Best Face Steamer Reviews 2018

If you have blackheads on your face or your skin is prone to acne then you might have tested many things to get rid from these problems. Mostly people use facemasks, strips, and spa treatments to remove blackheads. Instead of using these techniques, you must go for facial steamer. The main purpose behind purchasing a face steamer is to fight against acne, opening of pores, removing blackheads. If you are also looking for the best facial steamer then look on these top rated steamers.

How does facial steamer works?

For steaming, the facial steamer uses warm water for cleansing. It clean out your facial pores and regain the moist present in your skin. With modern technology based facial steamer, you will find steam absorbed by your skin gives you shiny and glowing skin. By steaming, the upper layer of your skin gets soften and allows pores to take enough breathe.

Check the best face steamer reviews and details to select the right one for you.

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Best face steamers reviews

best for
unique features

Okachi Gliya

Blackhead and Acne

Nano Ionic steam, Intelligent steaming balance steam

Secura Nano

Remove dirt, oil, and grime

Interior humidifier

Lavany Facial Steamer

Sunburn and Acne, Hydration

Cold and Hot Steam

Blackhead and Acne

One key control


Blackhead, Acne

Intelligent safety warning system, Interior humidifier


Cleansing impurities, Blackheads

Anti-bacterial properties, micro-fine particles

Your daily rituals

Blackhead, Cold, Sinuses

Humidifier, hot and cold steam, aromatherapy, humidifier


Remove makeup, dirt, and impurities

Generate minute steam particles

Pure daily care

Clogged pores, Blackhead

Powerful humidifier, extra chamber


Remove dirt, dead skin

Aromatherapy humidifier, hot and cold steam

What factors you need to consider before purchasing a facial steamer?

  • Speed: Before purchasing any facial steamer, you need to check the speed and time duration to heat up the water. A good steamer is the one that quickly heat the water and convert that water into steam.
  • Capacity: More quantity of water more is the steam production. Ideally, you need the steam nearly 15 to 20 minutes for which you must need at least 100 ml of water.
  • Dual Steam System: Few steamer comes with dual steam system. The steamer will provide both cold and hot steam that gives you flawless skin. The dual steamer helps in solving all your health issues like cold and sinus. If you have sinuses problem then just add the eucalyptus oil to your aroma basket and unblock the sinuses.
  • Quality of steam: A good facial steamer can provide 10 times better steaming quality and uniform heat.
  • Design: Talking about the design, the vanity table set is available in vintage, contemporary, and classic designed body. You need to keep in mind as what type of design will be suitable according to the interior of your room.
  • Mist: This is the important factor that you must keep in your mind is the space offered. If your room is quite small, then you might require the foldable and compact set. But if you have any things to store, then you require large size vanity set.

Why buying a facial steamer is important?

  • If you use facial steamer regularly then it helps in fighting with the acne problem. Steam unclog your pores and deeply cleanses your skin that result in lesser blemishes and few dark spots. It helps in balancing the complexion and clear away all the clogged pores.
  • The facial steamer cleanses your skin pores that helps in treating with acne, dehydration, and in removal of black and white heads.
  • The facial steamer enhances the blood circulation. If you take steaming daily then it maintains the glow of your skin.
  • Steaming makes your skin more responding to the skincare treatments.
  • Facial steaming eliminates all the toxins present in your skin and regain the inner glow of your skin. Your skin will radiant amazingly
  • The steaming makes your skin feel relaxed.

1. Okachi Gliya *Best Face Steamer for Acne*

Okachi Gliya

The Okachi Gliya uses the minute nano sized particles that enter to your skin to make your skin full of moisture. The steam combining with ionic particles will enhances the penetration process 10 times. For cleansing, you must use the facial brush to open the pores and regain the moisture. The cool mist of this facial sprayer shrinks the pores present in your skin.

If you have used a steamer then you might know that the water is converted into steam. So the major role is played by the water by providing you with all the benefits. The water used in the steaming process must not contain any sort of harmful particles. Even after purifying the water some particles are left in the water. Here, Okachi Gliya face steamer is going to solve this problem. It uses Ultra violet rays to disinfect the water. So you can use the steamer without worrying about your skin. As the particles from the steamer will penetrate deep into your skin and hydrate it so you won’t feel water drops on your face.

