10 Best Salon Chairs | Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to add a few new salon chairs to your salon? Perhaps you’re opening up your own small business? As just one of a hundred details you have to sort out, salon chairs shouldn’t be that difficult of a choice! When it comes to salon chairs, I’ve done the research for you!

Salon chairs are one of the most important, but also one of the most overlooked, pieces of equipment in a salon. A good chair may very well go unnoticed by your client, but a bad chair will undoubtedly make an impression that you don’t want.

Check out the Salon/Barber Chairs below and think about which one would go best with your salon.

Maintaining Your Salon Chair

It’s not enough to buy a quality salon chair. You must read and follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to properly maintain and clean the chair consistently and often.

Remember to sit in your chair occasionally to feel what your clients are feeling. Your salon chair says everything about the kind of experience that your client will experience. Make sure it reflects what you want it to.

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