Best Acrylic Makeup Organizer Reviews 2018

Are you an organized person? Do you love wearing makeup daily? Do you carry cosmetic items and makeup accessories along with you? Then you might have faced difficulty to keep your brushes, powders, palettes, and lipsticks in an order way. To sort out all your difficulties, we have commuted best acrylic makeup organizer here with complete details.

The makeup organizer will keep all your products and cosmetic items in an organized way. Properly storing your brushes, pencils, lip-glosses will double its lifespan. If you agree with my point then here we have listed few professional makeup organizers that come in different styles and price ranges.

Top 10 Acrylic Makeup Organizer







Gold & silver

Beautify Extra Large

6 tier design





ACRYLIC Cosmetic cube



Unique Home

5 piece set


Antique Large 4 Tier

1, 2, 3 drawer options with 4 sets and trapezoid

Brass Metal


7 drawer


Spinning Carousel

72 lipsticks slot, 16 powder storage, 2 side brush holders


N2 Makeup Co

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 drawer options


How to search the Best Acrylic Makeup Organizer?

If you are looking for top rated makeup organizer then you must look for these aspects before purchasing the one.

  • Space Required: You must look for the makeup organizer that comes with large storage capacity to keep all your makeup essentials and jewelry. If you have limited accessories and beauty items then you can go for the smaller size organizer.
  • Easy to Care: Before purchasing any makeup organizer make sure that it is easy to take care of and easier to clean. If you want an acrylic organizer that comes with removable padding that makes the cleaning easier.
  • No. of Drawers: Before purchasing any makeup organizer you must check as how many shelves and drawers available in the makeup organizer. You must keep in mind as how many items you have to keep it in a container.

1. Organizta

organizta arcrylic makeup organizer reviews

Now you can make your vanity and salon look a million bucks with this modish makeup box. The Organizta can be a perfect gift for your girlfriend and wife who love wearing makeup. This is the perfect product for makeup minimalist and organized salon owner.

Organizta is the top-rated cosmetic organizer that comes at an affordable price and offers you all the features so that you can store eyeshadows, eye linear, palettes, and other cosmetic products.

The Organizta comes with the dimensions of 10.5” inches, 7 inches, and 10 inches, whereas the weight of this item is 5.7 pounds. Unlike other cheap makeup organizers, the Organizta organizer is made using high-quality materials only. The product is handcrafted that makes the product stronger. It is a long-term investment as we do not want to keep shifting our collection of makeup from one organizer to another. So it’s better you invest in a high-end product that is going to last you long. If your makeup is perfectly organized and you can find each product easily then eventually you are going to enjoy doing the makeup. The result will be perfect and flawless makeup.

It is annoying when you cannot place your favorite palettes in the organizer. There are small cubbyholes in them in which it is difficult to perfectly fit the lipsticks. Organizta clearly solves these issues and is a one-stop solution to all your makeup organizing issues. Once you buy this mirror and place it any corner the visitors will appreciate the organizer. We are sure even they would like to buy such a glamorous looking organizer. Acrylic has a benefit of not chipping like plastic so you won’t have to worry about the wear and tear that would otherwise occur in the plastic ones.


  • Makeup Stash: The 3-drawer makeup organizer comes with deep size drawers where you can put multiple palettes, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and brushes.
  • Exclusive Look: The body of this premium handcrafted glossy acrylic organizer has UV coated and acrylic set. Organize all your beauty items and accessories in this amazing organizer.
  • Impeccable finishing: The exclusive finishing of the organizer will flaunt stash and compliments, other people.
  • No need of makeup bags and messy table: Now you can keep all your makeup items correctly in this squared acrylic makeup box.



Impeccable design

Available only in the large size option

Glossy finishing

3 drawers

2. Sorbus

Now you can save your time for getting ready. Put all your makeup and cosmetic items in this amazing counter piece. The Sorbus can be a great gift for your girlfriend and wife who loves doing makeup. At an affordable price, the cosmetic organizer comes with 8 drawers and an elegant diamond pattern with silver trim. It has an appealing display and dazzling beauty counter.

You can keep your lipsticks, bronzers, foundation, primers, powders, eyeshadows, and blushes in this beautiful makeup container. In fact, this cosmetic container can be used to keep jewelry, grooming tools, accessories, and keepsakes. The organizer is available in 13.50 inches length, 8.75 inches width, and 14 inches height.