Due to the use of an intelligent system, the steamer balances the steam in such a way that it doesn’t harm your skin. You will get the feeling of a whole face sauna. The product is manufactured in such a way that it can be used for the professional purpose. Due to the daily busy work schedule, your skin looks dull and tired. Using this convenient face steamer your skin will revive and look much healthier. You can save both time and money by buying this Okachi Gliya steamer.


  • It has LED indicator, which will flash when you plug your steamer. If you touch the button, you will find red light converted into white and mist came out of it in 30s.
  • It has one of the intelligent steaming balance system that releases steam in 30 seconds and keeps the steam at 104F
  • The Okachi steamer is powered by the premium nano ionic steam technology that uses PTC ceramic element to turn water into minute particles.
  • The extremely nano warm steam opens up the pores of your skin for deeper cleaning and enhancing the blood circulation, regenerating the collagen.
  • The steamer open pores and hydrate the skin within 15 min whereas the normal steamer takes more time.

Does this steamer has an automatic shut off?

Is the steamer easy to clean?

Does the steamer comes with the warranty?



The steamer will penetrate into the skin barrier easily and more frequently.

The steam temperature is nearly 104F

With the steamer, the nutrients will get more absorbable.

Promote regeneration of collagen.

Powered by an intelligent steaming balance system

2. SecurA *Table Top Face Steamer*


The Secura steamer generates nano scale superfine steam within few seconds. This is one of the best alternatives to scrubs and peels. If you are looking for Facial Steamer under $35 then this Secura Nano Ionic is the best choice for you.

We all have to go out some day or the other. There is a lot of pollution, dirt, and chemical outside. These harmful particles tend to penetrate deep into our skin. Our skin is the most sensitive part of our body. So we need to take a lot of care of it. This Secura face steamer is going to perfectly help you achieve that. When you will use this steamer it will open and unclog the pores of your skin. This will help you in removing dirt and oil out of your skin. You are going to get the best results by using this steamer.

A lot of people use scrubs and chemical peels to get rid of the dust particles from their skin. These products are not suitable for everyone. Here, the face steamer is just going to use water to clear the pores. Steam is gently going to unclog the pores. Thus, without much effort, you will get the required result. Other than cleaning your skin it is also going to moisturize it. This will double the benefits of the steamer. For best results, you must use the user manual that comes along with the steamer. It will guide you on how to use the product in the most efficient way.


  • The steamer generates superfine nano scale hot steam.
  • The steamer opens the pores to clean the dirt particles, oil, and dust present on your skin
  • It comes with the 1-year warranty

What will be the steaming session time?



Interior humidifying

Standard quality

Unclogs your pores

1-year warranty

3. Lavany


The Lavany comes with multiple functions that you can use in different ways. You can use the nanoionics steamer for cold and hot steaming using its adjustable nozzle. Along with this, the packaging of this steamer is very attractive and it makes the great gift for your wives, mothers, and girlfriends.

This face steamer is the new era product that is going to provide you with the best functionality. If you want an even richer experience then you must add essential oils, dried flowers, and much more to it. This will provide you with multiple steaming therapies. Thus, people with different types of skin types can benefit from this product. Now, when you use a steamer for a face you want your complete face to benefit from it. Here, the Lavany Face Steamer has a 10 mm diameter nozzle. Thus, the nozzle is broad enough to provide consisting steaming service.

With just 70-minutes of cold steaming, you can clam your skin. Whether you face acne, sunburn or other types of an issue then these types of steamer are highly beneficial. There is another option for steaming i.e. hot steam. With hot steam, you can easily hydrate and cleanse your skin. This is highly beneficial in the seasons like winter and autumn. The look of the face steamer is beautiful. It is available in white and bronze combination that will make it look good even when kept in open. Also, users have appreciated this product due to its excellent efficiency. This is the best product for you.


  • The Lavanynano steamer produces the ultra-fine nanoionic steam that penetrates deeply into your skin.
  • The design of this steamer is user-friendly and has dustproof nozzle cap on the top.
  • To get wonderful experience, you can add fruits, oils, and flowers into the steamer..
  • The 20 minutes hot steaming will hydrate and clean the skin especially in dry season that is autumn and winter.

