep your home massage chair working good for years to come.

  • Don’t place it where it will get direct light, especially if the material is leather.
  • Do not drink and eat in your massage chair.
  • Don’t treat your massage chair like it’s a regular chair. Use it only for massage (and maybe naps after a massage).
  • If any of the upholstery can be removed, then periodically remove it from the chair to clean it by wiping it with a damp cloth. You can dust off the chair when it needs it, and occasionally vacuum around it to remove pet hair.
  • Pay attention to the weight capacity of your chair. Do not willingly overload it by allowing someone far too large to sit in it.

Is A Home Massage Chair Worth The Money?

Do you already like massages? Do you go to an actual massage business and pay someone to massage you? How much do you pay?

Let’s imagine that a full-body massage can cost anywhere between $60-$110 per hour. Then add on a tip of another $5-$15. Now imagine that you are needing a massage every 3 weeks. That’s being conservative for many people, but they probably just can’t afford to go as often as they’d like.

If you get 17 massages a year (based on an every three week schedule), your cost could be anywhere between $1,105 and $2,125 (including tip).

Most of the chairs on this list are under $2000. On the higher end of the massage price, you can get a full-body massage chair for the same cost as getting massages every 3 weeks for a year. Now imagine that massage chair was in your home and you could use it whenever you wanted. Every day?

Even if you’re paying on the cheaper side for massages, it’s still cheaper to buy a home massage chair long-term. A few of the chairs in the table are under $1300.

What is it worth to you to be able to come home after work every day and sit in a massage chair all of your own? You save time by already being at home for the massage and you can dial it in to the trouble spots for any length of time that you want.

Consider my own case. I bought a $1800 massage chair from Amazon 4 years ago and still use it today. I’ve not had to had any massages from an actual human during that time and I probably use the chair an average of 3-4 times/week for 20 minutes at a time. However, there are also weeks where I’m in the chair every day for 45 minutes at a time. It depends on how I feel.


I can’t imagine my life without my massage chair over the past four years. I think the economics and convenience make a massage chair in your home far more affordable and reasonable than many people realize.

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