Best Hair Straightening Brush Reviews 2018

My sister is having curly hair but she always fantasize of having straight hair. Similarly like my sister, you might be fantasizing about having shiny long and straight hair. There are various ways by which you can get straight hair. You can go for permanent straightening. But if you want to keep both types of hair curly as well as straight, and flat iron is not the right choice for you then go for best hair straightening brush.

There are different types of brushes available online that turn your curly hair into straight hair. You are at right place as we have listed all types of straightener here. I personally prefer doing hair straightening with brushes only as the straightening iron can damage the hair if you use it frequently. Check the hair straightening brush reviews and details to extract the best out of it.

Top 10 Hair Straightening Brush

Heating time
Max Temperature

ASAVEA 4.0 (Editor's Choice)

90 Sec


Head Kandy 2.0

60 Sec


Glamfields (Editor's Choice)

30 sec



60 sec


MiroPure 2 in 1 Ionic

30 Sec



60 sec



30 Sec


VITI 3 in 1

60 sec



60 Sec


Miss Queen

30 sec


What features to consider while buying the best hair straightening brush?

  • Type of hair straightener plate: Before purchasing the straightener you must check the type of the straightener. Keeping in mind the type of hair you have, bought the best hair straightener suited for your hair.​
  • Bristles: If you have sensitive scalp, then go for the nylon bristles. Many of the brush’s bristles having tiny balls tipped on it made up of rubber, silicone, and other materials are becoming women first choice.
  • Heat Level: Before selecting any of the hair str8 brush, you must check the heat option that matches with your hair along with temperature hat your hair can bear.
  • Handle: Handle is also an important factor while purchasing a hair straightener. The cushioned handle makes the brush easy to handle.
  • Pricing: Price is the last option which can turn your mood of purchasing. This is one of the most important aspect, you need to keep in mind about the budget of the brush before purchasing it.
    • NOTE: If you are straightening your hair with brushes first time, then start brushing your hair at a low temperature and brush your hair for few minutes. Slowly you must increase the temperature to get the desired result.

***Best Ceramic Straightening Brush***

If you want smooth and shiny hair then the ceramic brush is the best choice for you. Check the ceramic straightener brush reviews here and select the best one for you.

1. AsaVea 4.0 (Best Detangling brush)

Best Hair Straightening Brush

The AsaVea 4.0 hair brush can convert your curly hair into straight hair in few minutes. You can use it daily before going to the college or job as it consume less time to straighten your hair. It has 7 temperature controls that let you change according to your preference. I personally gifted the same brush to my friend and after using this brush she loved her hair. Now she is using this brush daily and always come to the office with different style.

You can use this 2 in 1 technology brush for all types of hair. In lesser time, it can give you a different and wonderful style. It has ionic generator that will give you shiner and smoother hair. It has a ceramic bristle that gives incredible massage to your scalp. Try out this amazing this amazing time saver and easy to clean device and see its positive effects.

Asavea uses an innovative technology to give you that silky shiny hair. The design of the brush is extremely fashionable. This smart product is an extensive choice for multiple users who want to straighten their hair without causing damage to them. With other brushes, there is an issue that they take time to heat up so if you are in a hurry then you won’t be able to get the desired result quickly. Use of ceramic bristles helps the brush in warming up quickly. Thus, you can get ready in no time.

For straightening, you must dry and brush your hair first. Apply some amount of heat protectant. You can even use Argan or coconut oil. After that section your hair and brush in a pulling motion. The 360-degree swivel power cord makes the use of brush more comfortable. You can hold the device at different angles without worrying about any sort of entangling. You might have heard about the damage that is caused if the user forgets to switch off the straightening brush. It may even stop functioning. Here, the Asavea brush is made keeping in mind all the safety measures. It automatically shuts off if it is not in use for 30 minutes.


