5 Best Beauty Salon Scheduling Software

Having the right scheduling software for your salon can save your hours of frustration and profit loss. With literally dozens of different choices, however, which scheduling software is the best?

Don’t worry! I’ve combed through many beauty salon-centric scheduling software programs to bring together a list of the five best!

Many of these software programs have the same type of functionality and scheduling abilities. However, some are lower costs than others, and they also may come with additional features such as a credit card reader or website development help.


This software program was developed with beauty salons in mind no matter the size.

Vagaro has a user-friendly scheduling tool that works great on both a desktop computer/laptop as well as a mobile phone. You can easily schedule recurring appointments as well as see at a glance at the schedule of various employees working for you.

Online booking features the ability of your clients to go ahead and choose the appointment times that you set available for them. That saves you time in taking a phone call or reading an email.

It also has some great marketing tools available as part of your subscription. With their website builder (does cost extra), you can build a blog or site for your salon that will attract even more new clients. Want to start an email campaign? Vagaro can help you easily with that as well.

It does come with a free mobile credit card reader usable with your phone. Invoicing clients is really easy as well with this software. If you don’t want to mess with taking payments at your home salon, you can set up an invoicing form that can easily be sent to your client’s email. It even comes with built-in payment processing.

The cost of a subscription for this software is completely based on the number of bookable staff you employ. If it’s just you, then it’s currently $25/month. If you employ 5 people and don’t need the scheduler for yourself, then it’s $65/month. It comes with a free one-month trial and you can cancel at any time with no penalty.


  • No-upfront large money investment in software
  • Cancel at any time if you don’t like it
  • Easy to see scheduling for each employee
  • Free credit card reader for your phone
  • Very user-friendly and easy to use


  • Ongoing monthly cost


Shedul is a software program for the busy salon owner that is both easy to use and time-tested.

They claim millions of appointments made using their software, and the main reason is likely because it’s a free service.

That”s right. Free. Simply sign up and setup your account.

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use scheduling software that you can manage from your phone or a computer, then Shedul fits the bill.

It’s very easy to add individual staff, services, products, and anything else you can create. It also very easily tracks invoices, clients, and appointments with some attractive analytic displays.

There does appear to be a newer, more deluxe service called Fresha Plus that you can upgrade to for more services. It gives clients the option to book online themselves via a downloadable app available in either Android or Apple.

In the very near future, Fresha Plus will also be offering the ability to collect card information in your software so that clients can be billed and money acquired directly from their bank. No need to show a card or deal with cash.

This feature also allows the ability to charge a no-show fee if you need to as the client’s financial info will already be in your system. If you deal with this on occasion with a very busy schedule, then this feature will be beneficial.

Despite the additional added financial and marketing features of the Fresha Plus add-on, the Schedul software on its own is still a great free option for most salon owners.


  • Very user-friendly
  • Free for much of the scheduling features
  • Very customizable


  • Some of the best features are behind the pay wall and you have to submit a fair bit of information before you know how much things will cost


Phorest is a salon software solution that provides not only scheduling software but a multitude of other services. Pricing depends on how many of these services that you intend to use and isn’t based on the number of employees or clientele that you have.

They create a personalized booking app that they will link on your social media channels and website. If a new or old client wants the convenience of booking online, they have to submit payment information in advance. This should surely cut down on the number of no-shows you would otherwise get.

You can set up automation on your app as well that will send automatic reminders to clients prior to their appointment at a set interval that you choose. Another handy feature is the ability to send a prompt to a client to rebook when a certain amount of time has passed from their last appointment. This can be automated as well.

There are also some great marketing features that you can utilize depending on which package you pick. The software can help give your client marketing emails a professional, polished look that can help to drive more business.

You will also have the ability to do directed marketing at certain groups of clients. Let’s say you want to promote a new nail polish line that you’ve recently brought into the salon. You can send a marketing email to just those clients that have purchased a manicure with you in the past.

Point of sale features also come with this software. Not only that, but due to the integrated nature of the app, your employees can always add services and other charges with their own phones to any client’s record.

This is useful in situations where a client is having one service but then decides to do an upgrade while in the chair. The stylist can whip out their phone and simply update their appointment. That ensure a faster checkout in the end and a happier client!

Do you have issues with managing inventory? This app does that as well! The point-of-sale feature allows you to scan your inventory when it goes out the door and alerts you when stock is running low.

This is also a great app for those who own multiple salon locations. Because of the versatility and multitude of features, a salon owner keeping watch over multiple businesses can keep a close eye on all of them from the same app. All of the info is stored up in the cloud making access 24/7 and always at your fingertips.


  • Tons of features to help maximize your salon’s potential


  • The more services you choose, the more you pay


If there is one salon scheduling software in the market that is truly worldwide, Versum is it. Used by salons and stylists in over 56 countries, Versum is positioning itself as the scheduling software of the future.

Like many of the other software on this list, Versum is very easy to use and quick to learn.

A tiered pricing structure is based on the number of employees that you have, with the most popular tier (with 2-6 employees) currently costing $39/month. That monthly fee pay for consistent customer support and helps the company to continuing updating the app.

Maybe you don’t know which software to choose from just yet? Versum offers a free 14-day trial period. Not only that, but you don’t have to give them any credit card information so that you can be billed for the first month when you’ve forgotten to cancel that free trial.

Versum also places a priority on building a great social media presence by collecting reviews to place on your Facebook page and other social media platforms.

Another positive is that the software will take a multitude of payment methods. You’re not locked into utilizing saved credit card information as with other software.

Versum also gives you the ability to track your employees’ productivity, vacation time, and helps to make sure every aspect of your salon runs smoothly and efficiently.


  • Free 14-day trial to fully evaluate the system
  • Multiple payment methods accepted


  • Ongoing monthly payment

Rosy Salon Software

Rosy was created by salon professionals who sought to provide the ultimate all-around Salon software program. This software’s entire purpose is to maximize efficiency within your salon.

It’s so easy to use that every facet of the software can be presented and employees trained within a 2-hour window. This is exceedingly helpful if you’ve decided to switch software and want as little downtime as possible while you make the transition.

An easy-to-use app allows clients to book their own online appointments with an automated reminder and confirmation service that you can set up for text or email.

Inventory management is easy with the features included in Rosy. Once all your current inventory is input, it’s easy to manage your stock and follow trends in what your customers are buying.

Not only that, but your software can also suggest products to clients at the time of their checkout based on the services that they’ve just had. While your employees still make recommendations, having that visual cue at checkout can markedly increase your product sales and your bottom line.

Pricing is based on the number of employees that need to be scheduled. A 4-employee salon can expect to pay $59/month for the software whereas a 10-person salon costs $69/month.


  • Stylish look
  • Very easy to learn and use
  • POS suggestive sales


  • Ongoing monthly cost

In Conclusion

There are many great options when it comes to specialized Salon scheduling software. Many offer the same features. In the end, your choice will likely come down to cost and the visual look of the program.