Do you want to give a chic like display to your countertop or dresser? For all those whose answer is yes this Sorbus makeup organizer is the best. You can add more convenience and ease to your room with this acrylic organizer. All your makeup products will be right in front of you. You won’t have to juggle through different drawers to find the right cosmetic product for yourself. Create your own beauty counter using the loose makeup products. For those who like to look their best from head to toe can use it as jewelry box too.

The makeup organizer is elegantly designed using clear acrylic. The drawers are of different size so that you can organize beauty products of different size in it. The larger drawers are good for storing the toiletries, grooming tools, and oversize cosmetics. You can use the slimmer drawers for storing brushes and other smaller items. Sorbus organizer’s drawers are perfect for storing blush, primers, jewelry, foundation, and much more. This organizer will give you the feel of a glass organizer. Although it is a clear plastic but is much stronger. Glass has the tendency to break easily so it accidentally slips then are chances that you will get hurt. This acrylic organizer is much safer to use.


  • Elegant Design: The organizer comes with the appealing display. It has an elegant diamond shape that has silver and gold trimming.
  • Functional: Now you can keep your makeup and accessories in an organized way and is easily accessible.
  • Black Mesh padding: The product comes with removable black mesh padding where you can keep your items and accessories safely. It is easier to clean.



Classy design

The depth of the drawers is less as it has 8 drawers

Removable black mesh padding

8 drawers and 14 slots

Available in silver and gold trim

3. Beautify Extra Large

best acrylic makeup organizer 2018

The organizer comes with a sturdy acrylic casing that has a strong handle and easy sliding drawers. It has a spacious 6-tier body that comes with 5 large and spacious drawers in which you can keep your cosmetics neatly and in a tidy way.

The best thing about this case is that the compartment has hinged flip-flop lid. It has transparent design by which you can view the items present in the organizer.

The organizer comes with a removable divider that you can place in any of the drawers to create separation. This is one of the best organizers for your home and professional makeup salons.

Just as the name suggests this is an Extra Large Acrylic Organizer. You are going to get immense space to organize your beauty products. Organizers with large space are hard to find. You must go the chic way to store jewelry, makeup, and accessories. The top drawers are of equal size while the bottom one is a bit larger. This is to facilitate the storage of bulkier items such as foundation bottles and powder pots. They are large in size so it becomes difficult to store them.

The flip top can be used in two ways. You can either keep it open or close. If you will keep it open then all the products will be displayed that looks decorative. In case, you are conscious or have kids at home then you can even keep the lid closed. It is designed in such a way that the user can use it on a daily basis. The product boasts of being a sturdy acrylic case with strong handles. The drawers are easy to slide. They will open smoothly so you won’t have to use much force to open them. It is a fantastic product for storage of accessory and jewelry.


  • 6 Tier design: The makeup container comes with 6 tier design in which you can keep accessories in its five drawers and in the upper compartment.
  • Hinged flip top lid: The upper compartment comes with a hinged flip top lid that you can leave open to display and show the items that the container has.
  • High-Quality Organizer: The makeup organizer is made up of high-grade molded acrylic that makes the organizer beautiful.
  • Large Bottom Drawer: The organizer comes with 4 drawers that have similar size and has large size bottom drawer where you can put your bulkier item. Along with this, it comes with the removable divider that you can place in any of the drawers to divide the section.



Hinged flip top lid

Little high cost because of its unique design

6-tier design

Large size bottom drawer

High Quality

4. DYCacrlic

DYCacrlic Makeup Organizer for Women

In this beautifully designed makeup organizer, you can store lipsticks, powders, blushes, eyeshadows, and many other accessories safely. In fact, it can be a great gift for your girlfriend and husband.

The DyCarlic is made up of quite a strong acrylic body that is durable and has high quality. Now you do not have to use cluttered desktop and countertop to place jewelry and cosmetics items.

The drawer of this beautiful organizer is made up of durable material and has dustproof and multi-purpose properties. The organizer comes with the dimensions of 12 inches, 8 inches, and 16 inches.


  • Drawers: It has extra-large 6 drawers where the upper compartment has big capacity where you can put makeup accessories, lipstick, brushes, jewelry, and other cosmetic items.
  • Easy to clean: You can easily clean the container with little warm water and cloth.
  • Spacious: It has a large storage area where you can keep your accessories.
  • Cubical Display: It has a big cubical display that is perfect for storing accessories, foundation, cream, compact, powders, shadows, and other beauty items.
  • Neat Dresser: Now you can organize your cosmetics, jewelry, and makeup tools in an organized way.
  • Color Options: It is available in different color options including brownish red, pink, transparent, lavender, Prune, Purple, Violet, and Tint Red colors.