Is Lavany facial steamer suitable for all types of skin?

What type of material is present in this facial steamer?



Suitable for all types of skin

Before steaming, you need to clean your face thoroughly

Premium quality material

Provide hot steaming for deeper cleansing

With cold steaming, it will give firm skin

4. Kingdom Beauty Steamer

Kingdom beauty

The steamer softens the skin by removing the dead skin, oil, and dirt present on your skin. The steamer cleanses the pores, hydrates, and exfoliates the skin. By doing steaming, you will find the skin fresh, smooth, soft and radiant. To get the amazing result, you need a kingdom beauty steamer. In this steamer package, you will get facial steamer and a user manual.


  • It comes with high technology based ozone functions.
  • The ultrasonic vaporizer provides you the nano steam that has various ionic particles that are negatively charged.
  • The hot mist sprayer will designed to provide the moisture to your skin.

Is the steamer capable of giving hot steam?

Does the steamer is equipped with nano ionic technology?



One key control

On first use, you might notice a plastic smell

Elegant design

High-tech ozone function

High quality heating element

5. xmayr


Xmayr uses nanotechnology for the steaming process. It will produce the micro-sized mist that penetrates deep into the skin. The steam will penetrate into the hard to reach areas in just a few seconds. Xmayr releases steam for 12 minutes and has a 70 ml water tank. The distance between your face and the steam outlet must be around 20 cm as the steam temperature is 104 F.


  • The UV lamp quickly removes the bacteria from the water. Its antibacterial rate is as high as 99.99%.
  • Use of warm mist allows your skin to breathe. This will result in the youthful and hydrated skin.
  • There is a PTC ceramic heating element. This element converts water into micro-fine particles.
  • It will cleanse impurities deep inside, open blocked pores, minimize blackheads, and effectively moisturize your skin.

Is there guarantee associated with the product?

How much time does it take for the heating element to convert water into fine particles?



Built-in UV lamp

It doesn’t have the cool steam option but the hot steam will provide essential benefits

Uses nano steam technology

Multiple benefits for skin

90-days warranty

6. Your daily rituals *FAce steamer for sinus*

Your daily

The steamer is one of the unique and stylish face steamer that comes with lots of features that you can see here. It has dual steam function that provides both hot and cold steam. Infact you can add aromatic oils for great relaxation. The hot steam cleanses the skin deeply by unclogging the pores and escaping the toxins whereas the cold steam replenishes the skin with complete moisture. In a package, you will get dual hot and cold steamer, aromatherapy basket, cotton lycra black headband and manual.


  • The steamer is 4 in 1 product that offers relaxing and deep cleansing steam, rejuvenating cold steam, humidifier, and an aromatherapy fragrance diffuser.
  • It rejuvenate your skin completely by replenishing it from inside thereby reducing the wrinkles and sagging.
  • It takes control over blackheads and minimize the size of the dark spots.
  • The steamer helps in curing from cold and sinuses thereby make you feel better.

Does it have an automatic shut off function?

Does the steamer provide both hot and cold steam?



Provides both hot and cold steam

Standard quality

Alleviate sinus problem

Adjustable steam nozzle

Large water tank

7. K-Skin *Small Face Steamer*


The K-Skin steamer is an ideal steamer as it moisturizes the skin completely and gives you a glowing skin by maintaining the natural look. All you have to press the switch gently so that it generates the super minute steam particles that penetrate into your skin deeply. The hot steam unclogs the pores by removing the makeup, dirt and other impurities present in your skin.


  • On single press, it generates 4000 times minute steam that penetrate into your skin and makes your skin hydrated and gives a smooth skin.
  • It has dust-proof lid that keeps your steamer clean
  • You can adjust the nozzle as per your comfort zone. You can take 20 minutes of steam with this steamer.
  • It has portable handle and is easy to carry along with you

Does the steamer have dual steam system?

What is the maximum steaming time?