  • The brush has ceramic-wrapping bristles that let the brush heat up quickly.
  • You can use this brush daily before going to your office as it does not consume your much time. The brush heats up instantly.
  • It comes with universal voltage that delivers incredible performance.
  • The brush is perfect for all types of hair.
  • It is powered by Ionic generator that makes your hair shinier and smoother.



7 temperature settings

Sometimes, you do not get pin straight hair

Suitable for all types of hair

Heat up fastly

Time Saver

Customer q & A

Is AsaVea easy to clean?

​It does not require cleaning the tussock of your brush or hair clamps as it is powered by the ionic brushing functionality that leaves the brush clean and clear.

Does the brush provide you pin-straight effect?

​The brush will definitely get you straight hair, but sometime it does not get you pin-straight hair because it has natural, soft and smooth effect.

Is AsaVea perfect for thick hair?

​The brush is compatible with all the types of hair whether it can be thick, curly, and long hair. It has several temperature settings that allow the brush heat up instantly.

2. Head Kandy 2.0 (For curly hair)

Best Hair Straightening Brushes

The Head Kandy is the revolutionary original ceramic hair straightening brush that has most advanced hair straightening technology. It has ceramic plate with tourmaline infuser gives silky, shiny, long hair. Because of its professional design and high quality material, the head kandy will give an amazing result.

If you have thick curly and wavy hair then you must go for the head kandy straightening brush. The head kandy 2.0 is available in various color options. Since the straightening brushes use heat so there are chances that you accidentally increase its heat level. The buttons on the brush itself so there are chances that you press them. Here, in the Head Kandy brush, there is a lockable function for your safety. You just need to press the positive and negative sign button together to lock your device’s heat function. You can use the straightening brush much comfortably with this function.

People spend hours trying to straighten their hair. There are different types of straightening brush available in the market. This product is going to give you a hair straightening experience that you have never experienced before. The straightening brush is capable of straightening curly hair in dramatically less time. If your hair is wavy then by just brushing your hair you can straighten them. You might have heard that people face leakage issues in electronic appliances. In good quality products, you won’t face this problem. Still keeping in mind the user’s safety the manufacturer provides ALCI plug. This plug will detect the imbalance in current and immediately shut off the power. It responds quickly giving you a better experience.


  • The anti-scald design makes the straightening easier without keeping in mind that it will burn your hand and fingers.
  • It can straighten extremely curly and wavy hair in lesser time duration.
  • It has 365F temperature for auto constant required for all types of hair.
  • It has lockable heat setting option for which you need to press either + sign or – sign.

Customer q & A

What temperature do I choose for naturally textured hair?

If you have thick and wavy hair, then set 450F degree temperature whereas for naturally textured hair, change the temperature to 410F.

Why you should use head kandy straightening brush?

The main reason behind purchasing this kind of brush is to straighten the extremely curly hair. People who have wavy hair and wants straight hair then simply brush your hair with this straightener and get straightened hair without wasting much time.

Does head kandy has swivel cord?

It has swivel cord so that you can use it in a better way.



Wonderful for wavy and thick curly hair

Little high price because of its upgraded features

Lockable heat setting

Anti-scald design

Ample storage space

3. Glamfields 2.0

GLAMFIELDS Hair Straightener brush 2018
GLAMFIELDS Hair Straightener brush 2018

If you are looking for some new and versatile method to straighten your hair then Glamfield is the right choice. The Glamfields has a ceramic comb tooth that heat the comb quickly without wasting your time. The brush is powered by double anion technology that you can apply for bifurcated and damaged hair to make your hair look smoother and healthier. It has mini rose gold body with black bristles that you can gift to your sister or girlfriend to make her smile.

The Glam Field’s straightening brush offers 4 different temperature levels. You can make the necessary settings based on your hair requirement. The temperature settings range from 170 to 230 degree Celsius. The small size of the straightening brush is going to provide you with the ultimate convenience. There are 59 anti-scald bristles on it that make 7 times more contact than a flat iron. So each and every stroke is going to work towards providing the best results. Another interesting feature is the locking one. If you do not press the buttons for 5 seconds then they will be automatically locked. To unlock you need to press the power button continuously twice.