6 extra-large drawer

Medium quality polystyrene material body

Large Space

Easy to clean

5. Acrylic Cosmetic Cube

Best Acrylic Makeup Organizer under $200

If you are looking for best large makeup organizer then this is one of the best rated and highly recommended cosmetic organizers that you can purchase to keep all your accessories.

The Acrylic organizer is the mother of all the makeup organizers. It has a wide area to organize all your makeup related items. This is one of the best-rated makeup organizers that are made up of USA Made material.

The organizer comes with spacious, durable, and high-quality makeup organizer. This one is the high-class organizer that comes with amazing features and design. The dimensions of this organizer are 16”x 16” x 25”.

This acrylic makeup organizer is manufactured with the motive to deliver makeup organizer at an affordable rate. Makeup artists keep looking for options that are long-lasting and high quality. With such large size you won’t find any other makeup organizer at an affordable rate. This is a perfect fit for people with any type of budget. People often doubt products with affordable price. As some manufacturer tend to use low quality products. This is not the case with acrylic cosmetic cube. In fact, it is so good that it won’t turn yellow after continuous use. This is one of the best feature of this acrylic organizer. If you are going to use the organizer in the salon then clients will be impressed by its look and design.

This acrylic cosmetic organizer will be received by you highly packaged. This is to ensure that you receive the product in good condition. The drawers are smooth to use. They have a unique design due to which the drawers won’t be stuck in between. While doing your client’s makeup you can remove the makeup products easily. This would reduce your stress and result in better service given to the customers.


  • Spacious: The organizer is quite spacious where you can store all your makeup accessories and beauty items. Many of the professionals appreciate and recommend this makeup organizer because of its size and functionality.
  • Dividers: You will find two acrylic dividers available in 2 drawers that separate the section. The bottom of the organizer is made up of rubber feet that save the organizer from sliding and wet surfaces.
  • Drawers: This beautiful organizer is available in 7 drawers where you will find 2 dividers in its 2 drawers that divide the section into two compartments.
  • Top-quality material: The organizer is made up of the USA made and 100% acrylic material that make the organizer superior.



The USA made material

High price because of 100% USA material

7-drawer makeup organizer

2 dividers

Footrest and back support

6. Unique Home

makeup organizers below $50

The unique home organizer comes with wonderful design and removable black mesh padding which makes the cleaning easier. Now you can keep your jewelry and beauty items at one place secure and safe.

If your preference is to buy makeup organizer for your personal purpose where you can keep all your cosmetics items, jewelry, and makeup items then the Unique Home is the best option.

The product is available with 2-year warranty. The dimensions of this product are 24.5”x 16” x 9.5” inches and 11.1 pounds of weight.


  • Clear Acrylic organizer: This beautiful clean and clear acrylic organizer matches any of your décor items. In this organizer, you can keep all your jewelry and cosmetic items.
  • 5 Piece set: You can organize and keep all your jewelry and cosmetics in its 5 piece set. Now you do not have to worry about keeping your jewelry and other beauty items, all these things can be kept inside the 5-piece set.
  • Removable black mesh padding: This cosmetic makeup organizer comes with removable black mesh padding that keeps your jewelry and beauty items protected.
  • Warranty: The unique home organizer comes with 2-year warranty. Therefore, if there is any wear and tear occurs in these 2 years then you can exchange the product.



Wonderful design

Only 2 years warranty

5-piece set

Removable black mesh padding

7. Antique Large 4 Tier

best acrylic makeup organizer under $300

If you are looking for the antique gift to give your girlfriend than the Antique organizer is the best choice. The antique is one of the decorative retro-styled organizers that will compliment your dresser and nightstand.

The unique thing about this organizer is that it has 4 tiers including a trapezoid where you can store your makeup, jewelry, eyeshadows, necklace, and other essentials.

The antique Large 4 tier comes with various compartments where you can put all your perfume, foundation, necklace, and other accessories. The organizer is made up of prime quality that is 5mm thick glass and brass metal. You can use this organizer as your bathroom countertop, bedroom dresser, and other things.


