Best Hair Coloring Dryer Accelerator – Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the latest technology in salon equipment, then you should look into a hair dryer accelerator. Hair dryer accelerators are a way to dramatically speed up the time it takes to dry wet hair up to 50%!

Not only does it dry hair rapidly, but it does so without affecting the moisture of the hair and reducing the normal frizziness that can come from high heat drying.

For hair treatments that need thermal stimulation to help them set, like color processing, hot oil treatments, and deep conditioning, a hair coloring dryer accelerator is a necessity!

Who Should Get A Hair Coloring Dryer Accelerator?

Anyone who does a great deal of special hair treatment like the ones listed above should consider one of these machines. It’s bound to “wow” your clients with its look and effectiveness.

It will also speed up the time it takes to do treatments like hair coloring. If a normal coloring process takes 45 minutes, this hair coloring dryer accelerator can do it in half the time with dramatically fantastic results!

That means you can squeeze in that many more customers per day, increasing revenue and profitability.

Best Hair Coloring Dryer Accelerators

What Is Infrared Heat And How Does It Work?

Infrared heat is very much like the sun in how it works. A dryer utilizing infrared heat will produce infrared waves that are invisible to the naked eye yet highly effective.

When infrared waves touch the surface of the intended object (such as your hair), it will release energy in the form of heat. What makes it superior to a normal hair dryer is that it heats the inside of the hair cuticle. Typical hair dryers will only heat the exterior of the hair strand.

By heating the hair cuticle on the inside, this decreases the time it takes to dry the hair by up to 50%. It also does this by not damaging the actual hair shaft.

Other advantages to using an infrared heater is that they are quiet, efficient, and very specific to what they heat. When aimed at your hair, they will only heat your hair. They are also environmentally friendly in that they release no pollutants into the environment.

Can You Afford To Buy One Of These Hair Dryer Accelerators?

Accelerators vary in price from roughly $500-$900 on Amazon. That doesn’t include if you have to pay someone to mount the accelerator on the wall. So, can you afford to add one to your salon?

You’ll Do More Treatments

Let’s be really conservative and assume that having a dryer accelerator will save you roughly enough time in a working day to add in one more coloring treatment. This is assuming you have a small salon and perhaps are working by yourself or have one employee.

That extra coloring treatment could generate (on average) an extra $80 of revenue for the day. Again, let’s just be conservative and say you average 24 working days per month. That’s an extra $1,920 per month of additional revenue.

You’ll Save Your Customer Time And They Will Appreciate That

Imagine saving your customer an extra 30 minutes or more when they have their hair colored. If they are used to hair coloring treatments, the idea that they could get out of the salon in a fraction of the usual time should be very appealing.

Happy clients talk to their friends. They will tell them how fast they get in and out with their coloring appointments. Other friends may begin to call your salon for the same time-saving process.

Bottom-Line Finances

If you’re able to buy an accelerator with cash, then you’ll need to be doing many hair coloring appointments per day to help cover the cost. However, looking at the figures above, you could easily pay off this machine is just one month with the additional treatments you’ll be able to perform daily.

Could you finance this purchase? Let’s say you buy the most expensive hair dryer accelerator on this list at $900 and you finance it through the Amazon business card. Payments will roughly be $45/month for 18 months. That means in order to have the accelerator pay for itself you’d need to generate at least $45 per month every month for 18 months.

The reality is, if you’re doing enough business to justify the purchase of one of these machines, it should pay for itself within a month.

Should You Buy One?

If you do a lot of hair coloring at your salon, this machine can be a great investment that will reap dividends for years. It can also be a great marketing tool to bring even more business into your salon for other services ultimately.

If you aren’t doing many hair coloring at your salon, wait to buy this expensive machine. This is not something we’d recommend for a salon just starting out. Rather, this is a tool that can help you take your salon business to the next level.