Using a flat iron is actually a painful experience. The whole process involves clamping and dragging. Using a straightening brush is going to save you from the tugging process. It will run through your hair in a more smoother manner from roots to the end. Most of the people like to keep their natural volume intact while styling their hair. Ironing is going to give your hair a more flattened look that will take away the natural shine of your hair. It’s better you opt for this product as it will add more individuality to your personality.


  • The hair brush is powered by MCH technology that heat up the device quickly and saves the energy. It has wide and dense brush to straighten your hair fastly.
  • It has different temperature settings that will fulfill your needs and requirements.
  • The Glamfield hair brush is made up of high-quality flame-retardant plastic.
  • The product provides the 1-year guarantee and 3 months replacement.
  • Small is size and has 360 degree rotating handle.

Customer q & A

Does Glamfield have Swivel power cord?

The Glamfield hair brush has 360 degree swivel power cord that can rotate the brush 360 degree and let you operate with your one hand.

How double negative ion benefits you?

The double Anion technology helps in removing the extra frizz present in your hair. It can fix damages and is ideal for frizzy hair.

Why should I buy Glamfield?

The most important aspect of the Glamfield is that it can preserve the natural moisture of your hair. It gives you naturally rich volume and shiny hair.



Double Anions

Only 3 months replacement warranty

Rose gold color

MCH technology

High quality flame-retardant plastic

4. Uspicy

With Uspicy, you can have shiny and smooth hair. It comes with features that has dozen levels of power and has the ability to straighten different types of hair. This is the easy to use straightener brush that will give you an amazing silky and professional looking straight hair. The brush is powered by metal ceramic heater technology that allows you to detangle and straighten hair. The product has heat-resistant and smudge proof design that keep the handle cool.

The USpicy hair straightening brush is one of the most amazing hair straightening you might have ever come across. The plates will heat up to 450 degrees in Fahrenheit. Thus, it is going to provide you with that apt temperature setting you are looking for in the straightening brush. You can use the seven different temperature levels depending on the amount of heat required for your hair. Some people have a really bad habit of leaving their styling tools switched on. This could damage the straightening tool and the things that are kept around it. To prevent such accidental damage this brush comes with auto-shut off timer. You can set an approximate time after which the brush would automatically shut off.

Another important feature of this brush is the auto button lock. When you are using a straightening brush your fingers are around the handle. The buttons for setting the various functions are also located in the same part. Now, while straightening it may happen that you accidentally change the temperature of the brush. For people with thin hair, high temperature could damage their hair. To avoid that, the brush has an auto button lock. This would lock the buttons and the buttons on the brush won’t work until you unlock them.


  • It is powered by MCH technology that makes the straightener warms up quickly. All you have to set it as per your preference and your hair will do within minutes.
  • It has matte black color finishing that makes the straightener brush look elegant.
  • The brush has temperature auto lock that saves you accidently happening troubles so that you can enjoy styling your hair at preferable temperature.
  • The teeth of the hairbrush are arranged in an alternating pattern by which you can style your hair via regular combing and massaging.

Customer q & A

Does the product have swivel cord?

The swivel cord prevents you from wire twining and will give you a smoother experience.

Do we get gloves also?

Yes you will get gloves along with the brush.



Protect your hair better

It has a black color steel frame

Provides unique heat insulation

Plastic drawers

360 degree swivel cord & 7 Temp. levels

Effective ceramic heater

***Best Plastic Hair Straightening Brush***

If you are looking for affordable plastic brushes then here you can check the best plastic straightener brush for your daily purpose.