  • Quality: The organizer is made up of 5mm glass and a metallic material that has an anti-scratch property that will last longer. The product is easy to deform and fade.
  • Amazing display: It has the amazing design that displays all your essentials like deodorant, hair products, lotions, lipsticks, primers, powders, and many other can be stored inside it.
  • Design: The organizer comes with a sleek translucent compartment that has the uplift lid that gives the amazing and incredible look. The acrylic organizer gives you the stylish décor and gives an amazing look to your bathroom, bedroom, and storage room.
  • Multi-function: You can use the organizer as bathroom countertop, clear cube organization, personal organizer, cosmetic organizer, and bedroom dresser.
  • Large but handy: It has many compartments that come in various sizes and design that keep your items including jewelry and cosmetic items in an organized and neatly displayed.



4 separate organizers


4-tier design with clear glass

Brass metallic storage

Sleek and modern design

8. GlamoureBox Acrylic

Acrylic Makeup Organizer for salon

The GlamoureBox organizer offers every girl an affordable, durable, and premium quality solution to the makeup organization. The dimensions of this Acrylic box are 16” x 16” x 25” inches.

If you need a massive amount of space to keep your biggest makeup collection then go for Glamour box that has 7 drawers in it.

Drawers present in GlamoureBox is available in different sizes. This is one of the most affordable and high-class organizers that you can place either in the bathroom, vanity, salon, and dressing room.


  • Top-material: This is one of the best-rated makeup organizers that are made up of 100% USA acrylic material.
  • Unique design: Its drawers do not stick because it has a smooth design. The drawers can be slid smoothly.
  • Dividers: The GlamoureBox will come with 2 dividers that separate the section into two compartments.
  • Drawers: It has 7 drawers where you can store your beauty items and accessories.



Premium Quality

Bit over priced

Impeccable design

7 drawers

9. Spinning Carousel

top rated acrylic makeup organizers 2018

If you have small size salon or want an organizer for your vanity then this can be the best option for you. The spinning carousel requires little space and has the ability to spin 360 degrees. It has many slots and compartments where you can put all your accessories.


  • High Quality: The organizer is made up of high-quality acrylic material that enhances the durability of the organizer and protects it against cracking and breakage.
  • Rubber Grip: At the bottom side, you will find rubber grips that prevent the organizer against sliding and enhances the stability.
  • Spinning Base: The organizer has a 360-degree spinning base that consists of 72 lipsticks slot, 2 brush holders, and 16-powder storage.
  • Consume Less space: The organizer requires less space of your vanity where you can put lipsticks, brushes, and powders.



Use less space

Black color option only

360-degree spinning base

Premium Quality

Best budgetary product

10. N2 Makeup Co

If you have lots of cosmetic items and you are facing problems in finding these items then to make your life easier go for N2 Makeup Co. The organizer is available with different drawer options. You can choose any one of them according to your requirement.

The unique thing about this organizer is that it has crystal knobs to handle drawers and pre-installed bottom rubber and has a high-quality acrylic body that enhances the durability of the organizer.

With N2 Makeup Co, you do not have to search your cosmetics here and there. The organizer will not only save your time but also your money. The dimensions of this organizer are 9.8” x 9.8” x 9.8” inches and weight is 6.85 pounds.


  • Make your life easier: With this organizer, you can make your life easier. You can put all your accessories and beauty items like lipsticks, foundation, eyeliners in its separated drawers.
  • Drawers: The organizer is available with 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 drawers. Out of these drawers, you can any of them according to your preferences.
  • Crystal Knobs: It has luxurious knobs that handle the drawers easily.
  • High-Quality Material: The drawer is made up of the heavy and high-quality acrylic material that enhances the durability of the organizer.
  • Hinged lid: The upper compartment has hinged lid that works as powder holder, lipstick organizer, and other things can be put into it.



High-Quality material used

Price varies according to the number of drawers

Hinged lid to display all beauty items

Crystal knobs

Different drawer’s options

Final Thoughts

If you are in search of makeup travel case and holder to put your makeup items then instead of buying case and holder, go for clear makeup organizer. Those who are looking for an acrylic cosmetic organizer that comes in small should go for Organizta organizer whereas if your preference is for quality then choose Acrylic Cosmetic Cube. If your focus is on design then select Beautify Extra Large organizer.

Apart from the acrylic organizer, you will find portable makeup organizer with mirror available online. Here we have listed 10 best acrylic makeup organizer reviews 2018 which has thoroughly assessed and compared by the buyers to make sure whether they have fulfilled their requirements or not.

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