Dust-proof lid

Not suitable for aromatherapy session

Generate 4000 times finer micro steam particles

Adjustable nozzle

Easy to carry

1-year warranty

8. Pure daily care *Nano face steamer*

Daily care

Pure Daily Care is a new type of steamer. The steamer generates nano-ionic steam by combining a new ultrasonic vaporizer with the conventional heating element. This combination then produces nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles. This helps them in penetrating into the skin with 10X effectiveness. The steamer is multifunctional and has a long running time. It will give you guaranteed results. To improve the firmness and elasticity of your skin the steamer will accelerate the collagen production.


  • You can use it to humidify a room.
  • It has an extra chamber to warm towels for a more refreshing experience.
  • The steamer operates silently.
  • It improves blood circulation.
  • The focus of the steamer is accurate so that the steam reaches the required areas properly.
  • You can adjust the precise control knob to make the desired setting.
  • For a healthier younger looking complexion your skin’s cell vitality and oxygen absorption.

What is the running time of the steamer?

Does it help in absorption of beauty creams?



Genuine 3-in-1 device

It is a new type of steamer so you will have to check the user manual for understanding its usage

Built-in towel warming chamber

Powerful humidifier

Long running time

Improves elasticity of skin

9. Olaxer


The Olaxer has a unique dual mode steamer that can moisturize your skin completely. It open and unclog the pores to escape dirt, and dead skin. For having incredible experience, you must enter into the deep relaxation therapy using aromatherapy for which you need to fill the basket using 2 to 3 drops of essential oils along with fruit essence.


  • The hot steam delivered by this opens the pores and remove the dirt present inside the skin and escape dead skin.
  • It moisturizes the skin and shrinks the pores thereby regaining the skin moisture and all the nutrition present in the skin.
  • In the aromatherapy basket, you need to fill the basket along with extract of fresh fruits that works as aromatherapy humidifier.
  • You can adjust the nozzle within 40 degrees that makes the steaming more convenient..

What is the best feature of Olaxer that makes this facial steamer more preferable?

What is the warranty of Olaxer?



Produces both hot and cold steam

Keep your face 4 to 10 inches away from the nozzle

Adjustable spray nozzle

Aromatherapy relaxation

Large capacity

10. KINGDOMBEAUTY Large 2-in-1

Kingdom large

The steamer can be used for taking care of skin and hair. For skin care, you need to adjust the nozzle according to your convenient angle. For taking care of hair, you need to wash your hair properly and then apply the hair mask. The steamer also provides the aromatherapy session. If you buy this product, then you will get a steamer, nozzle, bracket connector, hair-care cup, and a user manual.


  • The steamer comes with two buttons controlling system that let you use the product easily.
  • It has safety warning system. If water comes at lower than ¼ water levels then you will hear a beep sound.
  • The steamer will leave your skin smooth, fresh, and radiant.
  • It softens your skin by removing the dead skin, dirt, and oil present on your skin.

What does beep sound signifies? Is something wrong with the steamer?

Does the steamer provide both types of steam?



Safety warning system

Standard quality

Two buttons control

Cleanses the pores and hydrate the skin

Moisturizes the hair also

Final Verdict

Here you will find top recommended best face steamer that comes with different features and has varied technology. Each of the steamer has its own unique properties. However, if you need all in one product then you can buy KingdomBeauty Large as the product is 2 in 1 and can perform 2 functions together whereas you can also buy your daily rituals that has 4 in 1 function and provides hold and cold steam as well as acts as humidifier and provides aromatherapy session.

If your preference is of dual steaming function that is hot and cold steam then Olaxer is the best choice for you. Once you start using the Xmayr and Olaxer, then you will notice amazing difference in your complexion and looks.

Steaming not only helps in reducing the acne problem but also helps in regaining the facial glow and rejuvenate your skin.You can keep the steamer in salon trolley easily and effectively.

The steamer is an amazing product that takes care of your skin to the fullest. The steamer helps fighting against skin bacteria’s, oiliness, and other infections. It also helps in increasing the blood circulation and regenerates the collagen. If you buy the dual steam best facial steamer that produce hot and cold steam then look for the reviews which we have mentioned above before buying the best one. You can also send a message stating about your problem and issue with us in the comment box and one of our team member will get back to you soon with the right answer.

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