5. MiroPure 2 in 1 Ionic (All-time favorite)

MiroPure 2 in 1 Ionic Hair Straightener
MiroPure 2 in 1 Ionic Hair Straightener

This is one of the top-rated and best-selling hair straightening brush that has gained immense popularity among youngsters. Because of its exceptional high quality and amazing features the product is highly preferable. The Miropure has all the features and technology that any hair straightening brush could have. Not only this, it has anti-scald bristles that let you comb each of your hair from roots to the tips. Talking about the design, the surfaces of this brush are made up of metal ceramic that increases the safety.


  • The brush has 16 different heat settings from 150C/302F to 230/446F.
  • The Miropure can be used for all types of hair including fine, bleached, curled, wavy, and thin.
  • It is powered by ionic generator that gives smooth, shiny and silky hair by reducing split ends and frizziness. 
  • It provides you an amazing massaging effect that through positive effect on your scalp.

Customer q & A

Does Miropure have temperature lock system?

Yes, Niropure has temperature lock function that saves you from temperature change caused by automatically while doing hair style.

Is Miropure easy to carry?

The Miropure 2-in-1 comes with the weight of .78lb and is easier to carry the brush anywhere you want.

Does the brush have swivel cord?

It has rotating swivel cord that enhances the flexibility feature. Along with this, it has three easy buttons for switch on and off as well as minus button by which you can decrease the temperature.



16 Heat Settings

The brush is not powered by PTC but it has MTC technology based hair straightener.

Suitable for all hair types

Ionic generator

High density

6. Apalus (Anti-Frizz)

If you are looking for plastic hair straightener brush below $30, then the Apalus is the best choice. The brush will get heats up quickly thereby saving your valuable time. This is the lightweight brush that you can carry at anytime and anywhere you want. It is made up of plastic body with no metal plates on it. It has long cord that can rotate 360 degrees.


  • The Apalus has wonderful temperature setting arrangement by which you can adjust the temperature according to your hair. If you have texture hairs then keep the temperature 410C. For thick and wavy hair, keep the temperature 450C whereas the constant temperature is 365F.
  • When you power ON the system, you will find the temperature of the device on its LED screen.
  • US safety plug along with auto shut off protection.
  • It comes with the 1- year warranty.

Customer q & A

Does Apalus work for thick curly hair?

Yes, Apalus works very well for thick wavy and curly hair.

Why should you buy Apalus?

Apalus comes at an affordable price and in this price you will get amazing features along with 1 year warranty.



Quickly heats up

Only has 1-year warranty

Affordable price

Can be used for thick curly hair

Good head massager

7. InStyler

Best Hair Straightening Brush with led display
Best Hair Straightening Brush with led display

The anti-scald design makes the device look amazing. It has famous ionization that makes the device ideal for straight hair. Users those who are looking for healthy, smooth and shiny hair can purchase the Instyler. The Instyler comes with ceramic heating plate and has adjustable temperature settings. It heats up quickly within 30 seconds of time and has 450F as its maximum temperature.


  • It has ceramic surface hair straightening brush.
  • The Instyler has LED display where you can check the temperature reading.
  • It has 6 feet long swivel cord.
  • The brush has anti-scald design with additional features like auto shut-off and dual-voltage.

Customer q & A

Does the Instyler have thermal guard?

Yes, it comes with thermal guard.

Can you use Instyler for wavy hair?

Yes you can use this brush for straightening the wavy and curly hair.



Can be used for straightening and curling

Available in pink and white color only

Titanium barrel and curvy tourmaline

Time saver

Add volume to your frizzy hair

Best Professional Hair Straightening Brush

If you are looking for professional hair straightening brush then give a look on the electric brush products.

8. Viti 3 in 1

Titanium Hair Straighteners
Best Hair Straightening Brush with led display

The Viti 3 in 1 is an amazing professional brush that you can use for straightening your hair, curling, combing, and give a new hair styling. This is one of the super versatile device that you can use for straightening, curling, and simple brushing. With this brush, you can give a perfect hairstyle every morning and evening. If you are hair stylist or always want to look different in your office or college then buy this Viti 3 in 1 brush and look different.


  • The brush is suitable for all types of hair, all you have to set the temperature level and use for delicate, thin, normal, or coarse hair.
  • The brush is versatile and can be used as straightening, curler, and brush.
  • It can be used for 3 styling tools; you can straighten, curl, and brush your hair with this hair brush.
  • It has adjustable temperature control feature that let you change the temperature according to your hair type.

Customer q & A

Do you get a user manual?

With this ceramic hair curler, you will get the user manual where you will find the instructions as how you can use this brush.

Can you use for curling?

Yes, the brush can be used for straightening, curling, and brushing your hair daily.

Why you should buy this hair straightening brush?

The brush has 3 in 1 design. You can use the brush for curling as well as for straightening your hair. This is the perfect tool for different hair styles that you can use every day.



Super versatile

Not for wet hair

Can be used for straightening, curling, and brushing

Adjustable temperature controls

Compatible for all hair types

9. Dafni (All-in one)

2018 Hair Straightening brush
2018 Hair Straightening brush

The Dafni brush is professionally designed brush that you can use for all types of hair. Keeping in mind all the needs and requirements that any women has,

Dafni was introduced into the market. The brush looks simple and is unique because of its aluminium structure. It allows you to get faster result in short time period.


  • The brush is powered by patented 3D technology that works upto 8 times faster than other traditional flat iron.
  • It can be used for all types of hair including coarse, dry, colored, fine, curly, and normal hair.
  • It is made up of high quality material that works effectively for hair straightening.
  • The brush maintains the constant temperature of 365 degrees to get an optimal result.

Customer q & A

Does Dafni have cord?

Yes, Dafni has rotating cord that has the ability to rotate completely 360 degrees. It has 2.2 meter long cord.

Can I use Dafni for curly hair?

Dafni can be used for all types of hair whether it can be frizzy, long, wavy hair.

What you should purchase Dafni over other brushes?

This is the perfect hair straightening brush for styling and traveling that guarantee for smoothness and sleekness. The product is worth the money.



Time saver

It maintains 365F temperature

Beautiful anti-scald design

Easy to use

Quickly heat up


Miss Queen
2018 Hair Straightening brush

The design of the brush is quite user-friendly. The Miss Queen has anti-scald hair comb that works for professionals and with those who face difficulty in handling their hair. With Miss Queen, you can make the different hairstyle that makes you look like a queen. This heated brush has automatically shut off feature that automatically gets off after 60 minutes. The Miss Queen is equipped with the double ionic generator that makes your hair shiny, smooth, manageable, and frizz-free.


  • This is a ceramic hair straightening brush that makes your hair soft and gives you pleasure with every touch.
  • The anti-scald design comb is safe to use. The brush can handle the thickest, kinkiest, and waviest hair to make it more manageable.
  • Within 30 seconds of time, the Miss Queen straightener will get heated. Hence the brush will work as the time saver.
  • The brush has the superior quality that will be going to satisfy its customer 100%.

Customer q & A


The Miss Queen works well for both long and short hair.


30 sec



Can handle all types of hair

Available only in Black color option

Heat up fastly

Premium quality

Eliminate frizziness

How to use hair straightening brush to straighten your curly hair?

  • Wash your hair completely.
  • Keep your hair dry.
  • Before straightening your hair, remove the tangles and knots present on your hair.
  • Keep the right temperature and heat up your straightener brush according to your hair.
  • You can use spray for heat protection.
  • For smooth and shiny hair go for ceramic straightening brush.
  • Now brush your hair gently.

My Final Thoughts

To get smooth, silky, and straight hair, you need brush that straightens your hair. With electric hair straightener brush you can get incredible outcome similarly like iron without any harm to your hair.

Brushes are available in small sizes that let you carry them anywhere you want. There are many brands available like Vega, Chi, Babyliss, Avon, and many others that you need to choose according to your hair.

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